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Great Reads #15

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The Practical Saver Great Weekly Reads #15 is my roundup of posts I found worth sharing to the readers and worthy of mentioning. These posts may or will help readers fulfill their life goals. If you know of any posts you want to include in The Practical Saver Great Weekly Reads, please do let me know. This post contains affiliate links and/or ads. See disclosure policy

Great Weekly Reads #15

My Biggest Financial Mistakes – Finance Superhero

Just because someone is in a personal finance niche doesn’t mean that his/her financial situation was or is in stellar situation. I should say that I have made some bad financial decisions or mistakes in the past. I am not ashamed to say that because that’s the truth. I am also not ashamed because these mistakes provided me lessons that allowed and has continuously allowed me to make better financial decisions.

Finance Superhero, the author of the post, describes his biggest financial mistakes (e.g. $650 meal also known as $2 Burger King meal). Yes, the meal was only $2 but his mistake cost him a ton of money. As I was reading his post, I couldn’t help but remember my visit in the Philippines. I used my credit card in the same way that I would normally use it in the US. I was so dumb that I didn’t expect the foreign transaction fee and the bad peso-to-dollar conversion to kick in. I paid a dear fortune as a result.

I always like reading financial mistakes of people because it is by understanding mistakes that I get to learn more and be better at making financial decisions in the future. I highly recommend this post to anybody who wants to learn something out of making mistakes.

Why We Don’t Trust Financial Planners: A Rant – Early Retirement Now

A lot of people would prefer hiring a financial advisor to get their finances straight or help them get more money in the long run. There really isn’t anything wrong with financial planners. I just don’t think they are right for me.

Early Retirement Now, the author of the post, explains why the author doesn’t trust financial planners. I always like to see and hear different perspectives about different things. I believe these differences make personal finance a very challenging and controversial but an interesting topic.

I have nothing against financial planners. As always, I always advise that education is necessary before going into something. In this case, I feel that it’s best to educate oneself about investment, insurances, retirement, etc. before hiring a financial planner. Like what I always say, you don’t want to go into a battle without equipping yourself with necessary tools.

5 Biggest Costs Of Giving Your Kid A Dog – Add Vodka

Having a dog is a great way of teaching our kids to be more responsible. Essentially, we can allow our kiddos to take care of our pets as a way to teach them about responsibility and discipline. Having said that, there are financial costs associated with taking care of a pet.

Aaron of Add Vodka, the author of the post, describes the costs of giving your kid a dog. For quite some time now, my wife and I have talked about adopting a dog to teach our kid about responsibility and discipline. I believe that great lessons can be learned from taking care of a pet especially a dog. I know this because I used to have a dog. Of course, taking care of one comes with financial responsibilities.

If you are thinking of adopting and taking care of a dog either for yourself or for your kid, I highly recommend that you read this post.

This Three Minutes Could Save Your Life – Well Fit and Fed

It is very important that you have your medical information ready when emergency knocks in. I cannot stress enough to all the people I know and care to have their info handy and ready when that event comes.

Heather Denniston, the author of the post, describes the medical ID APP that is accessible to the emergency responders even when your phone is locked or if you have a lock code on your phone.

While this post is not really a finance-related post (well, I guess it can still be categorized under finance because finance and life go hand in hand at times), I believe that this app is really critical and beneficial to just about anybody. I highly recommend that you read and download this app. It may save your life when that emergency occurs.

Frugal Fail: The Tale Of The $7 Cabbage – Picky Pinchers

I like a story where analogy exists. I like it because it gives me new perspective about things, that is, even the smallest things in the world.

Mrs. Picky Pinchers, the author of the post, provided a great analogy between cabbage and communication skills (specifically in marriage). According to her, the tale of the $7 cabbage is a lesson of communication.

While I was reading her post, I couldn’t help but remember the post I created where I described the lessons my wife and I taught our kid about life through shopping. Some of you may think that a cabbage or shopping is too shallow to teach something to someone, the truth is, there are so many things that we can learn even from the things that we may consider as useless and worthless.


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