50 Online Jobs That Pay Weekly or More Often

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At some point in our lives, we sometimes find ourselves asking questions like “Is this enough?”, “Am I earning enough?”, “Is there any possible way to earn more than what I’m currently getting?”. That's where online jobs come in.

I, myself, asked the very same questions over and over and over for as long as I can remember especially when I was at the $40k mark in debt.

So, I started thinking of what side hustles I could without compromising the time I have for my family. Then, I’ve found out about some legit online jobs to help alleviate the mess I was in before.

To set the record straight, I haven’t tried all the online jobs listed below but I have tried a lot to differentiate what is legit from what is not.

Together with my wife, we started trying out some of these legit online jobs and started earning extra cash no matter how small it is.

So, if you’re a husband or a father or a mother or a wife or a student or just someone who wants to profit from legit online jobs and earning while at it, then this post is for you.

Note: According to the United States Census, about 3.7 million employees are working from home at least half the time. Telecommuting is, by far, more popular than ever before. 


50 Legit Online Jobs That Pay Weekly or More Often

By the way, some of the companies listed below may or may not be currently hiring.

Here are 50 legitimate work at home jobs that can pay you weekly or more often.

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Top Picks for Legit Online Jobs

  • Survey Junkie – Earn points while taking online surveys, referring friends to join. Cash out once you earn 1,000 points. Tia, a survey taker, made $615.56 by spending a few minutes here and there for 10 days. Sweet!
  • Ibotta – Purchase your everyday needs with Ibotta and get paid for doing it. Also, get paid for referring your friends to use the app. Earn an additional $10 as a sign-up bonus. So far, I’ve earned over $383.00 using this app.
  • Swagbucks – A rewards site for doing things you already do online. Be it watching videos, answering surveys, shopping online or searching the web, you get to earn extra bucks. Whatever you do online, you're likely to make money with Swagbucks. No minimum cash out so you can earn money daily.


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Legit Online Jobs that Pay Daily

  • Lyft – Driving app, not your usual work from home, but still online. The more you drive, the better cash out you’ll get. You can request for payment via ExpressPay or weekly, your call.
  • UberEats – Delivery food to the customer’s footsteps using either your bike, scooter, or car. Get paid daily or weekly, whatever you prefer. This is one of the great legit work at home jobs you can do.
  • Tutor.com – Doesn’t require experience but you must really be an expert in your field. Some subjects do require certain prerequisites in order to be an online tutor. You need to be at least a sophomore in college and must be able to work at least 5 hours a week. Average pay is around $9 to $13 per hour.
  • OneSpace – Tasks varies depending on what client needs. Be it as a graphic artist, writer, editor, or transcriptionist.
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk – Earn money for completing simple tasks such as image or video processing, information gathering, and a lot more.
  • Online Seller – There are a lot of apps and sites that let you sell your pre-loved or brand-new goods, nowadays. Payments depend on your agreement with your buyer.
  • Survey Savvy – Earn money by answering surveys, installing a desktop application or referring your friends to join. Start cashing out your earnings when you have at least $1 in your account & wait for your check to arrive at your doorstep.


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Legit Work At Home Jobs that Pay Multiple Times a Week

  • Babysitting – Legit online jobs for those who want to take care of little kiddos. Maybe not your own home but someone else’s home, still. Ideal for students. Get hired regularly if you’re good at taking care of kids and get paid on the spot after each day.
  • Ipsos iSay – Get paid for answering and completed surveys. High payout but still depends on how many surveys you are qualified to answer and actually take the survey.
  • Survey Club – Considered as probably the ‘IT’ survey site because it offers the latest and highest paying survey, research, and focus groups opportunities. The more surveys you take, the better payout you get. One made over $4,000 in a month (see image above).
  • Studypool – Online micro tutoring covers questions, assignments, concepts, papers, study guides, and anything someone needs regarding studies. Earn cash through “bids” and get paid either through PayPal or Credit card.
  • Foap – Image and video crowdsourcing app. Earn $5 for every photo you sell. Payment can be received via PayPal.


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Legit Work At Home Jobs that Pay Weekly

  • Writer – Some companies would require a working experience in order to get hired but some are also willing to take in newbies. Salary depends on your experience so don’t expect to earn very high if you’re just still starting.
  • TranscribeMe – Online transcription job. Earn $15-22 per audio hour. Transcriptionists with Medical and Legal background are paid higher. Payment is received every week via PayPal.
  • Instacart – Be a grocery shopper and deliver it to the customer’s doorstep for better earnings. Work on peak days to increase your earnings. Work on whenever it suits you and get paid weekly.
  • Call Center QA – Get paid for $5 for every completed telephone mystery shopping and online feedback provided. Average handle time per call is 5-10 minutes. The payout is around 7 business days or less.
  • Cambly – Be an English Tutor via chat. No experience needed. Work at your own hours. Get paid $10.20 per hour. The payout is every Monday via PayPal.
  • Blue Zebra Appointment Setting – Appointment setting and lead generation through outbound calls. Earn $15 per hour and an additional increase of 10% to 14% within 30 to 60 days of consistently delivering top quality results. Direct bank deposit offered.
  • Babbletype – Transcribe, proofread, or translate audio recordings. Can sign up for daily assignments which are due at 4 PM the following day. Payments are generated every Wednesday and received the following day through PayPal.
  • Vocalabs – Be a Survey Administrator. Call customers after each customer service interaction and do a short interview regarding the experience. Payment can be received within 1 week.
  • Virtual Assistant – Legit online jobs for administrative assistant. The idea is like being an Executive Assistant but remotely. Some of the task being delegated are calendar management, travel and accommodation bookings, writing letters and basically anything your boss wants you to do, legally that is. Wage is dependent on your experience. There are some companies that pay weekly or twice a month.
  • Daily Transcription – Transcription job that offers starting rates at $0.75 to $0.85 per audio minute. Weekly payments are received through check.
  • The Content Authority – Writing job for blog content, copywriting, eBook ghostwriting, and more. The payout is every Monday via PayPal with a minimum of $25 worth of approved articles. No payment will be received for rejected articles done.
  • NiceTalk – English tutoring mobile app. Earn $10 per hour and payment is released every week through PayPal. You should have at least $10 in your account to request for a payout.
  • Freeeup.com – Freelance site that has tons of options for you to choose from. You can set your own hourly or fixed rates. Payment is delivered straight to your bank account every Thursday.
  • BlogMutt – Legit online jobs for passionate writers.  Be a writer. Choose from a ton of topics and customers to write for. No deadlines. No assignments. You can write whenever you want to. You can earn a minimum of $10.50 for 300 to 400-word post. Payment is made to you every Monday via PayPal.
  • Clickworker – Get paid for a variety of tasks such as text creation, data categorization, copy editing, proofreading, answering surveys, web research, and a lot more. Payment options can be either weekly or monthly via PayPal or SEPA.
  • VOIQ – Mobile app that lets you be a Sales Agent. You can choose to work whenever you’re available and in the comfort of your home.
  • Textbroker – Legit online jobs for passionate writers. Need to maintain at least 2 stars for you to earn $0.07 cents per word. That’s $7 for 1,000 words. In order for you to cash out, you need to earn at least $10 before your earnings can be transferred to your PayPal account, weekly.


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Legit Work At Home Jobs that Pay Daily or Multiple Times a Week

  • Opinion Outpost – Relies heavily on surveys. Earn points after you completed your first survey. Points can be converted to cash or gift cards. Offers $10,000 prize draw every quarter.
  • Scribie.com – Transcription job. Average pay is $5 to $25 per audio hour. Earn a monthly bonus of $5 for every 3 hours completed. Get additional incentive when you refer other transcribers or customer to Scribie.com. No minimum payout and paid through PayPal.
  • Slice the Pie – Earn cash by providing constructive and detailed reviews about music, fashion, and commercials before they get released. Earnings are based on your Star Rating. The more stars you earn, the better the payout for you. Receive payment every Tuesday or Friday through PayPal with a minimum cash out of $10.
  • Transcribe – Get paid daily for transcribing audio recordings. Payment varies on deadlines, task complexity and accuracy. Your earnings will be released through PayPal.
  • Qmee – Earn cash when you search, shop, and answer surveys with Qmee. You may cash out your earnings in a few minutes directly to your PayPal account.
  • Vindale Research – Earn cash by taking online surveys at home, refer your friends, watch videos, and so much more. Received your payment through check or PayPal. This is one of the great legit work at home jobs you can do.


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Legitimate Work at Home Jobs that Pays Weekly

  • GoTranscript – Transcribe audio recordings. Get paid weekly but must maintain an average score of 3.8 on transcription in order to get paid.
  • InboxDollars – Cash-based rewards site that lets you earn money from using coupons, playing games, shopping online, answering surveys, referring friends, and a lot more. Get $5.00 upon signing up.
  • MyPoints – Rewards site for shopping online, watching videos, answering surveys, playing games. Earn enough points for cash rewards via PayPal. You may have to wait for 5 business days for the transfer to be complete.
  • Hire Writers – Get paid to write or rewrite articles. Accepts newbie writers. The payout is every Friday via PayPal as long as there is at least $10 in your account.
  • User Feel – Remote website usability testing that lets you earn $10 per test. Tests last about 10 to 20 minutes and can be done on your computer or laptop or smartphone. Receive payment weekly via PayPal or Payoneer.
  • Rev – Choose from being a transcriptionist, captioner, subtitler, or translator and earn from $0.05 to $3 per word or minute. Get weekly payout via PayPal. This is one of the great legit work at home jobs you can do.
  • Humanatic – Get paid to review recorded calls. Manage your own schedule and earn as much or as little as you want. Payout happens every week via PayPal.
  • Language Line – Interpret language at home. Earnings are based on your location and experience. You can be paid hourly or by the number of minutes interpreted per hour. Payments are released weekly, bi-weekly or monthly still depending on your location via direct bank deposit.
  • iWriter – Writing job which can be an online job for students. There’s no limit as to how many articles you can write but only approved articles will be paid every Tuesday through PayPal.
  • Allegis Transcription – Another transcription work from home job.
  • MySurvey – Another work from home job you can do is to answer surveys. It may seem that it doesn’t pay a lot. But hey, money is still money, right? Earn enough points to convert it to PayPal cash back.
  • Apperwall – Earn money for submitting short reviews on your smartphone anytime, anywhere. You can also refer your friends for an added income. Your payment will be transferred to you through PayPal.


Legit Online Jobs FAQs

1. How many searches are there for legit work at home jobs?

The answer is over 500,000 per month.

That's right. There are a lot of searches, and I would assume a lot of people are searching legit work at home jobs or jobs they can do easily from home.

Here are some of the things people search related to legitimate online jobs:

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2. How hard is it to make money from these legit work at home jobs?

Frankly speaking, the answer is ‘it depends'.

If you like the job, it could make it easier for you to do such a job. If the job is easy, but you don't like it, then, the easy job would become difficult for you.

One thing for sure that's common to these online jobs is that they pay money. Some pay in hundreds while some pay in thousands.

3. Which of these legit work at home jobs should I do?

The answer is to start with the job that resembles your interest. You don't want to work for a painting company if you don't like painting or your passion is writing.

Try one or two legit work at home jobs and get the feel of them. If you like them and they make you money, feel free to continue working for them.

If not, then, feel free to try other jobs. I've got over 50 online jobs here you can choose from. I bet one or more of these jobs spark your interest.


Final Thoughts:

I love how we can now work comfortably from our homes. It’s one benefit of what technology has to offer us. You get to work whenever you want to work.

You may have tried some of these work from home jobs or you may have not. The online jobs posted above are some of the ways you can earn from doing while at home.

Others find themselves doing this job full-time, others treat it as a side hustle just like I do. But whether you do it full-time or part-time, bottom line is that this can be an alternative way of earning money from the traditional office-based or day job.

You can always choose from a wide array of online jobs that may interest or suit you and my hope is that you get to enjoy every single bit of it.

As always, let me know your thoughts, yeah?

Happy online job hunting!

Which among these legit work at home jobs are you going to try? Do you think that you can make a living out of these legit online jobs?

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