Jan-Feb Blog Income Report: How I Made Over $65,300 from Blogging

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Hi, for those who are new to my blog, I am Lan – Master of Practicality. This is my January – February 2018 income report. This will show you what I did, didn't do, and how much I made. 

This income report is way overdue.

I have been focusing on my newborn child that I neglected blogging for a couple of months. Between January and April, I might have only touched my blog a few times.

The posts you are seeing from January to April were scheduled posts.

I broke some records again this time. I gave my wife credit as she showed me where I needed to focus my eyes on my blog. (She's not even a blogger. She's the commando who tells me what to do and not do. 🙂 )

I had a combined income of over $65,300.00 for January and February. Yehey!

I don't expect March and April to be this high as these months tend to be my slowest months of the year.



Literally, I cried when I saw the total number.

Yes, I was so happy especially when I think of the time when I started blogging.  I really have come a long way.

I'm glad I started blogging.

On the other hand, looking at the income was disheartening.

I wish I took a plunge into blogging when my wife and I were struggling so bad. I wish I had started blogging even before she came here from the Philippines, so we didn't have to live off around $28,000 (gross income) while she was pregnant with our first child.

It was tough and sure was not for the faint of heart.

Anyhow, as Elsa from The Frozen would sing “the past is in the past”. I have to inject these words because I hear my daughter singing this song.

I feel happy, grateful, and accomplished. I was once a blogger who dreamed of making a couple of hundreds a month. Now, I am earning way more than what I expect. I feel things will get better from here.

I feel fortunate to earn more than our household's income from salary even when I don't put a lot of hours into blogging.



Between January and February, I expanded my affiliate marketing efforts by including more affiliates in my blog. I took advantage of the offerings and promotions that my affiliate networks had.

Everything worked out perfectly. Here are some of my earnings from select networks. I won't post all my affiliate earnings from all networks. I just want to show you proofs.

My combined income was $65,300.00 (estimated). The dollars shown on the images (below) totaled to $42,994.11. The rest of the revenue came from:

  • AdThrive ad network
  • New survey company affiliates
  • New affiliate marketing companies
  • Investments (stock market wasn't good these first two months of the year)
  • E-book (Strategies That Skyrocketed My Pageviews from 0 to 170K in 9 Months) <— Click here to buy it
  • Budget printables

Jan-Feb Blog Income Report: How I Made Over $65,300 from Blogging 1 Jan-Feb Blog Income Report: How I Made Over $65,300 from Blogging 2 Jan-Feb Blog Income Report: How I Made Over $65,300 from Blogging 3




I learned to be more active and smarter than when I first started blogging. Now, I only work 5 hours/mo on my blog, and I outsource a lot of things. There are reasons for that:

  • Time for my family. I wanted to spend more time with my family especially with my little kiddo.
  • Experts. I let the experts do the things I would want to do.
  • Management. I like to manage people, and that's what I did with my experts.

My costs were a little bit high because I hired two people to help me out with my blogging goals in addition to my recurring expenses. The costs are as follow:

  • Pinterest VA – $150.00
  • Pinterest ads – $235.20
  • SEO Expert (part-time) – $600.00
  • Mailerlite for email subscription – $20.00 <— You can't beat this price
  • Cloudflare – $5.00
  • MyThemeShop for blog theme renewal – $19.00

Some of the expenses have been prepaid so they are not part of my monthly expenses. These are the products I subscribed to and paid for annually:

  • Bluehost – paid for 3 years
  • Domain name – paid for a year
  • Tailwind – paid by Tailwind credit



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is my weakest area. It's the one that I knew I needed to be great at to get organic traffic.

While I have a subscription to KWFinder, which I think is a great SEO tool, I never really took time to use it to get keywords for my posts.

SEO is a beast I don't want to take on. That's why I hired my niece who specializes in SEO and works for big companies in the SEO-field. She started mid-January, but my traffic increased in just a month and is climbing rapidly.

Also, 92 of my keywords made it to the first page of Google. Here's a screenshot.


Jan-Feb Blog Income Report: How I Made Over $65,300 from Blogging 4


Aside from that, there weren't really different things I did. My main focus was taking care of my wife and my son.

I dedicated the free time I had to sleep. That's it.

For those who have gone through the early stages of taking care of a newborn, you know exactly what I mean when I say that any sleep or naps are golden.

Having said that and though I didn't touch my blog that much, I was able to earn more money from my blog.

I liked it.

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income report

This chart goes back to when I first started making money. I've come a long way, and I can't believe how far my blog has gone. You can find all my income reports here



Honestly, I'm just going to focus on SEO for the next couple of months.

I will let my experts do the work while I create posts from time to time. I am in no rush to do more. I am more than happy with everything I'm getting.

I initially wanted to earn hundreds of dollars, and that's it. When I reached that goal, everything else is a bonus but doesn't really make me happier.

My family is my happiness. The more time and attention I give them, the happier I become.

I'm a family guy at heart. My family is my top priority. Everything else is secondary.

A lot of people especially bloggers have asked me if I would be creating some sort of blogging courses. My answer is ‘No.'

It takes time to create one, and I just don't have time. While there may be a market for my course, it always comes down to what makes me happy, and I have those.

I have my family. We have money. Our future is secured and my kids' future, too. More income doesn't make me happier (did I just say that again?). It's good, but I'm ok and happy with what I have.

I'm not going to chase for the stars because the more I aim, the more I put effort, and the more I put a strain on my health. I don't want to be like my brother who was successful but passed away at a young age.



If you're thinking of creating a blog, come talk to me. I'm here to help for FREE.

Whether is blog design, monetization, content creation, or something else, ask me. I'll be more than happy to answer your questions.

The first thing you don't want to happen when you start blogging is be overwhelmed with a ton of information that you get discouraged to even creat your very first post.

Here are some resources to get you started to blog and/or inspired to go for blogging:


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