When I first started doing some side hustles to supplement my family’s income and to pay off our debt faster, one of thec side hustles I looked into was surveys.

I was not a fan of taking surveys. I heard some horrible stories about surveys being scams, survey sites stealing your personal information, and so many things. But I was determined to try them anyways.

I was shocked to find out that there were a ton of survey sites out there. I saw more than 100 of them.

Had it not been for surveys, I don’t think that my wife and I would be able to earn a bit more money. To tell you the truth, my wife and I made a ton of money just by taking surveys.

Over the past couple of months or years, I have managed to try and test a lot of surveys. Some are ok. Some are down right crappy. But some are match made from our family (i.e. they make us a lot of money).

There have been quite a few requests that I create a post or consolidate all the survey sites that I have in mind and in my blog. For those who made those requests, thank you.

I never thought about creating a page just for surveys but because of you and your requests, here is the page dedicated just for surveys. I am sure that a lot more people will benefit from having a page just dedicated to surveys.

I have just two recommendations. If you do really want to earn money through surveys, you need to be patient. Some survey sites won’t be your favorite and some will be.

I also recommend that you sign up for as many sites as you can. This way, if you don’t like one site or that site doesn’t do well for you, you have other survey sites to choose from.

Here is the most comprehensive list of surveys sites I have seen so far. I am categorizing the survey sites based on what the surveys are all about, what they offer, how well my wife and I have done with those surveys, etc.

Top Survey Sites

These are the survey sites that have allowed my wife and I to make a lot of money this past year. The main difference between these sites and the honorable mention sites below is that these sites are the ones that my wife and I use all the time and the honorable mentions aren’t.

The image you see below is from Vindale. You can see that I requested a payout to the amount of $700. This amount is just for 2 months.

Surveys 7


Honorable Mentions

As the heading states, these are the honorable mentions. These are survey sites that my friends and family members use. These surveys aren’t the ones that my wife and I use but I’ll tell you that my friends and family members make substantial amounts of money from them.


Sites With Potential Big Payouts

Yes, finally. These sites are among the best when it comes to payouts. My wife and I use some of these sites and we do get big payouts per survey.

What’s the main reason that prevent us from using these sites? The answer it’s time. We don’t have time dedicated to answer all surveys from some of the sites mentioned below.

The image below shows some of the surveys from SurveyClub. You can see that there’s a study that pays $115.00 and that only takes 0-5 minutes to complete.

Surveys 8


All-in-one sites

If you want to take surveys or shop online and get paid in return, these survey sites will satisfy your requirements.

  • Swagbucks (works like Google meshed with Cash Crate. Sign-up bonus of $5.00)
  • Cash Crate (One guy earned over $20 on his 1st day of using Cash Crate)
  • InboxDollars (Get rewarded for reading emails, shopping online, playing games online, etc.)
  • Ebates (Earn cashback on just about any store out there)


Sites That Pay You Without You Taking Surveys

Yes, there are survey sites that you don’t need to take surveys to make money. Sound silly, right? But it’s true. These are among my new finds and they really help my wife and I make money or earn rewards/gifts.

  • Survey Savvy (Earn $5 per device per month or up to $180 per year easily)


Sites To Make Money Through Shopping

Want to shop and save money as well? Then, these sites are just made for you. Every time I shop online, I always make sure that I stop by these sites to save money.

Between the cash back I get from my credit cards and from these sites, I always end up saving a lot of money.

  • MyPoints (Get $10 gift card when you spend $20)
  • Cash Fusion ($5.00 signup bonus instantly)
  • ShopTracker ($3 Visa gift card in 2 minutes)
  • ShoppingJobs (Earn up to $50 per offer)
  • EarningStation (My wife and I earn around $100-$150/month; $10 bonus after 5 site signups)

Sites With Sign-up Bonus

Some survey sites are so serious that they will give you a sign-up bonus. There are a ton of survey sites out there but only a few of them offer sign up bonuses.

Sites With Sign-up Rewards Point Bonus

While some survey sites don’t give out money as sign-in bonus, some of them do reward their new members with reward points that can be redeemed for gift cards, gifts, money, etc.

So, are you ready to try taking surveys? Are you ready to make some extra money? I recommend that you sign up for as many survey sites as you can. This way, if one doesn’t work for you, you have a lot more to choose from and try.