50+ Sites for Free Stock Images For Blog Posts

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This” 50+ Sites for Free Stock Images For Blog Posts ” post details the different sites you can get pictures from for your blog posts. These are the sites that I personally use to get pictures that I need to put in my blog posts and/or Pinterest. This post contains affiliate links/ads. See disclosure policy

Not too long ago (well, a little over a year ago), I was so in need of photos to use for my blog posts. I didn’t want to pay even a single dime for photos just because I wasn’t making any money when I first started my blog. I also knew that free photos were everywhere and all I needed was to take time to find them.

I do make over $7,000/month now but I'm still using the free images. Haha. Just so you know, you can start your own blog for a special price of $2.95/mo, which is 50% off of the regular price. Can't beat the price.

Anyhow, I am such a sucker for free stuff including photos. For me, it’s all about practicality. If I can get something for free, the, why would I shell out some dollars?

As I was looking for free photos, I came across with a lot of rules about using somebody else’s photos. One thing is for sure, that is, if you are using somebody else’s photos, you are financially responsible or liable for using them.

The only way you can legally post copyrighted photos is to get expressed or written permission from the owner or to purchase usage rights.

Having said all these, I was able to research and find sites that offer images free for use. Of course, each site has its rules and regulations on using the photos so it’s best to read them first before using them.

Before we dig deeper on the lists of sites where you can download images from, please take time to review some copyright categories to help you get familiarized which images you can use for free, which ones you can't, and which ones you can with permission:

Public Domain – When you see this notation, this means that images in the public domain are ones whose copyrights have already expired or the creators of these images have relinquished their rights over their works. These images are, therefore, free for personal and commercial use. Having said that, there's an exception to the rule. If the image has a recognizable person, you may need to get permission to use the picture first.

Royalty Free – When you see this notation, this means that you can purchase the images. In return, you can use the image without paying licensing fees or royalty fees. You don't need to give attribution as well.

Creative Commons – When you see this notation, this means the owners of the images have either relinquished their rights over the images (i.e. CC0 license) or require the users for attribution (i.e. CC 2.0 license).

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Sites for Free Stock Images

Here are the sites with free high quality images, which are released free of copyrights under the Creative Commons CC0 and CC 2.0. These are my favorite go-to sites and they contain outstandingly great-looking photos (most are 100% free for use).

Please note that you need to read the site’s rules to make sure you are not violating any laws related to using the images.

  1. Pixabay

This is my first stop for just about any photos I need for my blog and Pinterest. All of the images and videos here are free of copyrights under the Creative Commons CCO. The site stated that you may download, modify, distribute, and/or use the photos for anything you like even when you use them for commercial photos. No attribution is required.

  1. Picjumbo

I like Picjumbo as much as I like Pixabay. According to the website, the photos are free and can be used for commercial use (for client works, etc.).

  1. Picography

Contains high-resolution photos that you can use however you like. Period.

  1. Public Domain Archive

Photos are free for personal and commercial uses. I’ve used a couple of the photos from this site and I can say that the photos are just gorgeous.

  1. Unsplash

Free high-resolution photos you can use for whatever purposes you have. The site releases 10 photos every 10 days.


$2.95/mo to start your blog. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Free Domain.


Other great sites for free photos for blogs

  1. Ancestry Images
  2. Art Outline
  3. Barn Images
  4. Budget Stock Photo
  5. Cepolina
  6. Creative Vix
  7. Designer Pics
  8. Dreamstime
  9. Finda Photo
  10. Foodies Feed
  11. Fancy Crave
  12. Franken Fotos
  13. Free Images
  14. Free Nature Stock
  15. FreeJPG
  16. FreeMedia Goo
  17. Freepixels
  18. Gratisography
  19. Good Free Photos
  20. Image After
  21. I’m Free
  22. ISO Republic
  23. Libreshot
  24. Life Of Pix
  25. Magdeleine
  26. MMT Stock
  27. Moveast
  28. Negative Space
  29. New Old Flock
  30. Pexels
  31. Photo Vaco
  32. Photober
  33. Photocrops
  34. Photogen
  35. Pickup Image
  36. Raumrot
  37. Replashed
  38. Rgbstock
  39. Shutteroo
  40. Skitter Photo
  41. Splash Base
  42. Stock Image Point
  43. Stock Snap
  44. Stock Vault
  45. Stocka
  46. Stockmile
  47. Stockpic
  48. The Pattern Library
  49. Took A Pic
  50. Ultra HD Wallpapers
  51. Upicm
  52. Visual Hunt
  53. One Left Media

I will constantly update this list to include new sites that offer free stock images for blog posts. If you know of any, please comment below so I can add them to the list. The more, the merrier for bloggers like us. Thank you.