Free Gift Cards: 26 Fast Ways To Get Them Now (Up To $1,500)

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Free gift cards? Get out of here. There is no such thing as those.

That's exactly what others say.

I like gift cards especially when they are free. Who doesn't, right?

I would be more inclined though to carry them than carry cash because my wife tells me I lose cash all the time.

Believe it or not, you can get free gift cards fast. If you are lucky, you can easily make as much as $2,000 in a month.

Some interesting facts found in this post include:

…. $615.56 in 10 days just by doing this simple task (people tend to ignore it)

…. one made who made $4,000 in just a month

        …. one made $1,550 that could be used to buy a lot of gift cards

In this post, I will explain in detail what you can do to get free gift cards the quick way.

Fun fact: In January 2018, Market Watch came up with a story with a shocking title “$1 billion in gift cards go unused every year — here’s how to avoid that.”

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26 Genius Ways To Get Free Gift Cards

I've used most of them and have gotten so many free gift cards online or offline. Some may require you to exert a little bit more effort and some don't. Here they are:

1. Use Survey Junkie (Tia made $615.56 in 10 days).

survey junkie payout proof

When was the last time you shared your opinion and gotten paid? I'm hearing crickets.

Here's the deal:

Survey Junkie lets your voice be heard by companies and you get paid for your opinion. It’s pretty straightforward and very easy to use. 


Survey Junkie lets you earn points – equivalent to cash. You can cash out for gift cards when you reach 1,000 points or $10. Most surveys range from 500 to 700 points per completed survey.

Just two surveys and you can cash out right away. Quick, right?

You can redeem your points for cash or free gift cards from Amazon, Target, and other popular gift cards.

Take note of this:

Tia made $615.56 in 10 days just by answering surveys during her free time from her little kiddos. Not bad for a couple of minutes, right?

Try out Survey Junkie for FREE and see for yourself.


2. Step into the store, scan, and get paid (just like that).

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Literally, you just step into the store and scan barcodes of select products and you'll eventually get free gift cards.

So, what's the crazy app that's doing this?

That app is called  Shopkick. Whenever you step into a store and/or scan barcodes, you'll get kicks (equivalent to points).

You also earn kicks when you visit Shopkick's online partners via Shopkick's site, view select offers, or make online purchases.

Here's the kicker:

You can exchange these kicks for gift cards for stores like Target, Walmart, and Amazon.

If you don't want to go to the stores, just drive by close to the stores and you'll still get the points once the app checks you in.

Click here to download and use the app for FREE.


3. Join focus groups (One made $4,000 in a month).

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If you like being part of a group and don't mind getting paid, then, this one is for you.

Survey Club lets you be part of focus groups in exchange for good money.

I’ve heard people earning as much as $150 per focus group. Survey Club also offers online clinical research studies. In some cases, you could get paid as much as $1,000.

How do you get paid?

There are 3 payment options with Survey Club. You can choose to be paid via PayPal, check or convert it to a free Amazon gift card. You can cash out anytime you want as long as you have at least $20 in your Survey Club account.

Check out Survey Club and start earning your free gift cards.


4. Do anything and get paid for that (No kidding!). 

gift cards visa balance, gift cards for cash, gift card exchange, purchase gift cards

I recently found a site that pays you to do almost everything you do every day. From shopping online, watching videos to playing games, you can get paid.

That site is MyPoints.

I'll admit that I'm a fan already.

It's a shame MyPoints hasn't been around for a long time, but it is here. Now, you could get free gift cards online and even money without doing something out of the ordinary.

Now, almost every single thing I do online has its equivalent reward points. It's quite genius if you ask me.

For a limited time, spend $20 or more and receive a $10 balance on your account if you sign up thru my link.

Click here to start using MyPoints for FREE. 


5. Get paid for buying groceries (I made $383.25).

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When was the last time you got paid for buying grocery items you normally buy? If you have never or can't remember, then, you're leaving a lot of money on the table.

Here's the solution:

Ibotta is a FREE app that pays you cash and gives you free gift cards for everyday purchases.

This is not a coupon-based app. It's extra savings you use on top of your other coupons. When you use Ibotta and coupons together, you'll see a lot of savings.

Actually, I opened an account 4 months ago and I've earned over $383.00 in 4 months (see image below).

Crazy, right? Yes, it is crazy good.

Did I say you'll also get bonuses when you reach a certain goal as defined in the app?

Click here to sign up for Ibotta for FREE and also earn a $10 sign up bonus when you redeem your first receipt.


6. Sign up for Swagbucks and get $10 bonus (I made $1,550).

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If you want to get paid doing just about anything and everything online, then, Swagbucks is for you.

Swagbucks = Free gift cards online. That's the right equation.

Here's the thing:

Name what you do online and Swagbucks has ways to make you money and earn you free gift cards.

No kidding I have made at least $1,500 with Swagbucks (see image above) in 7 months. 

Crazy, right? Yes. Genius? Absolutely.

Here's another fun fact:

With Swagbucks, you could earn more than what you spend (if you ever spend, but it's optional)? Some previous offers included:

  • Try 1 month of Hulu for $5.99 and get $20.
  • Start with Dollar Shave Club and earn $10.

Click here to start with Swagbucks for FREE. For a limited time and if you sign up using my link, you will receive $10 bonus. Get the bonus now before it's gone!


7. eBates (Get cashback for almost all your online purchases).

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eBates is one of my favorite ways to save and earn money at the same time while shopping online.

It gives some of the highest cash back percentages, as much as 40% cash back in over 2,500 stores. 

Some other things to expect:

One downside with this app is you only get to receive your cash back every quarter through PayPal or check.

But then again, who doesn’t want to receive a big chunk of money every quarter?

Sign up with eBates and get a $10 gift card from Amazon as a welcome bonus.


8. Play games and win.

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Are you feeling lucky today? You can earn gift cards by playing games. You don't need to give blood to earn gift cards even if you can. 


Lucktastic is a popular scratch-off app that can earn you as much as $1,000,000 and a trip to New York City. You can also play various scratch-off tickets for a chance to win up to $10,00 daily.

Crazy as it may seem:

It is also one of the few apps that lets you win free prizes. It has a sweepstakes contests where you can collect tokens and redeem them for better chances of winning even more.


You probably won’t win as many scratches as you would like but whether or not win you or loss, you still get to earn tokens. You can use the tokens you earned to redeem free gifts cards from Amazon, Walmart, JCPenny, Bed Bath and Beyond, Dunkin’ Donuts, and a lot more.

Try Lucktastic app to earn free gift cards on your Android or iOS phones.


9. Use this Chrome extension and get paid. 

free gift cards, gift cards visa balance, gift cards for cash, gift card exchange, purchase gift cardsI was at a friend's house one day. He was looking for an air ticket to go to Vegas and I, by accident, looked at his computer and saw this small Chrome extension on his desktop.

I was curious. So, I asked him and he said it's called Honey app and it's his magic recipe for getting cash back and/or gift cards.

Here's how it works:

For every 1,000 points you earn from purchases, you'll get a free $10 gift card.

Yes, you won't need to go to Retail Me Not, Groupon, etc. to get the coupon codes and find and try the best one to give the most discount.

Honey app will do that for you. From A to Z companies (e.g. Amazon to Zappos), you'll find the best coupon codes without you lifting your fingers.

So, what are you waiting for?

Click here to use Honey app and get the best coupon codes all the time. Plus, get your free gift cards online after you've accumulated enough points.


10. Browse and earn. 

free gift cards, gift cards visa balance, gift cards for cash, gift card exchange, purchase gift cardsIf your search engine choice is Google for just about everything, you might want to reconsider that.

Microsoft Bing Rewards is a program that helps you get points redeemable for gift cards.

You can earn these Bing Rewards by using Bing to do your search.  As simple as that.

You can redeem these points for free gift cards such as Starbucks. You can also use the points to redeem Microsoft products like Office 365.


11. Use hashtags to find your freebies (I bet you didn't see this one coming). 

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How often do you use hashtags in your posts whether those are on Instagram, Facebook, or some other social media platforms?

So, why not use certain hashtags to see if you can score free gift cards or other freebies.

The next time you check your social media accounts, try searching for the following keywords and see what comes out:

  • #freebies
  • #freegiftcards
  • #freemoney
  • #freestuff

As of this writing, I am finding the following free stuff from Instagram using the hashtag #freestuff.


12. Spend and get free gift cards (Retail American at its finest). 

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When major holidays come around, retailers will have promotions left and right.

One of these promotions is “Spend $$$$, get a gift card worth $$$$“. This is where you spend money to get free gift cards.

This promotion is very visible during big holidays like the 4th of July and Black Friday.

I like this retailer strategy because not only do I get to save money on buying discounted products, but I also get free gift cards that I can use for future purchases.

Most frugal people will take advantage of these deals as they can stretch their money this way.

I know I'm guilty of spending money on things we need during major holidays. I intentionally delay buying those needs because I know I will get great deals during these holidays.


13. Buy gift cards to earn free gift cards online. 

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Sometimes, we don't have too much time to wait on accumulating enough points to get free gift cards.

Some of us have busy lives that we can't take a minute or two to try some of the tips above.

Does that mean you won't get free gift cards anymore? Not necessarily.

You can buy discounted gift cards at Gift Card Granny and eventually, get a free gift card. I became aware of this trick through my friend who doesn't have time like I have.

Well, that's just dumb. It is, but it isn't. Intrigued yet?

When you buy discounted gift cards at Gift Card Granny and join the Granny Rewards, you'll earn points. When you reach 1,000 points, you then can redeem those for free gift cards.

As simple as that.

It makes sense though. If you need gift cards, why not buy them at discounted prices and get reward points for that.

Click here to buy your discounted cards and start accumulating points to get your free gift cards.


Apps to help you get free gift cards

Here are some apps that would help you earn those free cards easily:

14. Perk

Perk is a fast-growing rewards-earning app. There are plenty of ways to earn points with Perk.

Watch videos on Perk TV, Perk TV Live or Viggle. Play Scratch and Win to win points, tokens, and prizes. You can also play the Perk Pop Quiz to earn more points.

Exchange your points for gifts cards such as Amazon, prizes, and cash. But if you’re feeling generous, you can choose to donate your points to various charities and causes.

Download Perk for free and earn gift cards on your iPhone and Android mobile phone.


15. Mobee

Are you good at keeping secrets? Do you find mysterious attractive?

If yes, Mobee is a free mobile app that lets you be a secret shopper. Be an undercover shopper, complete fun and easy missions at partner shops and retailers.

Each completed mission brings you closer to getting new achievements and receiving more points. Earn points by sharing your feedback while you shop and dine at you go-to places.

For quality purposes, upon completion of your mission, it will be reviewed by Mobee within 48 hours and the points you earned will be credited to your account afterwards.

Redeem your points for free gift cards from Target, Walmart, Mastercard, Starbucks, and a lot more.

Try out Mobee, one of the best free gift cards apps in 2017 and 2018.


16. iPoll

gift cards visa balance, gift cards for cash, gift card exchange, purchase gift cards

Turn your thoughts into cash. To be honest, not everyone wants to know what everyone thinks, but not iPoll.- a free gift cards app. 

iPoll is a survey site and app that lets you get paid for sharing your opinions regarding products and services you use every day. What’s better is you can do this anywhere and everywhere.

You need to register and tell something about yourself when you want to join the panel. This is for iPoll to match your information with surveys you are qualified to take.

Survey duration varies, some are shorter and some are longer. But, most surveys take 15-20 minutes on average to complete.

You can earn cash or redeem it for a free Amazon gift card.

Download the app on your Android or iOS devices.


17. Points2Shop

Another free gift cards app hack is Points2Shop.

Earn points or cash by participating and completing online surveys, shopping online, playing games, and watching videos.

Choose from a ton of options to redeem your points. From gift cards, gamer gift cards, to electronics, toys for your kids, video games, and a lot more.

Points2Shop is free to use on your Android or iOS devices.


18. CheckPoints

gift cards visa balance, gift cards for cash, gift card exchange, purchase gift cards

CheckPoints takes rewards app to a whole new level.

You can collect points by simply watching videos, scanning barcodes, shopping online, playing games, and so much more.

There’s always a chance for you to earn points every day. Whether you are out grocery shopping, drinking coffee, or just relaxing at home, you can use CheckPoints.

You can redeem your points collected for gift cards from Amazon and Walmart. You can also convert your points for American Airlines miles.

CheckPoints is available and free to use for Android and iOS devices.


19. JunoWallet

JunoWallet is one of the best apps to earn gift cards on your Android devices.

It’s an all in one rewards app that lets you earn JunoCredits by answering surveys, playing games, watching videos, making calls within the app, referring friends, and a lot more.

What’s great with this app compared to other rewards app that has a referral program is that with JunoWallet, there are different levels of referral. Which means that the more your friends use the app, the more JunoCredits you earn.

There are tons of gift card options to choose from when you decide to redeem your JunoCredits. Some of the top gift cards you can choose are Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, Starbucks, Nike, and Sephora.

Download JunoWallet and starting earning JunoCredits.


20. Slidejoy

gift cards visa balance, gift cards for cash, gift card exchange, purchase gift cards

Another free gift cards app hack you can use on your Android phone is Slidejoy.

Let Slidejoy borrow your lock screen and be rewarded with Carats when you check trending news and ads called “Card” on your lock screen.

So, how does it work?

You can slide UP to see more news. Slide LEFT to get more information on the content. Slide RIGHT to unlock your phone and go to your home screen. Slide DOWN to access your notifications and app shortcut menu.

Slidejoy identifies and will only show which content is most relevant to you as you check a card along the way.

You can convert your Carats to cash via PayPal or redeem gift cards from Amazon. Walmart, Google Play, Visa Prepaid Card, and a lot more. Slidejoy also lets you donate your Carats to charity.

Compared to other apps, Slidejoy will not take too much of your phone’s battery life because it’s only a lock screen and nothing else.

Check out Slidejoy for free.


21. Cash Crate

Earn extra money and get paid with Cash Crate.

There are 5 ways to earn.

You can earn cash rewards for answering surveys, referring your friends to use Cash Crate, trying new products and signing up for free websites and services.

You can get cashback for every purchase made at your favorite online shops. Lastly, earn points for playing games and winning contests.

The minimum payment is $20 and payment schedules are depending on your payment level – Bronze, Silver+, Gold, and Elite Payment levels.

Check out Cash Crate and get $1 just by signing up.


22. CoSign

gift cards visa balance, gift cards for cash, gift card exchange, purchase gift cards

CoSign is a lifestyle, free gift cards app that makes products in your photos ready to be sold. You can turn your social media followers into customers and earn cash rewards.

For example, take a picture of your #ootd, tag the details of the outfit you’re wearing so your followers will know certain information like the brand, retailer, and price.

Share your tagged photo to your social media accounts. If your followers love what you’re wearing and wants to have the same outfit, your followers can easily make a purchase from your tagged photo.

Think of it this way, it’s similar to how affiliate links for bloggers work.

Earn your rewards for every time a follower of yours shops directly from you tagged photos. As you become an influencer, your rewards also grow.

Convert your points to cash via Paypal or gift cards. It might give you free gift card codes as well.

As of this writing, CoSign is currently revamping the app and will relaunch in a few weeks.


23. Panel

Answer online surveys and win the sweepstakes to earn points and redeem prizes with Panel App.

You can also refer your friends to join Panel to get a portion of the points your friends earned daily.

What’s good with this app is you can opt out any time to data being collected in the background.

Convert your earnings to gift cards.

Panel is available and free to use for Android and iOS devices.


24. Receipt Hog

gift cards visa balance, gift cards for cash, gift card exchange, purchase gift cards

Receipt Hog is one of the best apps to get free gift cards. It’s as easy as taking a picture of your receipt when you shop anywhere.

Feed you Hog receipts to grow fatter. The fatter your Hog gets, the fatter your payout will be!

Earn extra coins by playing the Hog slot machine to win instant $100. You also get to earn more as you level up, win the sweepstakes, and finish short surveys.

Trade your coins for cash through PayPal, Amazon gift cards or magazine subscriptions.

One downside to this app though is you need to send a request to join Receipt Hog when you download the app. That means that you have to wait before you can feed your own Hog.

Receipt Hog is free and available to Android and iOS devices.


25. App Trailers

If you’re looking for new and awesome apps, you might want to check out App Trailers. Plus, you get to earn points that you can later on redeem for gifts cards from Amazon, iTunes, Sephora, and a lot more.

Since most of the trailers are just a preview, it will just around 30 seconds for it to play. So, it really won’t take too much of your time. You can play the trailers on your spare time.

App Trailers also lets you earn points when you play the daily quiz, answer trivia, and watch other great videos submitted to App Trailers.

Use App Trailers on your Android and iOS devices.


26. Viggle

gift cards visa balance, gift cards for cash, gift card exchange, purchase gift cards

The probability of watching TV and getting paid for doing it is like hitting a jackpot. It is close to nil. But did you know that there is actually an app that does that?

Viggle is a free mobile app that earns you points while watching live or streaming programs. The longer you stay, the more you earn points.

Every few minutes, the app will require you to interact with it to know if you’re still watching.

Watch out for bonus point badges (2x, 3x, or more) to score more Perk Points when you watch on the Bonus Shows section.

You can convert your points to cash or redeem your points for over 800+ gift cards options. Surely, it’s one of the best free gift card apps that you can use.

Check out Viggle here.


27. FreeMyApps

FreeMyApps works like a marketing platform for its partner apps.

You just have to download FreeMyApps and register using a verified Facebook account. Download the free sponsored apps. Play games to earn points for gift cards. Watch fun and new videos.

You get credits for every app, games you try or videos you watch. Redeem your credits for gift cards such as Amazon, Visa Prepaid, PSN, iTunes, Starbucks, and so much more.

FreeMyApps is free to use and available for all Android and iOS devices. You might end up getting free gift cards codes.


28. Gift Wallet

gift cards visa balance, gift cards for cash, gift card exchange, purchase gift cards

Gift Wallet is a rewards app that lets you earn gift cards or cash via PayPal for FREE!

The app is very easy to use. Just download the app, tap “Earn Points” and complete the offers to earn points within the app. You can choose from Chests, Games, or Tasks to get coins.

You can also earn points when you share your referral code to your friends on your social media accounts. When your friends get at least 5 points for completed tasks, you get 30% of your friends’ earned points.

Convert your points for free gifts from Amazon, Google Play, PayPal cash, and more.

Check out Gift Wallet app to earn your gift cards on your Android phone.



Getting free gift cards isn't rocket science anymore with these tips and tricks. I was frustrated because while some people were getting these cards left and right, I, on the other hand, wasn't getting any.

That changed when I learned the genius ways I stated above.

Don't let anyone tell you that you can't get these gift cards for free because you can and you would.

Are you ready to get these gift cards? Which gift cards do you like the most and use all the time? Have fun hunting those and let me know how your experience was in trying to get these free stuff. 

gift cards visa balance, gift cards for cash, gift card exchange, purchase gift cards

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