25 Crazy Genius Selling Apps to Sell Stuff & Get Paid Now

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Are you a business-minded person or do you have tons of stuff lying around & want to declutter, and earn extra cash along the way? It’s now simpler than ever with best selling apps online.

More people are now choosing to shop online as an alternative way to buying things. It’s more convenient, less hassle of waiting in long line at the counters, prices are relatively cheap sometimes, and you can shop practically anywhere using your device.

According to The Statistics Portal, in 2017 alone, an estimated 1.66 billion people purchase goods online, worldwide. Global e-retail sales amounted to $2.3 billion during the same year.

It is projected that by 2021, there would be around 2.14 billion online shoppers and up to $4.48 trillion in sales growth.

E-Commerce is not going anywhere in the near future.

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25 Hottest Selling Apps to Market Your Stuff Locally & Online 

Here are the 25 hottest selling apps online that you might want to bank to sell your pre-loved or brand new stuff locally & online. Take note that most of the apps below, allow you to list items individually.

On the other hand, some of the apps below also allow you to list yard sales instead.

1. Carousell

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One of the fastest growing apps originally from Singapore. Carousell has recently expanded its marketplace to the US and is also starting to become known worldwide.

You can buy & sell almost anything brand new or second-hand from clothing, accessories, books, beauty products to bikes, vehicles, and even houses. Your listings can also be linked & shared to your social media accounts for advertisements.

You can upload up to 9 photos of the items you want to sell. Payment can be either cash on delivery or meet up, bank transfer, or Paypal.

Carousell is free to use & the company doesn’t earn any profit off the items being sold. Carousell earns through its paid ads & premium services.


2. Vinted

Vinted is a quick sell, free app to sell your pre-loved clothing from your closet. The app can also be used to swap your clothing with another user, making it cheaper to acquire your favorite designer brand.

Selling your pre-loved clothes earns you a commission and extra cash is always better than having another dress being stocked at the back of your closet.

Although sellers are limited to sell only clothing items, listings are free on Vinted & you can list any clothing brand. Who knows, you might be able to find less common & more valuable designer clothes in return for the items you sell.


3. Letgo

selling apps | offer up | best selling apps | buy and sell | online selling sites

Letgo is probably the closest & most popular alternative to Craigslist and one of the best selling apps online. It’s free to use & allows you to buy from, sell to, and chat with others.

What’s great with Letgo is when you list an item for sale within the app, you only need to take a photo and the app will automatically title your list & categorize it using AI and image recognition.

Another good thing about Letgo is the listings are listed by cities or zip codes. If a customer enters a zip code or city, Letgo will populate the listings that are closest to you.

On the downside, using AI & image recognition may also result to poor searches and bots. One concern that sellers are mostly complaining about is a bot named Allison who would still continue to send messages even after the sellers have blocked her.


4. Decluttr

Decluttr is a web-based and mobile app that’s very easy to use. You can sell your mobile phone or any tech device, CDs, DVDs, and even games to the company.

All you just need to do is:

  • Get a free valuation of your mobile phone or tech device by entering the make, model & condition of the item you want to sell. Decluttr will then provide you with an offer for your product.
  • Download the mobile app to scan the barcodes using your phone’s camera to list the CDs, DVDs, or video games you want to sell
  • Grab any box & pack the items you want to sell once the order has been completed. You just have to make sure that your boxes are safe enough during transit
  • Ship your items for free by dropping your box to any UPS store or authorized retail outlet
  • Wait until the boxes arrive at Decluttr’s warehouse and get paid through Paypal, check, or direct deposit the following day.

Click here now to use Decluttr.


5. Facebook Buy and Sell Groups

selling apps | offer up | best selling apps | buy and sell | online selling sites

Currently, Facebook is the largest social media platform and what better way to earn extra money than to use the app to sell things.

What’s good with Facebook is that you, as a seller, get to set the price and buyers can haggle your offer, making more chances of being to sell your stuff.

Recently, Facebook has recently started its own Marketplace where you can locally buy and sell pretty much anything you want. Facebook made it easy to track the items you want to sell and you’ll also be able to see the messages of interested buyers on the Selling tab.

It's basically an app for selling stuff in your neighborhood. 

Facebook Marketplace also has no listing fees or taxes compared to Amazon but doesn’t have any return policies in place unlike Amazon.


6. Dealo

With Dealo, you can basically list & sell your pre-loved items within 30 seconds. By far, one of the best selling apps online.

What you need to do is just download the app, register, list the goods, enter your contact details, and upload the photos you want to sell. Easy & simple.

Other apps use a chat feature as a means of communication between you & the buyer for privacy reasons. But with Dealo, communication between you & the buyer is more traditional as potential buyers will contact you via phone or email.


7. Blinker

selling apps | offer up | best selling apps | buy and sell | online selling sites

Blinker is one of the best selling apps online designed to sell cars by yourself with a snap of a photo.

On the app, you just need to line up your tail light to take a picture. Blinker will instantly show you every detail in your car together with the market value so you can fairly set the price for your car.

Potential buyers will contact you within the app and when test drive is required, you & the potential buyer can set a meet up in a safe location.

Interested buyers can also negotiate your selling price & when you have come up with a desired price, you can easily close the deal within the app with just your signature.

One downside though is the app is only fully functional in Colorado, Texas, Florida, and California. But, Blinker hopes to expand across the US soon.


8. OfferUp

OfferUp is a quick sell, free-to-use app. From the name itself, OfferUp allows potential buyers can negotiate the price with the seller.

You just have to list the item you want to sell. Interested buyers will communicate with you through the app’s chat feature.

Once the transaction is complete, both buyers & sellers can leave a feedback for a particular transaction. This feature makes the app more attractive to users. Customer reviews can be very powerful & will determine if you will make more money or not.


9. Bookoo

selling apps | offer up | best selling apps | buy and sell | online selling sites

If you’re looking for a more family-friendly app to sell your stuff, you might want to check Bookoo. You can buy & sell your individual pre-loved goods or do a local yard sale to your neighbors.

Yes, you can use this app for selling stuff in your neighborhood. 

It has no shipping & transaction fees because you get to meet your buyer in person to close the deal.

One downside of this app is communication is not instant. When your buyer is interested in what you’re selling, he/she would need to fill up a form which you will receive as an email.


10. SocialSell

SocialSell is completely app-based. You can sell your stuff locally. Interested shoppers have a lot of options to choose from to contact you. They can either contact you through chat, email, calls, or SMS.

SocialSell is also one of the apps that allows you to meet & transact with your customer directly.

The app is available for both Android & iOS devices.


11. Trove

selling apps | offer up | best selling apps | buy and sell | online selling sites

If you want to throw away a pre-loved furniture but wants to earn money from it, Trove is one of the apps you might want to use.

Listing your furniture is free. You only have to upload photos, add an item description together with the price and you’re good to go.

Pieces of furniture can be very challenging to sell & ship to your buyer. With the app, the buyer can contact you using the chat feature to arrange a schedule so they can inspect the item personally.

Once your customer decides to buy your beloved furniture, your buyer can either pay in advance or cash when picking up the item.


12. Chairish

If you have a treasured chic vintage decor, furniture or art that you want to sell, Chairish is the one for you. This is one of the best selling apps online that is specifically designed to buy & sell home decoration and design.

Although, selling through this app is quite rigid because Chairish will pre-screen the items you wish to sell to check if it meets the company’s high-quality style standards.

What’s good with this app is that if your pre-loved furniture passes Chairish’s screening, you have a very high chance to sell your item.

The minimum listing price should be $75 and Chairish will charge you 20% commission from the transaction.

You will receive the payment after the return window expires.


13. VarageSale

selling apps | offer up | best selling apps | buy and sell | online selling sites

As they say, home is where your heart is. VarageSale is another quick sell, family-friendly app where you can buy & sell brand new or used but not abused items.

All you just have to do is download the app, join your local community, link your Facebook account & an admin will review your request for approval. You can now start doing business with other people in your community safely & quickly.

One of the top priorities of VarageSale is safety and the removal of anonymity between buyer and seller. There is a dedicated 24-hour hotline for users to report any malicious or suspicious sellers or activities. 


14. Instagram

A lot of people now are using Instagram as a means to sell almost anything. It’s a free app & Instagram doesn’t earn profit from your transaction.

You only have to upload a photo, add a short description & the selling price, and that’s it!

Interested shoppers can leave a comment on your photo or send you a direct message. Shipping will depend on the agreement between you & your buyer.

Recently, my wife was able to sell our baby’s pre-loved clothes in no time using this app.


15. Zaarly

selling apps | offer up | best selling apps | buy and sell | online selling sites

If you have a local customer service business, say for example, housekeeping, electricians, handymen, then this app might help you boost & flourish your business even more.

You can be ensured that if you pass Zaarly’s intense screening process, your local business is doing very well. It's basically an app for selling stuff in your neighborhood. 

Zaarly charges 10% transaction fee for every closed job. There’s no service fee or monthly fee. Also, the website & app is free to use.

Unfortunately, Zaarly only accepts local business from Kansas City, Minneapolis, Denver, and Northern Virginia as of the moment.


16. 5Miles

From the name itself, 5Miles is a free app that allows local buyers to see listings within their 5-mile radius. It's basically an app for selling stuff in your neighborhood. 

All you just need to do like the other best selling apps online listed above is to just post a picture of the item you wish to sell & add a short description. Your item is listed within seconds.

What’s great with this app is not only you can sell practically anything under the sun, but it also covers small businesses that offer local services.

A jack of all trades kind of app, which makes it unique in its own way.


17. Hoobly Classified for Pet Adoption

selling apps | offer up | best selling apps | buy and sell | online selling sites

Hoobly is probably the most quick sell, go-to app to sell your pets that need adoption. Sounds harsh? I hope not. It’s better this way than leave your beloved pets in shelters.

The app is free and available to Android & iOS devices. Hoobly Classified also allows you to sell anything you can think of.

Recently, Hoobly has been receiving negative feedbacks about users not being able to log in properly into their respective accounts.


18. Shpock

Shpock is a short version for “Shop in Your Pocket”. This is a free app with no listing & transaction fees. It’s also one of the apps that doesn’t earn any profit from your sale.

It's basically an app for selling stuff in your neighborhood. 

Shpock allows you not only to buy & sell your used but not abused stuff but it also gives you the option to give away your items for free locally. Your potential buyer can openly ask questions & bargain through chat.

Shpock catches the attention of a prospective shopper by populating a small photo of the item being sold instead of the usual description of the item.


19. Wish Local

selling apps | offer up | best selling apps | buy and sell | online selling sites

Wish allows you to sell & ship goods anywhere in the world. With Wish Local app, you sell brand new or secondhand local items.

Most of the items sold on this app are related to fashion, accessories, beauty essentials, electronics, shoes, kids, sports, and items for your home.

When you check the main website, you will be directed instantly to sign up, which makes selling much faster.

This app is available to Amazon, Android, iOS, and Windows devices.


20. Tradyo

With Tradyo, not only you can sell goods individually, you can also list items for a garage sale. You can earn profit from your pre-loved gems within your local community with ease.

It's gaining momentum and many call it one of the best selling apps online on the rise.

The app is free & you can sell your goods directly from your phone. Interested buyers can contact you directly within the app’s chat feature or by phone.


21. Poshmark

selling apps | offer up | best selling apps | buy and sell | online selling sites

If you have high-end, luxury items such as handbags, clothes, shoes, and fashion accessories that you want to put up for sale, this is the best quick sell app to go to. By far, it's one of the upcoming buy and sell apps online that will change how things are marketed online. 

Just take a photo of you pre-loved fashion item, share it to your network – the more shares, the more possible sales, print the prepaid shipping label to be delivered to Poshmark HQ.

For items worth over $500, Poshmark offers free item authentication so interested buyers can get their money’s worth.

Poshmark also has virtual shopping parties called Posh Parties. You can attend a virtual buy & sell event that happens within the app

Take note that for every completed transaction of more than $15, Poshmark takes 20% commission from your sale. You can get your payment through Bank Deposit or Check.


22. Depop

Depop is an app that originated as a social network where the users can buy items featured in the PIG magazine.

You can sell your most unique and creative things. There’s also a place for your vintage and pre-loved fashion, rare collections, and your original creations of arts, clothes, anything you can think of.

Although Depop charges you a 10% fee on every completed sale, you can be sure that your creativity can earn you extra bucks.


23. Yard Sale Treasure Map

selling apps | offer up | best selling apps | buy and sell | online selling sites

Yard Sale Treasure Map is one of the easiest buy and sell apps online to use and is designed to access Craigslist garage sale on your mobile device.

If you like participating in community sale or just have a free weekend to declutter and earn from your mess, Yard Sale Treasure Map is free & easy to use.

All you have to do is just to go to Craigslist’s website, create a listing for your yard sale, your listing will be automatically added to the app, and you can start promoting your garage sale.


24. Garage Sale Rover

Garage Sale Rover is a free, quick sell, and user-friendly app.

What you need to do is create a listing for your yard sale, add the dates & exact location. That’s it!

What’s great with this app is it’s GPS guided. Using GPS satellite, interested deal hunters are guided to your exact location to let you make the most out of your yard sale.

Garage Sale Rover is not available to iOS devices but available to Android and Amazon devices.


25. Garage Sale by Map

selling apps | offer up | best selling apps | buy and sell | online selling sites

One thing I’ve noticed with the other buy and sell apps online listed above is you can only get to list a particular item or yard sale within 1 app or site.  

With this app, it shows listings from Gsalr.com, estatesale.org, oodle.com, and yardsales.net which gives you a better percentage of selling your goods in no time.

Garage Sale by Map also gives complete driving instructions to deal seekers so they’ll know where to find you.

The app is free and available to iOS & Android devices.


Final Thoughts:

All the buy and sell apps online mentioned above are free and can be used mostly on Android & iOS devices. Some of the apps will charge you a transaction fee or commission after you have completed a sale.

Since the apps are free, it’s really not that hard for the app to be penetrated by fake buyers or sellers or even scammers.

As a legit seller, it is still your responsibility to check and protect yourself from bogus buyers & scammers before doing any business with them.

Let me know what you think, yes?

Start rummaging your home or closet for your pre-loved goodies that you may want to dispose of and happy selling.

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