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Welcome to The Practical Saver! I, along with my family, am honored to have you as part of our personal finance community.

I believe every penny counts and that sharing knowledge and experience on personal finance (be it small or big) is 1000% better than not sharing anything at all.

My mission is to share the ideas, which may seem way far out there but does the trick of helping people and some others. I always like to use the phrase “Pay-It-Forward”.

My wife and I have come along way. We used to in the hole for $40K, but paid it off in 2.5 years on a single family income of $31,000/year. While paying this debt off, we also saved over $70K. Yes, that’s all within a single income of $31,000/year.

The Practical Saver has been on the web a little over two years, so you can imagine I’ve built up hundreds of articles from saving money to managing debt – and a lot of things in between.

If it’s your first time here, we know all of the information can be overwhelming, so we’ve created this page, with some of our very best resources, to get you started.



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Get to Know me, The Blogger, and my family

If you’re wondering about the person behind The Practical Saver (that’s me!!!) and my inspiration, be sure to check out my About Me page to read my story, my family’s story, and, the philosophy of  The Practical Saver. drop me a note. Then,  and introduce yourself. I love hearing from my readers.



The Practical Saver updated frequently. So, I’ve adopted several ways to keep you up-to-date with what’s happening.

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I post events, current posts, and links to things we love on my Facebook page. I have a community of over 1,200 amazing people there and I’d love you to be part of it.

I also love great visuals. That’s why you can also find me on my Pinterest page. My Pinterest following is over 18,000 with over 3 million monthly viewers. I have created boards for making money from blogging, saving money, working from home, side hustling, among others.

I try to answer every email I receive. So, if there’s something you want to tell me, good, bad, ugly, or indifferent – please let me know! I will answer your questions to the best of my ability – just please be patient since I’m the only one running this blog.



I post new articles twice or once a week.

I take time writing my blog posts. I internalize, do research, and verify my sources to make sure everything aligns and that my readers get the best of the best posts they could possibly find over the internet.

There are over 200 articles on The Practical Saver – You have a lot of reading to catch up on! Good luck…

Ok ok – If you want a shortcut, here are some of my most popular posts:

The Practical Saver’s Best of The Best:


I also have extensively written articles related to money-saving strategies and money-making opportunities. You can find these articles on my Money page.

Because the focus of my blog is geared towards money, I made sure I wrote posts related to debt, debt strategies, loan payments, to name a few.  To learn more about debt-related posts on my blog, please head to the Debt page.

I have always believed in the power of investing. This is why I dedicated quite a few of posts just for investing. Whether you haven’t started, are still a beginner, or more of advanced, my articles on investing will give you a new perspective on investing. You can find these articles on my Investment page

One of the major reasons that I paid off my debt so fast is passive income also known as side hustles. The blog you are at right now is my blog and it makes me over $20,000/mo working on it for only 5 hrs/mo. If you are looking for a profitable side hustle, blogging is a way to do that. Click here to find out how you can create a blog in 15 minutes or less

If you are looking for more specific categories, here are some shortcuts to some of my most popular posts:

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The Resource page is where I compile all the products and services I have used and/or promote. They are the ones that helped my family’s finances. Without them, I am not sure how we would come out from our big debt dilemma.

Please feel free to browse through them, bookmark the page for later use, find the products you need, among others. This page gets updated all the time to ensure I provide the best resources to my readers. You can find the Resource page here.