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Effectively managing your own finances takes practice, patience, and dedication. Seriously, it doesn't happen overnight. If it were done overnight, then, a majority of the people would be debt-free and have a ton of money sitting in their accounts.

As you try to work on managing your finances, you will face some challenges that will question your belief on how to really make your finances work better. You will ask yourself if what you are doing is right or if whatever money situation you are in will ever be done.

There are so many things that can happen now all the way to the future.

In the past five or six years, I have learned so much about finances, which helped me improve the way I handle my finances. Of course, I also have to give a lot of credit to my wife who was there for me and was there helping me be a more financially literate person that I am today.

My wife and I are now heading to financial independence, which we will attempt to accomplish in 5 years. When I say financial independence what I mean by that is we want to retire in 5 years. I can say that we are on our way to be doing just that.

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Posts To Improve Your Personal Finance

Here are some of the financial lessons I have shared throughout my blog. I want to share this with you to inspire you to achieve the financial goals you have in life. The roundup will cover posts related to saving money, making money, and things in between.

How To Live Off Well Under $31,000 per Year

If you are looking for ways on how to live frugally or one income, this is the best post in my blog that discusses just that. My wife and I don't deprive ourselves with what we need. Let's get that thing out of the way. We live based on what we need and not based on what we want.

This post will show you how you can live a frugal life even when you don't spend a lot of money. For example, we spend around $250 in grocery and our foods include shrimp, fish, meat, and all other stuff that people consider expensive.

If you think you have done the bare minimum to keep your living expenses as low as possible, I highly recommend checking this post out as this may provide you additional tips and tricks to help you squeeze a little bit more savings.

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How To Start A Blog

You may wonder why this post is here. It is included here because blogging has changed our family's life for good.

Blogging has allowed us to save money more than we could ever imagine. Last year, I was a new blogger but I made over $34K working an hour or two only on my blog everyday. I didn't expect that blogging would be this financially rewarding.

I initially went into blogging because I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences on personal finance. Little did I know that it was going to be a money-making machine for our family.

Last year, I took a chance at blogging. I paid a little under $100 and went my way to creating a blog. Everything changed for the better from the day I started blogging. I project that my income will grow further this year and my reader base will grow as well.

Be one of the few who can start a blog for a special price of $2.95/month instead of the regular price of $7.99/month.  That's 50% off the regular price.

This is a special price I negotiated with Bluehost just for my readers. You will get a FREE domain and a great customer service. Really, you are saving money when you use my link even before you publish your first post. That's a best a way to start your blogging journey.

My tutorial will help you establish a blog in 15 minutes or less. You can also sign up for a FREE Blogging course, which is valued over $400 and also gives you access to an EXCLUSIVE Facebook group dedicated to supporting bloggers and help them grow their blog traffic and income. Again, access to these course and group is FREE.

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Best Personal Finance Tips I Have Ever Received

In this post, I laid out the lessons I learned in life and from my mentor about finances. A lot of people have asked me what my secrets are in attaining a well-balanced financial life. This post has the answers.

We can learn a financial tip or two from other people. If you have this kind of mindset, I highly suggest you consider reading this post. It has practical financial lessons that are simple enough that anyone can easily understand.

When I created this post, I didn't just focus on myself. I also focused on other people who want to know what I have to share. My readers are the main reason that I have this blog. Therefore, I made sure that I explained the lessons I learned in a very simple and understandable manner.

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25+ Survey Sites To Add $600/Month or More

Sometimes, in order to save more money and manage your personal finance, you need to find additional income-producing opportunities. That's what my wife and I have been doing in the past couple of years.

We always like to take surveys. Not only do we get to voice out our opinions on products and services, but we also get paid in cash, rewards, points, etc. We spend a few hours a week and we managed to pull in, on average, $200 a month. It may not be a lot for some people but this $200 pays for our bills.

This post describes the survey sites that will help you earn additional money. My wife and I have been able to make extra money out of surveys. While these surveys may take time and will not replace your day job, it’s always better to have additional sources of funds.

Here are some of the surveys that we really love and that help us make additional money on the side. I highly recommend that you apply to as many survey sites as possible. This way, you have more chance of earning more money on the side. Additionally, if one survey site doesn't work well for you, you have other sites to use.

  • Ipsos I-Say ($620/mo. The survey site people are raving about and that keeps on giving)
  • MySurvey (Earn 2,000 points as a sign-up bonus; It has paid $32M+ since 2014)
  • MyPoints (Desktop l Mobile) (Earn up to $50/survey; $5 Bonus after first 5 surveys)
  • Vindale Research (Earn $2 bonus for signing up; I’ve earned more than $1,100 so far)
  • Swagbucks (Earn $10 sign up bonus instantly)
  • Survey Club  (Potentially earn at least $50 per survey)

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What To do When You're Behind On Your Bills?

So, what exactly do you when you are behind on your bills? Do you just not talk to the bill collectors? Do you find a way to pay those bills off?

This post exactly shows you what you need to do in the event your income is not enough to pay off your bills. My wife and I have been in this kind of situation in the past. We were fortunate to pay off our debts and be ahead of our bills for good.

We didn't do the extraordinary measures to get caught up with our bills. We didn't seek assistance from debt consolidators or other professionals. Don't get me wrong. There's a point that we need to seek help when needed but there are times that we can resolve our problems on our own with simple steps.

A couple of people reached out to me. They asked me what they can do when they are so behind on their bills. I may not be the expert in solving bill-related problems but I know from experience what can be done to be current or ahead of paying their bills.

I just recently signed up for BillShark. BillShark negotiates the bill on your behalf. It only gets paid when you save money. No savings means that you don't have to pay BillShark anything. My wife and I recently tried BillShark to minimize our phone bill. It saved us $120 for one year.

BillShark gets a cut of 40% of the savings. Please note that if it doesn't save you anything, then, it does not get paid. As simple as that.

Billshark review

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How We Paid Off $40K Debt and Saved $70K, At The Same Time, In 2.5 Years

This is one of my first posts for The Practical Saver. In this post, I detailed the various ways that my wife and I executed in order to pay off our debt in such a short time period.

When we were paying off our debt, I was the only one working in the family. My wife was a stay-home mom and was the one taking care of our daughter and all of the things that needed to be taken care of in the house.

We have used the Budget Binder Printables to help us effectively budget and manage our money.

These printables has continuously helped our family get our budget in control and save a ton of money even on a single income. We paid off our $40K debt and, at the same time, saved at least $70K in 2.5 years with the help of these printables (click here for the full story). It's currently on sale for only $7.99, which is 65% off of its original price of $19.99. Plus, you get both the family budget calculator and loans calculator for FREE.

A lot of people were inspired by our accomplishments and our story. I have gotten a lot of messages or emails from people from different parts of the world telling me how inspiring and how encouraging our story was.

For those who are trying to get out of debt and are trying to save money for their needs and their future, this is the post for you.

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5 Clever Ways To Trick Yourself Into Saving

If you are trying to save money but can't seem to succeed in doing it, then, you may be frustrated and may about to give up. Don't give up yet. There's always a solution to the saving problem.

This post details the saving strategies that my wife and I employed when we were young and still adopt up to this date. These saving techniques have truly helped us save thousands of money.

Over the past couple of years, we have managed to create and adopt some saving techniques, some of which helped us save more money and some… well… not so much. We had to keep adopting different techniques because our family’s situation changed a lot of times.

Change is something I know happens all the time. One day your saving strategy really works well for you but the next day it may not work the way you want it to work. This post may or will help you save more money than you anticipate.

Save More Money and Be Richer By 14,000 A Year

This post is based on my response to a reader’s question on how to save more money by doing simple activities.

I created this blog because I want to share the things my wife and I do to all readers who are trying to save more and/or cut down their expenses. The activities I laid out here may (not) be applicable to you.

You will be surprised on how much you can save in a given year with just simple tweaks in your lifestyle and activities. I couldn't believe that we were able to save at least $14,000 in a year even when I was the only working for our family. A lot of people taught that it was impossible. We proved them wrong. Well, I should say that we proved them that it's possible.

I like it when people ask me questions about saving. I am not a certified financial planner. But what I do know is in the past couple of years, we've been able to save money through what I call saving explorations, trials, or experiments.

If you want to save more money or improve your personal finance situation with the income you already get every month, then, this is the right post for you.

These are the blog posts that may or will help you improve your personal finance situation. These personal finance blog posts are based on my own experiences. Please use the comment section below for your suggestions, comments, and recommendation for any personal finance related matters.