Things For Sale: 7 Easiest Items To Sell For Quick Cash

This post contains affiliate links/ads. See disclosure policy

This ” Things For Sale: 7 Easiest Items To Sell For Quick Cash ” post describes what can be sold easily to make cash. This post contains affiliate links/ads. See disclosure policy.

Need cash quickly?

Sure, that’s one of the most common questions but not a whole of answers that people ask every time.

If you have time, yes, there are a ton of ways to make money like taking surveys, baby sitting (well that’s an easy one), building a business, blogging, etc.

I have made over $32,000 from blogging in just a little over a year. You can start your blog and monetize it for just $2.95/mo, which is 50% off the regular price of $7.99/mo. That’s just a cup of coffee.

I mean who doesn’t need money and need it fast. I remember when I was short of cash, I tried to find the easiest ways to make some money with so much less effort to exert.

Luckily, I found those and those became my ways to earn money fast. Up to now, I still do those side hustles from time to time to make quick cash.

If you are looking to sell items, then, these ways are for you. Why? It’s because the common theme with what I am about to tell you is that they are selling-based side hustles.

Selling is not one of my strengths but it’s definitely something I needed to do to make some money in the past.

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Things For Sale: 7 Easiest Items To Sell For Quick Cash

Do you often find yourself looking for things for sale online or things for sale by owner in your area? If your answer is yes, then, copy what these sellers do and sell your stuff online or offline.

Here are some of the things for sale or things you can sell right away and make some money quickly. Most of these are a no-brainer but people tend to overlooked at them quite often.

You will find that there are used items for sale locally that are a big hit. Those items are the ones I listed below. Having said that, you can always sell online.

Don’t make the same mistake that people make (i.e. overlooking at things they could sell easily) when you are trying to make money quick.

1. Solid wood furniture

Things for Sale’s Effectiveness Level: High

If you are looking to sell something for quick cash, your best best is selling solid wood furniture.

You can make a lot of money by selling solid wood furniture at a discount. Take it from me the expert (i.e. that’s me) who sells re-finished solid wood furniture as a side hustle.

If you don’t have a solid wood furniture, don’t be afraid. You can always buy old furniture from Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Let Go, and other online garage-type platforms. Yes, there are things for sale on Facebook. You can even go to the thrift shops or garage sales to find those hidden gems (i.e. worn-out looking furniture that has potential).

One advice I can give you is for you to stick with small, reasonable-priced, easy to re-finish items. You don’t want to waste a lot of time re-furbishing something that won’t help you make a ton of profit.

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2. Lawn tools

Things for Sale’s Effectiveness Level: High

Somebody’s going to need to rake the yard, cut the lawn, and do other basic yard maintenance.

If you have a spare lawn tool like a rake, hose, or something else, and you don’t need it, then, sell it. You’ll make some money out of it right away.

A lot of people want to buy lawn tools but they are either stuck with the cheap ones or wait for big sales or clearance to get what they need.

If you happen to have one that’s in good shape especially a branded one, you can sell it and make money the easy way.

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3. Branded name clothing from Goodwill

Things for Sale’s Effectiveness Level: Medium to High

You’ll be surprised by the varieties of name brands in Goodwill stores. I’m not saying that store brands donate their stuff to Goodwill. Ordinary people like you and I do.

If you have an eye for great clothing, you might as well take advantage of the deep discounts that Goodwill is known for.

People sell their stuff all the time. So, why not buy something from there and sell them for a profit? A small amount here and there can and will add up to a big amount.

A couple of months ago, my brother found a Bose speakers set for $35. The set looked new. Since he already had a set, he bought it and sold it for $150. It turned out that set had a price tag of over $500 for a brand new one.

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4. Cell phones

Things for Sale’s Effectiveness Level: High

No kidding! Cell phones are always hot items. They sell like pancakes.

If you are a techie and are always up-to-date on the latest technology and find yourself buying new phones all the time, then, it’s time to get your money’s worth.

While people will try to bargain down the price, you can still make a few hundred dollars especially if the phone is almost new and is just a couple of months ago.

Find how much your phone cost and how much other people are selling the same phones. This way, you can gauge your pricing strategy.

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5. Kids clothing

Things for Sale’s Effectiveness Level: High

New babies are born every single day. New babies need clothes.

The problem with that is that baby clothes are expensive or more expensive that the adult ones. Seriously, my daughter’s shirt is twice as much as my polo shirt. Lucky us, my sister gave all her daughter’s clothes to us.

If your kids are all grown up or don’t need any reason to keep the old baby clothes, sell them.

There are parents who are always looking for bargain clothes for their kids. A lot of them aren’t picky because babies grow so fast that it’s not even worth it to buy new clothes.

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6. Kitchen appliances

Things for Sale’s Effectiveness Level: Medium to High

Small kitchen appliances like mixers and crock pots are hot commodities but they sure are expensive.

My wife and I like to have a complete set of small kitchen appliances because we like to cook and to bake. Having said that, we don’t want to buy them at full price. We don’t even want to buy them at the discounted price.

That’s because they are expensive.

We always go to sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, which what I call “used items for sale websites”, to find used kitchen appliances that are still working and worth buying.

If you have small kitchen appliances that you don’t need, I bet you that a lot of people will buy them for way-too-deep discounts.

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7. Power tools

Ok, there is always something that needs to be fixed in the house. That’s why it is imperative that one has a set of tools. After all, you just don’t want to hire somebody to do the work for you for a lot of money when you can do it yourself.

Power tools like Porter Cable 18 Volt Ni-Cad 3-Piece Tool Combo Kit are extremely expensive. If you have spare tools to sell, sell them.

They don’t need to be sitting in your toolbox. You can seriously make money selling your power tools especially if they’re the expensive ones that people don’t want to buy at full-price.

If you are looking to sell your power tools, one advice from me is to make sure that the tools are in top shape. You don’t want to sell them when they’re all worn out.

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Final thoughts:

Making money the faster way is possible. Look around in your house and you’ll see things that you can sell right away for money. When you start selling in different platforms, you will see weird things for sale.

One word of advice is stick with selling the stuff I laid out about or something you know people will love to buy at deep discounts.

What other products do you think are easy to sell? Have you sold something before because you need cash instantly?

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