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How Blogging Can Improve Your Marriage

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This post “ How Blogging Can Improve Your Marriage “ describes how blogging improves my wife and I’s relationship over the past year. Never in a million years did we think blogging can help us strengthen our marriage but it did and it has. This post contains affiliate links/ads. See disclosure policy

One of the reasons I started blogging is that I want to share and chronicle my or should I say my family’s experiences as they relate to family, life, and money.

Over the years, we have learned a lot of things about life and finances. From being in deep debt to having a substantial amount of savings, we sure have learned so many valuable lessons in life.

I am so thankful that I am blogging not only because I am making additional money but also because my relationship with my wife has gone stronger. I could not really ask for more than what we have now. I know that blogging can be rewarding but it can be time-consuming and difficult.

I do have my share of ups and downs with blogging especially when I started doing it. I’m referring to countless hours of tweaking my blog’s layout, writing post after post, etc.

But one thing is for sure, that is, we never thought blogging could help us become closer than ever and be happier than ever before. Here are some ways blogging can improve your marriage.

How Blogging Can Improve Your Marriage


Money can make or break a marriage. I totally agree with this fact. I have heard, read, and seen people part ways because of money problems or difficulties with managing finances.

Since blogging produces additional money for our family, we don’t argue about money at all (not to mention that we are free from debt for almost a year). Because there’s a continuous flow of money month after month, we are able to save more and spend a bit without having to worry if we have money left for bills, for emergency situations, and others.

I personally know a few couples who fight on and off because of money issues. I am thankful that blogging allows us to keep our mind away from arguing about money and focus on other important things like family, retirement, investments, vacation, and others.

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Never in a gazillion years did I think I would make great money from blogging. Ten months into blogging, I’ve made almost $30,000.

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My wife and I collaborate in almost every single post that gets published here.

We brainstorm ideas for this blog, jot down topics for the write-ups, discuss the direction of the blog, etc. We have always been a team on everything and blogging is no exception. I make sure that before I post something, I always run it by her for comments, suggestions, and recommendations.

She’s like the professor and I’m the student, which is totally fine with me.

As cliché and cheesy as it may sound, I wouldn’t be able to create a successful blog without the help of my wife. Her collaborative effort for this blog means so much. Because of her, I am able to reach out to wider demographics such as women, stay-home-mom, etc.

She is basically responsible for the 50% of the success of this blog or more than that. I honestly think that without this collaboration, this blog would not be successful at all.

This collaboration really helps us bond together and be closer than ever.

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When I write posts that are personal and, sometimes, sensitive in nature, I always talk to my wife or have her sit down right beside me when I’m creating the post.

We try to remember the series of actions that led us to a solution. We try to remember what we did right and wrong to solve what we were trying to solve.

In short, we reminisce.

It is in reminiscing that we allow ourselves to see how far we have come. It is in reminiscing that we validate how our marriage has been able to stand through good and bad times.

I’ll tell you that when we sit down together and write the posts, we, sometimes, cry, laugh, smile, giggle, etc. because our experiences bring so much good memories.

In short, blogging allows us to reminisce and look back on our treasured memories. I can say that blogging can improve your marriage.



I can tell you that blogging is not for the faint of heart. It is rewarding but it’s not as easy as many people think it is. It can be time-consuming and can suck the life out of you, which may or will affect your marriage with your spouse.

When I started blogging, I consumed a lot of time everyday working on my posts, building the layout of my blog, trying new WordPress plugins, marketing my blog, etc. Had I not had a supportive and understanding wife, I think that our marriage would be in a bad state now.

Luckily, it’s not. Actually, it’s in the best state it has ever been.

My wife and I were able to modify our responsibilities when I was working on building the blog. I told her that I needed to dedicate some time and effort in the blog but it would only be for a few weeks. She agreed. She took some responsibilities that were mine and performed them better than I had.

Just like what many people say, marriage is about adjustments and compromises. Blogging helped us adjust to things that came our way. As a result, we managed to come out of that phase as a stronger couple and more close-knit family.

Whether blogging can be considered a major change or not, the truth of the matter is, we were able to share responsibilities without putting strain in our marriage. I can say that blogging can improve your marriage.

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When you see more money coming in month after month, you are generally tempted to invest more of your time and effort to make more and more money.

I was really tempted to spend more time with my blog just because I saw my income going up and up every month. My wife put me in the right perspective or direction. I thank and admire her so much for reminding me what really is important to and for our family and to me as well.

It is always my wife who helps me put things in perspective. She reminds me that it is more important to be with family and to spend time with family than earn more money from blogging or earn more money in general.

She reminded me that money can buy a lot of things but it cannot buy time with the family. I agreed and still agree with what she said.

In a way, blogging helps me focus on what’s more important, which in turns helps strengthen our marriage. I can say that blogging can improve your marriage.


Words of wisdom

What I really like about blogging is that I am able to give pieces of advice to other people and vice-versa.

The lessons or teachings I learned and am learning from my readers help me navigate the life of having a family and having a wife. In a way, I get great pieces of advice without having to search for them or paying somebody to share them with me.

I have gotten tips on how to deal with crying baby and how it affects marriage. I have gotten tricks on how to make my wife happy even with just doing simple things like getting the honey-do list accomplished.

Sometimes, I tend to be a big picture guy. I tend to accomplish complex assignments or things just because I like to impress my wife.

My readers, many of who are women, have told me that even the smallest effort I exert can mean a lot to my spouse. I agree with what they say because my wife does appreciate even the shallowest thing I do.

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For those who are blogging, do you think blogging can improve your marriage? What do you think are the benefits of blogging?