Frugal Mother’s Day Gifts Under $20

This “Frugal Mother's Day Gifts Under $20” post contains some of the frugal Mother's Day gifts you can give to your mom or wife on their special day. This post contains affiliate links/ads. See disclosure policy

Easter day is done and now, it's one of the most important days of this year. I am referring to Mother's Day.

If there's one day that I would like to celebrate (aside from Christmas Day), I'd say that it's the Mother's Day. Mothers make the world a better place. Mothers are superheroes that we all admire and many of the little girls aspire to be when they grow up.

During the past couple of years, my daughter and I managed to create some DIY stuff for my wife. They were simple gifts that meant a lot to her. Some of these gifts were customized mugs, wall arts with me and my daughter as the artists, and cooking utensils.

These past couple of days, I have been in search for the perfect gift for my wife. I thought of doing some DIY projects but I won't be able to finish them on time because our patio is occupied and we have no other space where I can do those projects.

Frugal Mother's Day Gifts

This year would be different. This year, I will have to buy something online or in-store. I was afraid that I might spend a ton of money but I re-assured myself that I still have plenty of time to find the right gift. For those who are looking for Mother's Day gifts but don't want to spend a lot money, here are some ideas you for you if you are looking for under $20. You'd think that $20 won't go far but think again.

Flowers ($19.99)

Ok, don't judge me because this is not $20. But mothers like flowers. I haven't come across moms who don't like flowers. Flowers are beautiful and I don't think you will make a mistake buying some for them.

Mugs ($11.61)

Mugs are some of the classic gifts you can give to your wife and your moms. There are mugs that can be customized. There are those which funny quotes or texts imprinted on the mugs. Find a mug or two that are funny and that your loved ones can use anytime of the year.

Charm bracelet ($10.00)

You don't need Pandora or those expensive, branded accessories to make your loved ones feel special. If you are on budget or don't want to spend a lot of money, there are sterling silver charm bracelets or accessories that cost $20 or less. Always remember that it is the thought that counts not the price.

Good, old funny shirts ($5.40 – $17.99)

I have seen moms who wear T-shirts with funny, interesting quotes on them. Sometimes, moms just want to wear simple, not-to fancy dresses or tank tops. Sometimes, they want to be cooler than they already are and many of them will want to wear silly T-shirts. You can find those shirts online and they are dirt cheap, well, most of them are.

Spa goodies ($19.03)

A visit to the spa can be the gift your mom or wife is looking for but may not necessarily align with your budget. If you want them to give almost the same spa treatment, why not buy some spa basket goodies and have a spa at home. There are products out there that can compete with those in the spa clinics but don't cost a ton of money. You just need to make sure that the kids are quiet when mom is having her spa day at home.

Books ( price varies)

Books can be bought for a fraction of their costs. There are books that cost a dollar or somewhere along that line. If your wife or your mom is into books, then, it's a good idea to give books for Mother's Day. A lot moms I know like books that make their lives better. These books may be around cooking, taking care of children, learning a new skill, or something else.

Picture Frame ($12.08)

Picture frames are classic. No matter how technology evolves, moms will always love to see pictures on picture frames. Though a lot of pictures are taken using and are stored in smartphones, many people still like to see pictures on their tables, desks, etc. You can always get picture frames and put your family's pictures in them. I bet your mom or wife will like your gift.

Gift cards

If everything fails, you can always buy a gift card and have her buy what your mom or wife wants. Although it's always best to buy gifts for your love ones that them buying their own gifts, it's never bad to just give a gift card. But of course, you should always try your best to buy the perfect gift for your wife or mom. You can buy discounted gift cards from the following sites:

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These are some of the Mother's Day gifts under $20 that you can buy for your mom or wife. What other frugal Mother's Day gifts can you think that moms or wives will like?


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