How I Increase Pageviews from 0 To 170K/Mo in 9 Months

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I was a new blogger at the start of this year. Even when I had read other blogs on their tips and tricks, I still couldn’t make these tips and tricks work for my blog.

I can tell you that many blogs state “content is king” million times, that “I should find a niche…”, etc. They claim that these tips and tricks helped them increase their page views.

To tell you the truth, most of these tips and tricks did not work for me.

It is really frustrating when a lot of bloggers or blog posts state that you should do these or do those but you seem to not know how to do them or where to even start.

I know I kept seeing almost the same tips and tricks but I couldn’t make sense out of them.

Let’s go with the “content is king” cliché that a lot of bloggers seem to claim is one of the most important things for a blog or blog posts to be seen.

Back then, I asked myself what really is a great content versus a good, not-so-good, or not-so-great content. I couldn’t find the answer to that question. Maybe it’s just me and my inability to understand even the most basic concepts of blogging. Or maybe it’s something else.

At a certain point, I gave up on searching for tips and tricks. This point was the turning point when I decided to start relying on what I felt were good for my blog and what weren’t. I told myself that if I failed to increase page views of mine, then, it’s my fault and I’d be ok regardless.

A couple of months forward, my page views hover around 150K to 170K. Coming from only 100ish views per month to 170K, I can say that I made some good choices for my blog.

I’m not going to talk about “content is king”, “find a niche”, etc. Let’s get those things straight out of the way.

The tips I provide here are those that bloggers tend to overlook or overdo that cause them to remain where they are now (i.e. low page views).

How To Increase Pageviews

Before we begin, I want to show you how my blog traffic progression is.

Here is how my page views look like and here are some of the strategies I adopted to increase my page views in just 9 months. The ones you are about to read are some of the tips and tricks that are included in my e-book.

blog statistics

Last year when this blog turned a year old, I created a then-new blog “The Handy Foodie“. After I wasn't able to pay attention to that blog because I was focused on this blog, family, new house, holidays, etc.

Unfortunately, that blog became stagnant and went nowhere. I revived it this past August using my blog strategies.

Here's how The Handy Foodie‘s page views look like. You'll see that the page views jump from around 3,000 to almost 30,000 in one month. It went up because of “15+ Strategies I Applied To Skyrocket My Blog’s Page Views from 0 to 170K in 9 Months” e-book.

the handy foodie statistics

Here is also my January 2018 traffic and a portion of my January earnings for The Practical Saver. My blog hovers around 200,000 page views per month now. What's more interesting is that for the past couple of months, I have been only blogging for 5-10 hours per month as I try cut down my blogging time and spending more time with my family. 

The Practical Saver

As a token, I wrote down a couple of strategies I applied to skyrocket my page views. They are listed here. These are just some of the strategies and there are more in the e-book.


1. Learn SEO the easy way.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key to getting good, consistent traffic. For many bloggers, SEO can be intimidating and hard to crack. That's why a lot of bloggers quit before even attempting to learn about SEO.

If you want to be successful in SEO, there are two ways to go about achieving it. One is to hire SEO experts, which cost money. For bloggers especially those who are just starting out, this is completely out of the consideration.

The second consideration is using KWFinder to help you get those keywords necessary to get ranked in Google search. I have been using KWFinder since I discovered it and it has improved my traffic because I found the keywords I need to use.

I know you'll agree with me when I say getting the right keywords to rank is difficult.

KWFinder is magical as everything I need to find the right keyword is there. It's my one-stop place for all my SEO needs and it has made my life easier. 

You can try it for FREE before you even consider buying it. When I say free, I mean you don't need to put in your credit card information.

KWFinder has helped me tremendously and has allowed my blog to rank in the first pages for many keywords. KWFinder is so easy to use. Just type in the keyword and let KWFinder do the rest. Here's how the platform looks like and this is my account, btw.




Try to search the keyword “survey apps” on Google. You will see my post on the 1st or second spot of the first page of Google search results. Search for “pineapple BBQ meatballs” and you'll see both The Practical Saver and The Handy Foodie, which is also mine on the top 3 spots of the page.

Create your account with KWFinder for me and start reaping all the benefits right away. 


2. Grab your potential readers' attention in seconds.

When grabbing someone's attention, write catchy title or heading. Period.

Why do we keep on clicking on a lot of Buzzfeed's posts? We get sucked into clicking them because of those cheesy or catchy headlines. 

So, you do the same, but make sure you can support your blog's title or else your readers will leave as fast as a blink of an eye. Readers know if you're just playing around.

Many of my highest traffic referrers are those with great, catchy headlines like:

If you're not great with writing some catchy titles, the best places to go are Pinterest and, of course, Buzzfeed. There's a sea of great pins and titles you won't believe people make, but they convert well in terms of traffic.


3. Don't stuff your posts with too many links.

There's such thing as too much of something is bad. That also applies to blogs.

Readers don't like reading posts with too many links that go from your website to another. If they see that, they'd be gone in a matter of seconds and won't ever come back.

A link within the first and last sentences of each section of your post would be enough.

If your post is linked to other posts, people would think you are trying to sell something, which is the case of affiliate links. Or they will think that you rely on others to support your content. In this case, they would just go to other sites and get what they need.

You need to establish yourself as an authority in your niche, which means that you rely on your other posts and not someone else's post.

If they see you as an authority in your niche, they will keep on coming back again and again for new information. They will believe what you say and will follow your recommendations, when you have some. 

What does this mean? It means that your blog becomes more influential to many people, which could lead to a lot of affiliate income, sponsorship, among others.

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4. Focus on one or a few social media platforms.

Another simple strategy on how to increase page views is to focus on a select few social media platforms.

When I started blogging, I was posting heavily on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. I thought that I would get more exposure by doing such that. I was wrong.

What I ended doing is getting so stressed because nothing was working the way I wanted them to work. 

So, I focused and am still focusing on my biggest referrer, that is, Pinterest. If you find that Twitter provides the most traffic to your site, then, use Twitter. 

What I learned is that focusing on too many platforms does not translate to a lot of page views.

Just because Pinterest is known for DIY, food, and fashion, doesn’t mean it’s only good for these niches. No no no. That’s not even close to the truth. Pinterest is for everyone.

I focused on it and studied ways to increase my blog’s page views via Pinterest. 

I also researched tools that would help me make my life easier when it comes to working with my Pinterest account.

That’s when I stumbled with Tailwind.

Tailwind is the reason that my traffic has dramatically increased. It only took me around nine months to get from 0 to 170K page views per month. I credited that, mostly, with Tailwind.

It's a game changer for me as it helped me lessen my burden on focusing on pinning in Pinterest. 

Seriously, with Tailwind I can do the “schedule and forget about it” attitude. That's what I really do as a matter of fact.

Why is that? It’s because once your account is set up and your pins are scheduled, you don’t have to do anything else until the time when you need to schedule another batch of pins again.

Click here to start seeing the benefits Tailwind can offer you. For just $9.99/mo when you sign up for a year, you have a lot to gain and probably nothing to lose.

Plus, you can get $15 if you sign up using my link. You can even start scheduling up to 100 pins for FREE if you don't want the monthly subscription yet. How cool is that, right?

How much is your time worth? It really comes down to that. For me it's worth more than $9.99/mo. With Tailwind, you can devote more time in other things like writing posts, learning SEO, etc. 

Note: My traffic and blog income keep on growing without me using other strategies other than what I have right now in this e-book.

blog earnings blog earnings ad network earnings


5. Beautify your pins.

If you want to receive the most traffic that you could possibly get from Pinterest, your pins should not only address the needs of your potential readers but they should also look professional, eye-catchy, and pretty.

I hate to say the word pretty because I was the worst pin creator way back when. But I learned a lot when I went through “train me on how to do beautiful pin” course that I figured out in my mind.

It’s not an actual course but I did have to go through so many iterations before I was happy with my pins.

Anyhow, you can always use Canva.

Some people use Pic Monkey but I prefer Canva not only because it’s free but also because there are a ton of options from fonts to colors that you can choose from. With Canva, it’s easier to create your own brand.

When I say brand, what I meant by that is that you can create a pin that automatically tells the readers that it is your pin and not somebody else.

The Pinterest images below are mine. You’ll see a common theme. That’s what I meant by branding, which is something that tells people that it’s your own pin without even looking closely at the pins.

When you have a great audience from Pinterest, your audience knows what your pins look like and they can easily click on your link without thinking twice because they know the pins they are seeing are yours.

the practical saver

If you don’t have a Pinterest account yet, I highly recommend that you create one NOW. Setting up an account is easy.

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Note: If you want a $5 coupon discount, please email me at [email protected] I'll send you a coupon, which you can use to buy my e-book for just $14.99, that's 62.50% discount. Why not post the coupon here? This is a special discount for those who are serious with increasing their page views. When you email me, I know you are serious. 🙂

6. Avoid “click, read, and join” scheme.

This may sound controversial and I may get a lot of comments from other bloggers about this comment.

When you are looking for ways to increase pageviews, you will come across with paid marketing courses created or ran by bloggers.

While I have not enrolled or joined these courses (but really thought about joining them some time ago), I do have a couple of blogger friends who have told me that they joined some marketing courses for bloggers but they did or haven’t seen any development in page views.

Of course, I cannot comment on specific courses because, like what I said, I have not joined a marketing course.

 But what I do recommend is if you are a new blogger, don’t just take the courses right away.

Wait for a couple of months while you are implementing what you read from other bloggers who offered free tips and tricks before jumping into paid courses.

What I can also say is research and read both positive and negative reviews of marketing courses offered by other bloggers. In my opinion, it is best to get both positive and negative perspectives on such courses.

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7. Don't forget the holidays. 

Holidays are massive traffic magnets for my blog. One would think “What do holidays have to do with personal finance?” I’ll tell you that I asked the same question before but the answer is a lot.

If you are talking about holidays, some of the things that probably come into your mind are sales, clearances, big deals, etc. Those words don’t necessarily equate to saving, budgeting, etc.

I realized that holidays are also about finding ways to stretch your budget, finding ways to get more with less money, etc.

There are two moral lessons here:

First, you need to create posts that circle around the holidays. 

Second, regardless of your niche, there is always a post you can create that relates to the holidays. Whether it’s Christmas, 4th of July, Labor Day, New Year’s Day, or something else, holidays touch almost every single niche out there in the world.

Now, the question is, when should I publish the post? The answer is at least couple of months before the holiday comes. I tend to publish holiday-focused posts 2 to 3 months before that holiday arrives. 

How I Increase Pageviews from 0 To 170K/Mo in 9 Months 1

You can see (image below) that even when I blog about personal finance, I still manage to find a way to make sure I create posts related to the holidays.

So, why do you have to post way too early? It’s because you’d want to get your posts in the circulation.

If you use Pinterest as your traffic source, it would take a month or so before your new posts get a great amount of traffic.

If you are focused on Google search, it takes a couple of days or weeks for Google to crawl to those particular posts and also takes time for your post to get a better ranking.


8. Connect and consistently connect with other bloggers.

Another simple strategy on how to increase pageviews is to connect with other bloggers.

When I started blogging, it was only my blog and I. A couple of months after I started blogging, I had a network of bloggers who continuously help out each other.

Don’t be afraid to connect with other bloggers. You and other bloggers can help out each other to become successful.

You may be in the same niche as with the other bloggers, but don’t treat them as competition. Treat them as friends or blog family.

I’ve gotten sponsored ads, articles published at The Huffington Post, etc. because of my blog network.

I tell you… these bloggers dramatically helped me increase my page views over the past couple of months. I’m not taking advantage of them.

Well, I guess I am. But, in all seriousness, having a great network of bloggers can help you and other bloggers make it in the blogging business.

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9. Duplicate successful posts for demographics.

So, when your posts go viral, what do you, then? Do you just improve your content, check for spelling, slap a couple of strategically and well placed affiliate links, etc.?

Yes to all of those but there’s one more. You need to duplicate your posts without really duplicating it. Say what?

When I first published my post entitled “How We Live Off Well In Under $31,000/Year?” and published a pin on Pinterest, it went viral a month or two after I published it.

A couple of months after I published that post, our household size changed. My parents-in-law came to the United States for good.

So, we were three in the family but now we’re five. I decided that I should replicate the success of my post and create a new post entitled “How My Family of 5 Lives Off Well Under $37,000/Year?

There are a couple of reasons that I didn’t want to just update the post.

Since my pin on Pinterest is about a family of 3 living under $31,000, I didn’t want to trick people into clicking that to go to my blog and see that the post is really meant for a household of 5 and how we are able to live off under $37,000.

So now, I have a post dedicated for a family of 3 and another post dedicated for a family of 5. The contents may have information that overlap but each post is geared towards particular demographics.

Always think in a bigger scale.

While my post on “How We Live Off Well In Under $31,000/Year?” is successful, it doesn’t really translate into having a bigger audience. What really translates to getting a wider audience is creating that “How My Family of 5 Lives Off Well Under $37,000/Year?

Look at the image (below) and you’ll see that those posts are among the top posts in terms of traffic.

blog traffic

So, what does all of the things I’m saying mean? It means that I’m capturing a lot more or bigger audience by publishing two similar posts that cater two different audiences.

Always think if it’s going to be better to just update the post or create a new post with almost similar information but is geared towards a different audience.


10. Write longer posts but fewer posts in a week.

Another simple strategy on how to increase pageviews is to write in-depth posts.

This may sound like “content is king” but it’s really not.

When I started blogging, I was posting daily. Literally, every day I was posting a new post. Where did it get me? Nowhere.

Why? Because I was focus on the number of posts rather what’s in the post. A couple of months back, I did go back to my old posts and re-wrote them to make them worthy of my readers’ time.

Put value in what you write. Research materials, quotations from famous people, and facts to back up your claims, etc. This doesn’t mean that your blog posts have to turn into a news.

Your blog posts should be you but with more facts to back up your story.

While I don’t do a lot of data support in my post, I always make sure I use simple examples that readers can relate. I don’t like reading posts that have a lot of information and, yet, I am not able to understand what they have because the information is too technical or something like that.

Remember, your readers are diverse. You will have readers that are young, not-so-young, professionals, etc. Make sure that your write-ups are easy to understand.

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11. Listen to your readers.

Another simple strategy on how to increase pageviews is to listen to your readers.

Whenever I write new posts, I make sure that I write for the readers. I don’t need to write for myself because I already know my story.

I write for the readers because they are the ones who are reading my posts.

Does that mean that I take their stories and I write them? No. What I write are my stories and I make sure that these stories are relatable to my readers.

I also take the questions readers ask me and use them as topics for my upcoming posts. The other day, one of the readers emailed me. He asked if I could write a post about how I have increased my traffic from when I started to now.

Now, the answers to that question is what I am writing now.

As you make new posts, you will find that you feel like you are running out of ideas. I know this feeling because I have been there a couple of times.

Take your readers as inspiration for your new posts. Listen to what they ask. Write based on what they ask. You’ll soon find out that if you listen to your readers, you’ll create more and better posts.

The better posts you create, the more readers will come to your site.

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Final thoughts:

These are just some of the strategies I adopted to dramatically improve my page views from 0 to 170K in just 9 months. Find out more strategies in my newly published e-book entitled “”15+ Strategies I Applied To Skyrocket My Blog’s Page Views from 0 to 170K in 9 Months“.

It contains more and in-depth look into the strategies I used to increase my page views dramatically.

If you are looking for new strategies to get your page views to a whole new level, then, I highly recommend you read this e-book.

This strategy book:

  • Shows you the different effective strategies that skyrocketed my page views into 170K in just a couple of months even as a new blogger;
  • Is not a ticket to overnight success. You’ll know the strategies but you need to take actions to make those strategies work for you, and;
  • May cover income-generating strategies but this is not a book about “How To Increase Blog Income” per se.

This strategy book includes:

  • Ways to expand your niche without going out of your niche;
  • Simple SEO strategies I adopted that have allowed my posts to get to the top spots on Google search;
  • Opportunities to connect to a wider audience or demographics while staying within your swim lane;
  • Strategies your blog can use (for FREE) to maximize benefits from your ad networks;
  • Simple tweaks in your posts to generate immense traffic;
  • Good, old steps most bloggers tend to overlook but are still applicable up to this day;
  • Known and unknown media platforms you can take advantage of from day 1;
  • and so much more.

Who This E-Book is For

The e-book is for bloggers who are eager and serious about increasing their blog traffic from different sources. It's designed for beginners, advanced bloggers, and those in between. In short, this e-book is for everybody.

Stop trying new strategies that may seem to not work. I have listed all the strategies that took my blog to a whole new level.

Regardless of your niche, you will find actionable tips and tricks you can deploy from day one.

I know as bloggers you can get busy with so many things and not just about performing actions to increase your blog's page views. I've been there and done that. Your time is and should be spent in more important and other aspects of your blog.

Who This E-Book is Not For

This e-book is not for those bloggers who don't like to take their blog to the new level in terms of blog traffic. This is a very comprehensive e-book and contains a ton of information backed by my personal experiences with my blog. This contains lessons I learned cannot be found elsewhere.

This is not also for those bloggers who want overnight success. I didn't apply all these strategies overnight and got all the results in a month. It took me a couple of more months to see the results. I was patient and I'm glad I was because my page views speak for the success of my strategies.

Every blog and every niche is different. No one gets it right and I am a living proof of that. My blog was terrible and wasn't in the best shape but it got better and now it's in the state where I want it to be.

This e-book is also not for bloggers who aren't willing to try new ideas. This e-book contains various actionable strategies you may not heard of. If you are not willing to try new ideas, this e-book may not be for you.

I hope that you find this post as valuable and worthy of your time. If you have any other questions or comments, please let me know via the comment section located below this post.

Note: If you want a $5 coupon discount, please email me at [email protected] I'll send you a coupon, which you can use to buy my e-book for just $14.99, that's 62.50% discount. Why not post the coupon here? This is a special discount for those who are serious with increasing their page views. When you email me, I know you are serious. 🙂


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