12 Simple Easy Money Moves To Fix Your Finances Today (2019)

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Once in a while, we like to make some easy money moves to help us save money. 

Or maybe, we like to do those all the time. Why not, right?

Many of us think it's hard to make sound financial decisions when there's not that much money to work around with.

But wait:

There are ways you can implement now, which can make a great impact on your finances. You don't need to be a genius to implement those easy money ways.

Believe it or not:

A lot of these ways have helped thousands of people. Some people were able to:

…. reduce their debt drastically without paying other people to help them

…. make so much interest money from their banks <— banks are known to be stingy, right?

…. make over $600 a month with this simple side hustle <— they didn't have to get up to make that money

The best part?

These easy money moves are found all throughout this post.


8 Simple Easy Money Moves To Fix Your Finances Today

Here are some finance tips that will help you manage your money toward a healthier financial future.

1. Check your credit health.

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If you have 10,000 financial-related things in mind, where would you start?

The answer is to look at your credit first.

Know first what you’re dealing with. By doing this, you’ll know what, how much, and to whom you owe.

By law, you are entitled to obtain credit reports once every 12 months through Annual Credit Report.

If you want a better way to track your credit daily and monthly for FREE, a great option is Credit Sesame.

It helps you understand what’s on your credit report.

It provides resources to pay off your debt fast, build up your savings, among others. 

Here's the deal:

My family uses it. Now, we're sitting on $400K savings and paid off $70K a couple of years ago while living on a single-family, low income. 

There are no ifs or buts or gimmicks with Credit Sesame. That's what I really like about it.

Click here to use Credit Sesame now for FREE and discover the benefits it will bring to you.


2. Cut down your grocery bill.

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Admit it, our grocery bill is a big chunk of our monthly expenses. In a recent study, Americans spend 11% of their over income on food.

Do you know you can cut it down to a bare minimum and still eat the best?

Take it from my family.

My family of 6 lives off of $150-$200 per month. We do that by meal planning using PlateJoy

PlateJoy is a meal planning service that sends us a super yummy meal plan and shopping list per week.

Each meal costs us around $2 per person or less. At times, it's $2 per day (not per meal).

My family uses PlateJoy and we've eaten way more for way less. How I wish we started using this meal plan before.

Start your 100% risk-free trial membership here with the PlateJoy Plan.

Note: Subscription is as low as $8.00/mo for 12 months. With the exclusive discount code PRACTICAL10 I negotiated for my readers, it's even way less as you get $10 off. We end up paying $7.00/mo.


3. Create a new bank account and don’t touch it.

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One clever easy money online move is to create a new bank account, make a direct deposit in that account, and forget about it.

Better yet:

Create one from banks like CIT Bank that offer among the highest interest rates in the industry. 

CIT offers an account with an annual percentage yield  (APY) of 1.55%, which is 21 times higher than the average APY.

This is ideal for bulking up your savings account. 


That’s exactly what I did. After 6 months, I checked my account and found $1,200. That’s $1,200 I didn’t think I had. After just a year, I had $3,100.

That account has now become my sorta, kinda emergency fund account, and it’s growing month after month.

Banks like CIT Bank (see review here) is where your money will grow and not where banks can make money from you. That's the kind of bank you want your money in.

Click here if you want your money to grow with CIT Bank. Learn how to make money online for FREE with CIT Bank.


4. Start negotiating your bills.

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I bet, you'll agree with me when I say:

With all the subscriptions from different services such as Netflix and Spotify, keeping track of these services can be hard at times. 

I recently found an interesting easy money app called Trim.

It analyzes your accounts to save you money on utilities, cable/internet bills, insurances, and more.

This is beyond interesting:

Trim cut our on-contract Verizon phone bill by $16.75/mo. That's $201/year.

It is easy to use and so effective that last month alone, Trim users saved over $1,000,000 for its customers.

Click here now to start using Trim for FREE and let it start cutting your expenses just like it did for people like me.


5. Start a side hustle.

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Sometimes, no matter how much we cut down, there isn't enough money to pay our financial responsibilities and save money at the same time.

If this is your situation, then, it's best to get some side hustles going.

When it comes to learning how to make money online for free, you really don't always need to go out to make extra money.

There are online opportunities to help you make money doing things you already are doing. Some of the side hustle ideas include:

  • Blogging <— this is where I make over $40K/month doing it on a part-time basis
  • Taking surveys <— some people earn at least $600/month sharing their thoughts and answering silly questions
    • Ipsos I-Say (The first and the most trusted survey site we personally have used)
    • Survey Club  (Potentially make at least $50 per survey; As high as $115/survey)
    • Survey Junkie (One stay-home mom made $615.56 in just 10 days)
    • Vindale Research (Earn $2 bonus for signing up; I’ve earned more than $1,100 so far)


6. Start investing in the stock market.

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Here's the deal:

The yearly average stock market return is 10%. That's a big return.

I started investing a couple of dollars monthly a couple of years ago.

Now, my investment is over $250,000, but I’ve only put around $40,000 in it. In short, my investment has grown 4 times.


If you want to try investing at a slow pace, you can do ‘cents investing' using Acorns

It rounds your purchases to the nearest dollar and invests the change in over 7,000 stocks and bonds. 

With Acorns, you can own a portion of a stock or mutual fund for cents. That's not possible before.

I use Acorns and my cents have grown up to $2,400 in just 7 months. Crazy, right?

Sign up and start with Acorns here and get easy money online of $5 sign-up bonus.


7. Earn cash while sitting down and taking a break.

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Like browsing online? I bet you do.

Like making money while watching your favorite Netflix show? I bet you do.

You can do that and earn more ways than one using Swagbucks.

So far, I've made $1,550 with Swagbucks in just 8 or 9 months.

Swagbucks gives out free gift cards and points redeemable for cash when you do things like playing games, watching videos, answering quick surveys, etc.

Who doesn't like that, right?

There's more.

Sign up now and you'll get an extra $10 bonus. Learn how to make money online for FREE with Swagbucks.


8. Invest in real estate for a few dollars.

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Once upon a time, you needed five or six figures to invest in real estate.

Not anymore.

Now, with just a minimum of $500, you can start investing painlessly.

Here's how:

Fundrise will invest your money in a portfolio of your choosing. This way, you exactly know what properties your money is invested in.

In the past, the average real estate yearly return is 8.7 – 12.4%. Don't you want to earn that?

You can earn easy money online via dividend payments and capital appreciation.

Interested? Convinced? Click here to fund your Fundrise account now.


9. Pay only the miles you've used.

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Regardless of how little or much I drive, I still pay the same car insurance premium month after month.

Does that sound like you?

If you want to make an easy money move with sacrificing anything, there's pay-per-mile insurance called Metromile.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Get a free quote with Metromile
  2. Plug the Metromile device into your car <— this tracks your mileage
  3. Pay a base rate + the going mileage rate you drive that month

It’s that simple.

If you drive less 100 miles or less in a given month, you'd only pay for 100 miles. That's it.

Some have reported saving over $120 per month. That's a lot of money.

Click here to start making easy money move with Metromile. 


10. Refinance your student loans.

easy money moves, easy money online, how to make easy money, ideas to make money, how to make money online for free

You know how bad the interest rates on students loans are.

It's actually higher than a 30-year mortgage loan rate. Yikes.

Stop paying arm and leg on student loans when you can lower them in the first place.

SoFi offers competitive rates, which at times are lower than 5%. <— Student finance rate is over 5%.

Believe it or not:

Some The Practical Saver readers even got less than 3.5% on interest rates.

Don't waste your time paying for interest when you can lower it easily.

Click here to check your rates for FREE. 


11. Get a budget and stick with it.

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The foundation of effectively managing your money is having a budget and sticking with it.

Yes, I can hear what you’re saying right now, that is, it’s easy to say, but hard to do.

If you aren’t sure where to begin or don’t know where to begin, you can start with using the 50/30/20 budgeting method. It goes like this:

  • 50% of your income goes toward essentials.
  • 20% goes toward financial goals.
  • 30% goes toward personal spending.

When budgeting, make sure to create a budget that works for you.

Don't just get a standard template online and use that. Remember that each situation is different and each calls for a different budget template.


12. Try to eliminate late-payment habit.

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When using a card, either credit card or debit card, always remember its pros and cons.

Whenever you use your credit card, you can earn travel rewards, cash back or any beneficial incentives that your credit card offers.

But if you don’t pay off your balance every month, you’ll end up paying interest and drown yourself in debt.

Even worse:

You’ll get slapped with the dreaded late payment fee for every late payment.

The lessons here:

Use your credit cards responsibly.

Credit cards can be a great tool to help you save money, that is, through cash back, rewards, etc. But they can be evil, on the other hand, if you don't use them responsibly.


Bonus: If you're already investing, check the fees. 

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If left unchecked, investment fees could be money suckers… by five figures.

According to Morningstar Research, the average expense charged by ETFs and mutual funds is 0.61%. It doesn't look alarming, but wait until you calculate the expense for the next 20 years or so.

For example, your $100,000 investment will incur $610 in fees a year. Invest that $610 for 25 years at 9%, then, the money would be around $57,100. That's a lot of money.

Imagine the money you're losing if you have $150K, $200K, or $300K.

Would you want to know if you really are making money from your investments?

You can use Blooom to see if your investments are working for you.

It's a FREE product that spots hidden fees, tells you if your portfolio is too aggressive or not, and finds out how much you could be missing out on by DIY-ing your 401k.

A lot of its clients cut their hidden investment fees by 46%.

Blooom clients' collective lifetime fees saved is over $776,465,300 and counting. That's remarkable. Do you know how much you'll save in fees? You will with Blooom.

Click here to get your FREE analysis with Bloom and find out how much you'll save (Hint: Don't be surprised if it's in thousands of dollars).


Final thoughts:

These are the things I have done that have greatly impacted the way I save for easy money online.

A simple stride and an early start can make a big difference in how much you will have saved later on in life. Act now and do these moves before the end of the day.

Are you ready to make these simple easy money moves? Are there any other ideas to make money you know of?

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