Printable Budget Binder

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It all starts with this printable budget binder.

Yes, when my wife and I decided to get rid of our $40K, the first thing we did was create a budget that worked. This is where this printable budget binder came to life.

Since then, we have always used this binder.

I've gotten a dozen emails asking if I would ever show the budget printables we've used in the past. Today is the day!

My purpose of sharing this binder is to encourage people to get into the habit of budgeting and tracking their income and expenses. This way, people can see where their money is going, can spend less, save more, pay off debt fast, among others.

Printable Budget Binder

With the holidays about to arrive here sooner than later, it's so easy to spend more and save less. My wife and I have been there and so did many people.

The worse thing is that a lot of us do this “spend more, save less” cycle time and time again unconsciously. But it shouldn't be this way though.

Am I right?

Want to see what's included in this free printable budget binder? Just a disclaimer, that is, this budget binder is professionally-designed and created. I'm so bad with designing stuff that I had to hire somebody to do it for me.

Let's take a look.

A Pretty Cover

First of all, you will get a super pretty cover.

budget binder

Of course, it had to be so pretty. My wife approves it so I am ok with how it looks. It's so pretty and attractive you wouldn't believe it's yours for FREE.

Monthly Family Budget

budget binder


Next stop is the monthly family budget. You don't have to have a family to use this. You, alone, can use it. It's very detailed but easy to follow.

It is so important for us to create a detailed budget where we could see our income and expenses on a piece of paper. When we were paying off our debt, we took our time filling out this sheet so we could see where everything was going.

It's one of the best decisions we've made to date. Because of this simple sheet, we got out of debt in 2.5 years.

This sheet is so simple that even the worse budgeters can get this sheet to work for them.

My wife and I are very simple, straightforward people. If we can do things the simple way and get the results we want, then, why would we do something else that's complicated? Right?

The Bill Tracker

Now, let's go to the details, that is, the bill tracker.

budget binder

With this tracker, you won't need to wonder or second guess if you have paid your bill or not.

Just jot down the bill and mark the appropriate column or even put the date in the appropriate box so you exactly know when you made your payment.

It's as simple as that.

You can stick this sheet on the refrigerator or poster board or somewhere that's easily accessible to you.

It doesn't get easier than this.

No more “I forgot to pay this or I forgot to pay that” scenario because frankly, that's annoying. Haha

Monthly Expense Tracker

Getting into more details, this sheet is dedicated to just tracking your expenses.

budget binder

Let's face it, sometimes we buy things with cash and a couple of days later forget where we used our cash. Or something else along that line.

Sounds familiar, right? It happens to the best of us.

With this tracker, you can't miss a single transaction. This goes well with the monthly family budget because you can easily sum your expenses using a calculator (by category) and note those down on your monthly budget.

Some of the things you can put here include:

  • Food
  • Utility bills
  • Insurance payments
  • Loan payments
  • Meals and Entertainment
  • Fees
  • Investments
  • so many more

Cash Envelope

By far, the easiest budgeting method you'll ever find and use.

budget binder

Basically, the idea behind the cash envelope system is to put a set amount of cash in each envelope, which is your budget for a month. If you put $50 on the grocery cash envelope, then, that means your budget is $50.

With this system, you don't use a credit card or any other means to pay for whatever it is that you are buying.

This system is for those who can be strict enough to follow a cash-based system.

One thing I can tell you is that this is so effective that my family still uses this system up to now.

Included in this FREE printable budget binder are the following:

  • Cash envelope for grocery
  • Cash envelope for transportation
  • Cash envelope for miscellaneous
  • and at least three other surprise cash envelope

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In Total….

budget binder

You will receive over 10 pages of professionally-designed printable budget binder for FREE.

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You get a lot for just under $8.

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I hope this binder will help you as much as it has helped my family. Please let me know your thoughts about this gorgeous budget binder.

Thanks. 'til next time.