25 Best Side Hustles To Make $10,000/Mo No One Thought Of

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Sometimes, making ends meet can be DIFFICULT. That's why a lot of people try to work on some side hustles that pay.

Or is it really hard?

It turns out, making ends meet doesn't have to be one. In fact, this situation doesn't have to happen at all.

Did you know that there are side hustles that can help you:

…. make a full-time income on a part-time basis?

…. make $4,000 a month like one man was able to do?

…. quit your daytime job and still make more money than ever?

In this post, you'll learn the side hustles that can get you what you need without exerting too much effort. I will show you what these are and how you can exactly maximize your earnings from them.

Fact101:  According to the Federal Reserve's latest release, the average American household carries around $137,000 in debt.


What is a side hustle?

Side hustles are things you can do to earn money aside from your full-time or day job.

They are closely similar to a part-time job. But, a side hustle gives you the freedom to work on your own terms – how much time you want to put in and how much you can potentially earn.

You can do a side hustle on your day off or during weekends or in your spare time, in general.

You can be anywhere around the world or just be in your favorite PJs to do passive side hustles – it doesn’t matter as long as you get the job or task done.


How much will I make?

The most realistic answer is “it depends.”

Some people earn over thousands of dollars per month like I do. I’ll be discussing the details regarding this later on.

Some people earn below a thousand dollars every month.

But the bottom line is, you need to ask yourself, how much do you really want to be financially independent?

Once you’re able to honestly answer that question yourself, it will be easier for you to do side hustles and increase your side hustle income.

Hopefully, with a lot of dedication, determination, passion, and tons of patience, it will all be worth your while.


When can I start side hustling?

What better day to start doing side hustles or generate some passive income streams than now.

It is important from the get-go that you really want to do a side hustle or two so you can maximize your side hustle potential income.

Your most important competition is yourself. If you’re the kind of person who's easily demotivated or gets sidetracked, doing passive side hustles may not work for you.

Believe it or not:

Time is the most important thing in side hustling.

It determines your deadlines, your working hours and in turn, determines your income.


Who is side hustling for?

Side hustling is for anybody who wants to learn how to make extra money without getting a full-time job.

It’s also for anybody who has a free time on the side.

So, whether you’re a stay at home mom, a husband or father who’s trying to make ends meet, a student who wants to pay off the student debt loan, or just someone who’s willing to earn more money by doing side hustle, this could be for you.


25 Side Hustles and The Magic $10,000/Mo 

Here are some of the side hustles you might be interested in doing and that you can earn money from:

1. Take surveys online (One made $615.56 in 10 days – see image)

survey junkie payout proof, side hustles, side hustle ideas, how to make money fast, how to make money from home

Today, almost everyone tends to share their thought and opinions on just about everything.

A great example of this is social media. Every time we share a post or put a comment on somebody’s post, we always say a piece of what’s on our mind.

So, why not share what’s running through your mind and get paid for doing it?

Believe it or not:

You don't need a pen and paper to answer surveys. Today, you can do paid surveys online.

Survey Junkie is a long-time running paid online survey site. You can earn points from answering paid online surveys and referring your friends to join Survey Junkie.

Best of all:

Joining this survey site is easy and, for many, is a moneymaker (see image above).

  • Sign up for free.
  • Complete your profile so you can be matched better with surveys you are qualified to take.
  • Start answering paid online surveys in your PJs at home or anywhere and anytime.
  • Earn points for every completed survey and refer friends successfully.
  • Convert your earnings for cash via PayPal or free gift cards.

This is a recommended side hustle for anyone because this can be done during your spare time.

Check out Survey Junkie here, and start making extra income. 


2. Start blogging (I make over $20,000/mo blogging 5 hours/mo)

survey junkie payout proof, side hustles, side hustle ideas, how to make money fast, how to make money from home

I do earn over a thousand dollars per month by blogging. Blogging turned out to be a money-making side hustle for me.

It really is one of the best passive income streams I've ever come across with. Some bloggers have used their blogs to pay their student loans.

Believe it or not:

You don’t have to be experienced or rich to run a profitable blog.

It will run its due course as your blog journey becomes more established.

For just $2.95/mo, you can now start your blogging journey – that’s the special discounted price for you, my readers.

Imagine, that’s just a cup of coffee! There is actually zero risk and very high rewards with blogging.

Check out Bluehost here. I bet it's one of those side hustle ideas you wish you started a long time ago.


3. Invest in real estate without putting a lot of money

Once upon a time, investing in real estate meant investing a lot of money right away.

Not anymore? Now, you don't need a rental property to make active income.

Believe it or not:

Now, you can have real estate investments and make those as a side hustle for a fraction of a cost.

It's possible with a $500 start-up investment with Fundrise.

Fundrise will invest your money in a portfolio of your choice. This way, you exactly know what properties your money is invested in.


In the past, the average real estate yearly return is 8.7 – 12.4%. Don't you want that kind of active income return? I know I would.

You can earn easy money online via dividend stocks and capital appreciation.

Interested? Convinced? Click here to fund your Fundrise account now.


4. Get paid to do what you do online (I made over $1,550 in 7 months)

survey junkie payout proof, side hustles, side hustle ideas, how to make money fast, how to make money from home

We use the internet for almost everything. So, why not make money fast from the things you already do with the internet?


Swagbucks is another paid online survey platform that not only gives you the potential to earn money from surveys but also a lot more ways to earn.

  • Sign up for free and earn Swagbucks bonus points upon sign up.
  • Earn points for shopping online, watching videos, searching the web, and answering online surveys.
  • Swagbucks is accessible on your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Redeem your points for free gift cards such as Amazon or Walmart or convert your points to cash via PayPal.

I have used Swagbucks for 7 months and counting now, and I've earned over 155,000 SB points or $1,550 in cash (see image above).

Click here to check Swagbucks.


5. Search the internet (Get paid without lifting a finger)

side hustles, side hustle ideas, how to make money fast, how to make money from home

We search the internet for almost every question we have that needs answers. Would you believe that you can earn money from doing just that? YES, it’s true!

There are background apps such as Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel that combine your unique internet usage with other people to build a profile of the internet behavior.

Here's the truth:

This is to help companies improve the products and services that you use online.

  • Sign up and complete the registration process.
  • Install the app and let it run in the background.
  • Get rewarded for using the internet the way you do.
  • Earn sweepstakes entries and have the chance to earn $10,000 each month.
  • You can also earn $50 per year just to let the app run on your device.

MobileXpression for iPad only is similar to Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel. This is an app-based for your iOS devices.

You can also earn rewards for installing it and leaving the app running on your device for at least 90 days.


6. Start investing (My investment went from cents to over $2,000)

earn online money, ways to make extra money, fast money, side jobs

Who doesn’t like earning money without doing the hard work?

Actually, that’s how passive income works. You let your money grow by saving or investing in something.

A simple investing app called Acorns can help you in a big way just by using your CENTS.


  • You can invest with your spare change with Acorns Core.
  • You can save up for your retirement with Acorns Later.
  • Acorns can help you grow and diversify your portfolio.
  • Monitor your portfolio within your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

I've had Acorns for only a couple of months, and my cents have turned into $2,000 so fast.

I project to have more than $100,000 in 10 years all possible because I started investing my cents.

Talk about passive income ideas, huh? Check out Acorns here.


7. Join Focus Group and get paid (As high as $115/survey)

earn online money, ways to make extra money, fast money, side jobs

Earlier, I’ve mentioned that big companies are willing to pay you to share your thoughts through paid online surveys.

Aside from answering surveys, you can also join Focus Groups and earn money on the side.

Survey Club is one of the online platforms you can go to join Focus Groups.


Focus Group is a research being done in a particular group of people wherein you will be asked about your perception, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes towards a certain product or services.

  • Focus Groups pay you way more than online surveys do.
  • Some groups pay as high as $115/survey or $50 per 15-minute surveys.
  • You can start to cash out your earnings once you’ve accumulated at least $20 in your Survey Club account.
  • You can choose to receive your earnings via PayPal, check, prepaid debit cards, cash sweepstakes, prize drawings. If you’re generous enough, you can donate your earnings to charities.

Here's the reality:

One man made over $4,000 in a month using Survey Club (see image above).

Overall, this is a legit side hustle both for men and women.

Check out Survey Club here, and start making extra income.


7. Get rewarded for going to your favorite stores

earn online money, ways to make extra money, fast money, side jobs

Today, a lot of us use online shopping as a way to purchase goods. It’s easy. It’s convenient. It’s hassle-free.

Believe this:

You can shop online and earn money at the same time?

Or better yet, just walk into the store and get rewarded? Even better, right? YES! It’s true with Shopkick.

There are numerous ways of earning kicks:

  • Earn rewards called kicks when you visit or buy in-store or online
  • Scan barcodes or view online products
  • Submit or upload your receipt
  • Watch videos

Once you’ve earned enough kicks, you can redeem your kicks for gift cards such as Amazon, Walmart, Sephora, Starbucks, and a lot more.

Try Shopkick and see for yourself. Learn how to make money now with Shopkick.


8. Sign up and get bonus (Make $30 or more fast)

earn online money, ways to make extra money, fast money, side jobs

Most online platforms use signup bonuses to attract members. 

Sounds easy, right? It actually is.

You can just sign up for free, take advantage of the sign-up bonuses and wait for those to arrive.

Even better:

These sites aren't only good with giving out bonuses, but they are also great in giving out money for your time, effort, and opinions.

Here are some sites that offer sign-up bonuses:

  • MyPoints – One stop site for all the things you can do online. Earn $10 sign up bonus
  • InboxDollars – Earn on the side by watching videos, answering surveys, etc. Sign up and get $5 bonus.
  • Ibotta – Cashback site that gives you $10 sign up bonus
  • eBates – Another cashback site that also gives you $10 welcome bonus
  • Swagbucks – Also another cashback site that offers $5 sign up bonus

Here's a pro tip:

Sign up for as many sites as you can so you can get a whole lot of bonuses.


9. Refer friends and get paid (Make $50 or more… possible)

passive income ideas, easy money, working from home, residual income

One of the best side hustles for single moms or anybody really to earn money is through referral programs.


You don’t really have to do anything but just ask your family and friends to sign up and join.

Best yet:

Many of the companies you can get a referral fee from offer free sign-up programs.

This means there's no cost for your friends and family to join.

I’ve found these companies that have really good referral programs:

  • Ibotta – Cashback site that gives you $5 per referral and offers up to $50 Mystery Bonus on your 5th successful referred friend.
  • Acorns – Acorns gives you $5 referral bonus for each successful and verified friends that use Acorns.
  • BJ’s Wholesale Club – You and your successfully referred friend will each get a $25 BJ’s gift card for free.
  • MySurvey – Paid online survey site that gives you 150 Rewards Points for just inviting your friends to sign up.


10. Drive for Uber or Lyft

passive income ideas, easy money, working from home, residual income

If you have a car and likes to drive around, then, might as well start offering your services and earn money from it.

You can drive for Uber and drive people around your area.

  • Drive anytime and whenever you want.
  • No office setting and don’t need to clock in.
  • How much you earn depends on how frequently you drive passengers around.
  • Earn weekly.
  • You must pass a background check.
  • Safety is a MUST, so you also need to have a clean driving history.

Similarly, you can also drive for Lyft:

  • Drive at your own pleasure.
  • You need to be at least 21 years old to drive for Lyft.
  • Be your own boss.
  • Earn Power Drive Bonus for driving around passenger when you are needed the most.
  • You can also earn cash bonus from referring your friends to drive for Lyft.

Check out Uber or Lyft here.


11. Drive for UberEats

passive income ideas, easy money, working from home, residual income

UberEats is similar to Uber but with UberEats. As an UberEats driver, you will have to pick up & deliver the food order of your customer right to his/her doorstep.

Here's how easy it is:

You can sign up and use your car or bike or scooter to deliver the items.

Requirements for UberEats:

  • If you’ll be using your car or scooter, you need to be within the age to drive in your city and have one-year driving experience. You also need to have a valid driver’s license and registration.
  • If you’re biking, you need to be at least 18 years old and have a government-issued ID.

Check out UberEats here.


12. Deliver food for DoorDash

passive income ideas, easy money, working from home, residual income

DoorDash is closely similar to UberEats. You can also deliver food to customers from their favorite restaurants.

  • Earn money at your own pace. The more you put time driving and delivering items to your customers, the higher your earnings will be.
  • DoorDash is available 24/7. You can set your own schedule.
  • You must have a smartphone and download the mobile app to get started.
  • You need to be at least 18 years old to start driving for DoorDash

Even more interesting facts:

  • You can use your car, motorcycle, scooters, bike, or even walk in some markets.
  • You cannot have any major violations in the last 7 years that include: DUI, reckless driving, homicide or assault and the likes.
  • You cannot also have more than 3 incidents in the last 3 years.

Try DoorDash here.


13. Teach English

passive income ideas, easy money, working from home, residual income

ESL or English as Secondary Language has been an ongoing buzz in the online job world.

Since then, there have been a lot of online English teaching platforms that have been established.

Here comes….. VIPKid.

VIPKid is an online English teaching platform that lets you teach Chinese children in the comfort of your home.

It’s a one-on-one class and based on US Common Core State Standards.

  • VIPKid has a strict policy on the applicant’s education level. You need to have at least a Bachelor’s degree to apply.
  • VIPKid accepts applicants from anywhere around the world as long as you have a stable internet connection.
  • You also need to pass the interview and demo lesson before you get successfully hired.
  • Once hired, VIPKids requires 6 months minimum commitment and the contract can be renewed afterwards.
  • No need to have a lesson plan as the curriculum is already prepared.

You can earn between $14-22 per hour and receive your income through direct bank deposits monthly.

This is a popular side hustle for stay at home moms and for those college graduates or students who have student loans.

Check out VIPKid here – one of the best side hustle ideas out there now. 


14. Rent your spare room on Airbnb

passive income ideas, easy money, working from home, residual income

When we travel, a good chunk of our expenses apart from the airline ticket goes to accommodation.

Believe or not:

One of the biggest travel expenses is lodging.

A good hotel can really charge a lot.

People nowadays tend to look for accommodations that can offer more but cheaper than hotels.

I'd rather stay in a cheaper and decent room when traveling so I can have more money to spend elsewhere.

That’s where Airbnb, one of the best side hustles, comes into play.

If you have a spare room or apartment or house and want to earn from it, you might want to consider signing up with Airbnb.

How does it work?

  • Sign up and create a listing for your space
  • Add a description and how many people can your space accommodate
  • You can add photos showing your place for potential guests to have an idea of what to expect from your space
  • Include how much you charge for renting out your space
  • Get paid once your guests check in but Airbnb will deduct 3% from your earnings as a service charge

Received your payment via PayPal, direct bank deposit, wire transfer or whatever you and your guests agree upon.

Check out Airbnb here – one of the best side hustle ideas without spending a lot.


15. Sell on Amazon

part time work from home, online work, make money online, make money from home

Amazon is one of the most popular go-to sites when purchasing just about anything you can think of.

If you have pre-loved items that you don’t want to throw away and want to make money from, Amazon is a great platform to do it.

  • You can sell the books that you have already read, textbooks, CDs or DVDs.
  • You can also sell your pre-loved clothes, shoes, and accessories.
  • You can also opt to sell out your baby’s pre-loved clothes and accessories.

You might be surprised at how much you can sell just from your stuff lying around.

Better start de-cluttering and be on your way to earning money on the side.

Check out Amazon here.


16. Be an online freelancer

part time work from home, online work, make money online, make money from home

Whether you’re a stay at home mom, a hardworking dad or a student, you can still be an online freelancer.

Here's the deal:

Fiverr is an online freelance service site where you can get paid for your skills. Choose from Graphics and Design, Digital Marketing, Writing and Translation, Video and Animation, Music and Audio, and a lot more.

  • Sign up, set up your gig and show off your skills for possible clients to see
  • Once a client becomes interested in your work, you will be notified and details will be discussed with your customer through Fiverr’s network
  • Work on your preferred time as long as you meet your client’s deadline
  • Earn as much as $5 to $10k per gig
  • Get paid once the order has been completed

Check out Fiverr here.


17. Deliver for Amazon

part time work from home, online work, make money online, make money from home

Similar to DoorDash, Amazon Flex is Amazon’s delivery arm. You will be delivering packages for Amazon.

Here are the things you need to know:

  • Be your own boss.
  • No fixed schedule. Work at your own time. Choose your own schedule.
  • Earn between $18-25 per hour.
  • You need to have your own car and smartphone to join.
  • Must pass Amazon Flex’s background check.
  • Amazon Flex is already available in more than 50 cities.

Amazon Flex can be a great side hustle for men or for anyone who loves to drive around.

Check out Amazon Flex here.


18. Create and sell your online courses

part time work from home, online work, make money online, make money from home

A lot of people nowadays search for how-to videos or tutorials for everything you want to know about. 

If you’re an expert at something, you might want to bank on this growing popularity today. There are a lot of online platforms you can choose from as a medium.

  • There are a lot of Facebook groups where they offer free or paid tutorials or webinars about online freelancing.
  • YouTube is the most popular searching sites for your how-to or tutorial videos. You can create your own channel and make money from it as you become a more established YouTuber.
  • Sites such as Udemy where you can create an online video course and earn money every time a student purchases your course.


19. Rent out your car

part time work from home, online work, make money online, make money from home

If you have a car but doesn’t want to drive around and earn from it, why not just rent your car out?

If you think about it, when you're just at home or at work or on vacation, your car is just parked outside or in the garage.

A great way to rent out your vehicle is through Getaround (probably one of the smart best side hustles when you're not using your car).

  • You get to decide where and when you want to share your car.
  • Your car is protected up to $1 million, primary insurance included.
  • Drivers are assessed and have a safe driving record.
  • Getaround can unlock and rent out your car when you’re not using it.
  • Getaround offers a free 30-day trial.

Here's the kicker:

If you decide to continue renting out your car, there will be a one-time charge of $99 Connect installation, which allows renters to locate and unlock your car within the mobile app.

You will also be charged with a flat rate of $20 per month.

You may think that there are a lot of charges, but these charges also give you some perks and features that would make Getaround all worth it.

  • Security features include GPS tracking, engine lock, and tamper detection.
  • You’ll also be provided with your own digital key so you can get into your car any time and access your car using your mobile phone.
  • Get 24/7 roadside assistance and customer support.
  • Get a monthly rental credit of $50 as well as access to premium parking.

Check out Getaround and earn passive income from one of those passive side hustles that you don't even need to lift your finger.


20. Rent out your space with VRBO

part time work from home, online work, make money online, make money from home

VRBO is a fast-growing vacation rental space marketplace. It’s closely similar to how Airbnb works.

  • There are over 190 countries that have VRBO availability.
  • You can rent out your spare room or your entire house or flat or apartment.
  • You can get to set your own price and accept guests you only like.
  • You can sign up and show your space through photos, add a short description of your place.
  • VRBO will help you collect payment but will deduct a commission fee for your listing.

Check out VRBO here.


21. Sell your crafts online

stay at home jobs, make money now, business ideas, stay at home mom jobs

Are you a creative person and in need of a side gig to make extra money?

Actually, there is a place to sell your crafts online.

Etsy is known to be an online marketplace where you can sell unique and creative goods.

  • Sell your handcrafted, vintage, custom-made, or unique crafts.
  • List an item for $0.20 which can last up to four months or until you sold the item.
  • Etsy charges 5% transaction fee when you have successfully made a sale.
  • Sign and creating your shop with Etsy is free.
  • Payments are received via PayPal.

Check out Etsy here.


22. Be a Virtual Assistant

stay at home jobs, make money now, business ideas, stay at home mom jobs

A while ago, I mentioned that you can be an online freelance worker.

If you’re not into graphics design or writing or proofreading, then you can try out being a virtual assistant.

  • Do administrative or clerical works.
  • Answer emails or phone calls.
  • Manage travel booking and accommodation, if needed.
  • Email and calendar management.

Upwork is another marketplace where you can sell your skills to customers.

  • Sign up is free with Upwork.
  • Search and apply for jobs that you have experience on doing or might be interested in doing.
  • Use Upwork’s platform to communicate and transact with clients.
  • Do short-term tasks or project-based.
  • Get recurring projects if your client loved your performance.
  • If you’re a rock star, get a full-time work contract.
  • Get paid hourly or fixed-price depending on your agreement with the client

Check out Upwork here.


23. Be a Mystery Shopper

stay at home jobs, make money now, business ideas, stay at home mom jobs

Running an errand? Why not make the most out of it? Why not earn as you shop?

Basically, Field Agent is a mobile app that pays you to complete surveys in stores, at home, or anywhere the customer needs information.

  • Download the mobile app for free using with your iOS or Android phone.
  • Complete your profile accurately.
  • You can start finding jobs or missions near you and start hustling on the side.
  • Earn from $1 to $12 for each mission completed.
  • Missions include: price checks, in-store display checks, answer surveys, or check out a specific product and answer a few questions about it.
  • You can cash out and get your payments through direct deposit

Click here to start using Field Agent, one of the best side hustles out there.

24. Start an online business

stay at home jobs, make money now, business ideas, stay at home mom jobs

If you’re a business minded person and is good with selling products/services, you can try to start an online business.

Online shopping is fast, convenient, and hassle-free.

People don’t like waiting too long at check out counters that’s why it has become a trend to buy stuff they need and want online.

If you have recently decluttered or had something brand new to sell and want to make money out of it, then, this is probably one of the best passive side hustles you can do.

  • Facebook: You can join buy and sell groups within your location. You can also sell your goods at Facebook Marketplace.
  • Instagram: Upload several photos of items you wish to sell and add a short description with the price so your prospective buyers will know what to expect.


25. Be a babysitter

stay at home jobs, make money now, business ideas, stay at home mom jobs

Babysitting has been around for as long as I can remember. It's a side gig that offers quick money.

This is one of the most popular passive side hustles of all time, especially to students.

You can start offering your services in high school for extra allowance, continue doing it in college or even as a young adult.

  • Get paid to watch over your neighbor’s or relatives’ kids.
  • Earn money as you complete your services.
  • If you don’t have any neighbors or relatives who require babysitting, you can also check out Care.com.
  • Do child care, senior care, pet care, housekeeping, and a lot more.
  • Earn between $10 to $40 per hour for childcare depending on your experience.

Check out Care.com here.


Final thoughts on side hustles:

Whether it's dog walking, selling art, or babysitting, there are passive side hustles for everyone no matter how vast and wide our interests are.

The real big question is, how willing and committed are you to do side hustles and maximize your side hustle income potential?

Side hustling can be challenging if you are easily demotivated, but it shouldn’t. Always keep in mind what your goals are and what your purpose is for doing these side hustles.

You may or may not have done some of the side hustles listed above, but let me know what your thoughts are.

Happy side hustling!

Which of these side hustles are you going to try? Which side hustles do you think will help you make more passive income?  

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