Save More Money and Be Richer By 14,000 A Year

This ” Save More Money and Be Richer By 14,000 A Year ” is based on my response to a reader's question on how to save more money by doing simple activities. This post contains affiliate links/ads. See disclosure policy

A couple of minutes after I published my 2nd income report where I detailed how I was able to earn over $1,400.00 on my 4th month of blogging, someone emailed me and asked me about saving (not really about my blogging income.

He asked me what other things he could do to save more than what he is saving right now.

I like it when people come to me and ask me questions about saving. I am no expert or a certified financial planner.

But what I do know is that in the past couple of years, I have been able to save a substantial amount of money through what I call saving explorations, trials, or experiments.

Of course, when it comes to experiments, I sometimes save money and sometimes I lose money. But that’s what experiments are (I guess). But in totality, I have saved more by experimenting new ways.

Here is what he wrote to me.

Hey Allan,

I came across your blog through Pinterest. I was really amazed how you tackled your $40,000 of debt and saved $70,000 at the same time. That was so amazing. You maybe are too busy and it’s probably a stretch but can I ask if you can share your thoughts on other ways of saving?


He wasn’t the first one to write me about something. The truth is I like receiving this kind of email because it shows that people find value in what I do or what I blog about.

For those who think that I don’t have any time answering your questions, the answer is I do have time and I make time. I like helping people even in my small ways.

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Save More Money and Be Richer

Anyways, here are the ways you can easily adopt and be richer by XXX dollars in no time. The pointers or suggestions I will lay out here may or may not be applicable to you.

In general, these will save you a ton of money or should I say make you XXX dollars richer?

1. Create a budget.

In all things you do that are finance-related in nature, you always need to start a working budget. Without a budget, you won't know where you are overspending or underspending and everything in between.

In order household, we use the Budget Binder Printables to help us effectively budget and manage our money.

These printables has continuously helped our family get our budget in control and save a ton of money even on a single income. We paid off our $40K debt and, at the same time, saved at least $70K in 2.5 years with the help of these printables (click here for the full story).


2. Take surveys.

Not all surveys are scam. That I am certain.

My wife and I have been taking surveys for quite some time now. We earn $175.00 on average per month. In a given day, my wife will spend around 2-3 hours taking surveys. It does get boring when you take surveys constantly.

Since my wife stays home, she is more than glad to take those surveys to make some money on the side (aside from helping me market my blog).

In addition, instead of using Google, you can use Swagbucks as your search engine and get paid for doing that. It also has surveys, videos, promotions, and product offers, which you can try and earn some more dollars.

My wife and I earn at least $40 a month in total, which is good enough for a month's worth of car gas. Joining Swagbucks is FREE. If you sign up using my link, you will receive $5.00 bonus right away. Join Today

Here are some ways you can earn money:

Savings: $200 * 12 months  = $2,400.00 per year


3. Cut the cord.

This fact may not be new to you but the monthly cost of cable is around $100, which is way too expensive anyways.

If you want to save more money, the best place to start is your cable subscription, that is, completely cutting your cable.

Buy a Roku for around $50 – $70 and subscribe to Hulu or Netflix for as low as $7.99. Or you can try JeeStream.

Cable: $100 * 12 months = $1,200

Roku: $50 (one-time)

Hulu/Netflix: $7.99 * 12 months = $95.88

Savings: $1,054.12 per year

If you have Bing Rewards you can earn points that you can redeem for Hulu rewards. If you do this, your savings will increase to $1,150.00.

This is basically what my wife and I have been doing for the past 2 years. To earn rewards, just login into your Bing Rewards account and use Bing as your search engine.

Take note that there's more to Bing Rewards than just Hulu rewards. You can redeem your points towards XBox digital, Starbucks, Amazon gift cards and more.

Cable: $100 * 12 months = $1,200

Roku: $50 (one-time)

Hulu/Netflix: $0.00 * 12 months = $0.00 (FREE)

Savings: $1,150.00 per year


4. Find other investment platforms.

If you have an investment with XXX company and it charges an X% in fees, you may want to consider finding other companies that will charge even less.

Don't be afraid to scout because with the advent of the internet; there are companies that charge way too low of a fee every year.

I recently opened an account with Betterment.

It's fee starts at 0.15% per year. According to Forbes, the average fee (including mutual fund expenses and adviser fee) is around 2.1% annually.

For example, if you have an investment of $100,000, yourwi annual expenses with Betterment is only $150/year versus $2,100/year with other investment companies.

There's also another option if you don't have enough money or don't want to spend a lot of money on fees.

Now, you can invest as little as $0.01 through Acorns. It will roundup your purchase and invest your spare change. It invests your spare change automatically. If you sign up via this link, you will get $5 BONUS. 

Savings: $1,950.00 per year 


5. Cut down your cell phone bill.

According to a report, users pay around $110/month for cell phone bill.

That’s $1,320 for just phone bills. That’s a huge amount of money that could go to better use, in my opinion. With so many plans and big competition among carriers, you can surely find a plan that best fits your needs.

My wife and I  have smartphones but we don't use a lot of data. Having said that we still get 4G mobile broadband internet. We barely use our data and minutes from our plan.

At times, we pay nothing on our bill because our data and minutes' consumption, many times, falls under the free monthly plan.

So far (i.e. less than a year), we have not paid a dime for the past 7 months because we were able to stay within the limit set for the free monthly plan. Cha ching.

If you are like us who do not use a lot of data, minutes, etc. or someone who wants to cut their phone bill, I can't recommend FreedomPop enough. We have had it for almost a year now and we're so happy with it.

You can get the FREE monthly plan without being in a contract. If you want more data, don't worry because you get charged arm and leg for that.

Here's how the pricing works:

  • Basic 500  – FREE every month, 200 minutes, 500 text, and 500 MB Data
  • Premium 500  – $10.99 month, unlimited talk and text, and 500 MB Data
  • Premium 1GB  – $19.99 month, unlimited talk and text, and 1GB Data
  • Premium 2GB  – $24.99 month, unlimited talk and text, and 2GB Data
  • Premium 3GB  – $29.99 month, unlimited talk and text, and 3GB Data
  • Premium 4GB  – $19.99 month, unlimited talk and text, and 4GB Data

As a matter of fact, there's no contract with FreedomPop.

Other Carriers: $110 * 12 months = $1,320.00

FreedomPop: $25.00 * 12 months = $300.00 (assume you'll pay $25/mo)

Savings: $1,020.00 per year


6. Reduce your insurance coverage.

How to get cheaper auto insurance? That's probably one of the questions you have in mind when it comes to trying to get better insurance rates.

There’s a rule of thumb that says that if your annual cost of full coverage insurance is at least 10% of the replacement value that you would receive from the insurance company, then, it is potentially a good idea to convert to a liability coverage.

For example, your car is worth $2,000 and you have $1,000 in deductible. After the deductible, the most you can get from your insurance is $1,000.

If your premium is above $100 a year (10% of $1,000), then, it’s a good idea to get liability insurance.

This 10% thumb rule should be interpreted as a hard rule.

You should always look into your ability to pay for repairs if accidents do happen and you only have liability coverage. In addition, you need to include your driving track record when you consider changing your insurance coverage.

Savings: $650.00 per year (That’s what I saved from switching from full to liability)


7. Save a little and increase it every week.

When I saving while paying off my debt, one of the best saving strategies I employed was to incrementally save every week.

What I did was I saved $4 in week 1, $8 in week 2, $12 in week 3, $16 in week 4, and so on. You see that there’s an incremental increase of $3 every week on top of the dollar amount from last week.

Discipline and dedication are key for this technique to work.

Savings: $4 (week 1) + $8 (week 2) …… + $208 (week 52) = $5,512 per year


8. Use coupons.

Let me tell you this. Being able to save a ton of money using coupons takes practice and experience. Yes, practice and experience are key to successful couponing.

When I started couponing, I only saved around $10 a week. Through reading posts about couponing, watching extreme couponing show, etc., I learned the tips and tricks on couponing.

Don’t be discouraged if you can’t seem to figure out how couponing works at the beginning. Take it easy and just have fun and you’ll soon learn the art of couponing.

I suggest that you buy coupons online instead of clipping as it will save you time and money. Here are the sites that I go to get my coupons:

The calculation below is based on my family’s budget (i.e. me, my wife, and my 3-year-old daughter):

Original grocery budget: $400 * 12 months = $4,800

Budget with the use of coupons: $200 * 12 months = $2,400

Savings: $2,400.00 per year

These are the things that I shared with Alonzo, and I hope that these will also help you in saving more money. What have you done to save more money? What simple things that you think can help other people save more money? Please let me know your thoughts and comments.

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