11 Genius Hacks to Get Free Internet Service For Life

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I've got one question. Who doesn't like getting free internet access?

I know you're eyes and mind are saying “This guy is crazy.”

You're not alone. A lot of people told me about that, too, especially when people spend over $50 per month on their internet bill.

But believe it or not:

There are ways you can get free internet service … for life.

Here's the deal:

Some people have:

… made over $4,000 in one month. That alone can pay years of internet bills

… used this data plan to get free internet access month after month

… used this trick to get internet for free while on the go

In this post, I will detail what these ways are so you can save money from day one.


How to get free internet access for life

Here are some tricks to help you learn how to get free wireless internet now. You'd wish you knew these tricks a long time ago.

survey junkie payout proof

1. Answer a few questions and get paid.

One person made $4,000 in one month. Another one – a stay-home mom – made $615.56 in 10 days. My wife and I make around $200/mo.

What's our secret?

Our secret is taking paid online surveys with our free time.

I bet you've given opinions or like to give your two cents on something. So, why not get paid to do just that?

Taking surveys is FREE, and you can use your survey money to pay for your internet. It's like you're not paying your internet service at all.

Best of all:

You can literally spend a few minutes a day and still make money from surveys.

Imagine yourself voicing your opinions and getting paid at the same time. If you ask me, that's a win-win situation.

Here are some of the best survey sites to make money:

  • Survey Junkie: Make up to $50 per survey that lasts for no more than 10 minutes.
  • Survey Club: Join a focus group that pays up to $115/survey. This survey is where that guy made $4,000 in a month.


2. Get in the habit of using the internet to pay for itself.

Believe it or not, you can be paid just by browsing the internet, watching videos, typing a keyword, etc.

Literally, you can browse online, or visit YouTube and get points redeemable for cash, and use that money to pay for your internet bill.

In a nutshell, your internet service pays itself.

You can do that with Swagbucks.

Swagbucks rewards you for doing things you normally do over the internet. Whatever it is you do, there’s an equivalent reward for that.

Actually, as I am typing this sentence, Swagbucks is paying me because I run one of its videos in the background.

I don’t even have to look at the video, and I still get paid.

Just spend a few minutes here and there and you’d be on your way to making enough to pay your monthly internet bill.

Click here to start using Swagbucks for FREE.


free internet access

3. Get a better phone deal and get that free internet access.

Sure, you have a phone and data plan. You can access the internet just by using your phone. The reality is you still pay for that data plan. Yikes.

Now, there’s a way to get free internet service with your phone without a data plan.

That’s what FreedomPop offers.

FreedomPop sends you a wireless router, which you can use as your connection point. Just turn on the device, and you can easily access the internet right away.

As a FreedomPop subscriber, you get more benefits than what you pay for. Some of these benefits include:

  • WiFi calling and texting from anywhere
  • Free international calls from over 60 countries
  • Access at least 8 MILLION hotspots all over the U.S.
  • Get a virtual number from anywhere in the world ←- This saves you roaming charges
  • Earn free 4G LTE data per month when you add friends
  • Earn UNLIMITED free data when you complete partner offers
  • Bring your phone and save up to $1,000

What’s the starting cost? The cost starts at ZERO dollars. Yes, it has FREE plans you can take advantage of now.

Here’s the deal:

Get a 10GB data plan for just $19.99/mo when you sign up for 12 months. No other carriers can beat that.

Click here to use FreedomPop and save money and get the FREE internet service you want.


4. Use WiFi map.

Do you know how to get free wireless internet using an app?

It’s called Wifi Map.

It’s like a database of all free WiFi hotspots all over the world. It is, by far, the best choice when you are on travel and need access to the internet.

For its free version, the app only allows you to search for hotspots within a 2.5-mile radius.

That said, if you want more access that goes beyond the radius limit, you can watch some ads, and you’ll get access to user-provided passwords. From there, you can get that WiFi hotspot.


free internet service

5. Reduce a bill, and use the savings to pay for internet.

While technically not a way to just get free internet access, this trick will help you get there somehow.

Here's the trick:

As a starter, try to reduce your bills by cutting out unnecessary expenses, downgrading services, finding cheaper alternatives, among others.

When you're successful in doing that, use the savings towards other bills. 

If you haven’t done this, aren’t sure where to start, or feel like there’s no way you can pull this off, there’s an app called Trim.

Trim will analyze your spending, find subscriptions to cancel, negotiate your bills, among others.

To date, Trim cut our Verizon phone bill by $16.75/mo. That's $201/year. Now, it's finding me a better rate for my car insurance. I project saving over $50/mo with my insurance.

Guess who pays for my internet now?

That’s right, the savings I get from Trim is the one that pays the internet bill now.

Click here to use Trim now.


6. Use EveryoneOn.

EveryoneOn is a nonprofit that creates social and economic opportunities by connecting everyone through the internet.

It’s accessible to disadvantaged and low-income families who may not always afford to have internet access.

The site is user-friendly and can help you determine if you qualify for a free internet access.

Just visit the site, click ‘Find Offers’, type in your zip code, answer a few questions, and you’ll see which offers are available for FREE or at cost.

I tried to search for offers in my area, and the system came out with a $14.99 offer for internet service. It’s not FREE, but then again, it doesn’t cost that much.  


7. Ask a neighbor.

If it’s not too much to ask, you can try to talk to your neighbors and see if they are willing to share their internet with you.

You can offer something like a service in exchange for sharing their internet.

Sometimes, all you need to do is ask.

If you live in an apartment complex setting, this trick will work as the internet signal will reach from one apartment to another.

If you live in an area where houses are far apart, you are out of luck since the signal will be weak by the time it gets to you.

Note: Only do this tip when you have a good relationship with your neighbor. You don’t want to ask for something from a stranger who doesn’t know you other than you being the next door neighbor.


8. Use your hotspot.

Typically, you have to have a data plan before someone or even you can use a hotspot.

If you ever have a company phone and your company allows you to use hotspot outside work, then, you can use that hotspot and it’s FREE.

Why and how?

For the most part, cell phone plans – typically unlimited data plan –  are paid by the company.

I know a friend who doesn’t have internet service because he uses his company phone as a hotspot.

There's one thing you need to be aware of:

Just make sure to check in with your company to see if you can use the hotspot or not.


9. Go for the traditional routes.

When I say traditional, go to places where free internet access is offered.

Almost all establishments especially bars, coffee shops, and restaurants offer free WiFi. If you’re just the type of person who checks his email, does some searches, and that’s it, then, you might consider going to these establishments for free WiFi.

If you don’t want to go there, you can always visit your nearby libraries. You can use their FREE WiFi, and you can also use computers there for free.

One of my co-workers always stops by the Starbucks – not to buy – but to sit in his car, pull out his cell phone, and do some internet surfing. After that, he goes home and goes on his day.

Going to these places is, sometimes, cheaper and more practical especially if you are the type of person who doesn’t use the internet that much.


10. Check if your cable company offers free hotspots.

Just like mobile hotspots, you can take advantage of cable company’s hotspots, if there’s any.

Many cable companies offer hotspots for their current customers. You just need to get in touch with your cable provider to get the information you need to get access to the hotspot(s).


11. Get free access from ISPs.

Believe it or not:

A lot of internet service providers (ISPs) provide free internet access, of course, with certain limitations.

I don't really recommend using these free offers as your primary web connection if you need reliable service just because of so many limitations these ISPs impose.

That said, free internet services can come in handy when you need them.

Some of these free internet service providers include:


Other ways to make money to pay for your internet:

In case you're looking for ways to pay for your internet service, here are some clever ways to do it without exerting too much effort:

Stop deleting your email receipts. That's right! Never delete your email receipts because you can get cash back when the price of the product you bought drops. Who's going to monitor it? Paribus will and it will do it for FREE

Connect your debit or credit card for automatic cash back. We all sometimes forget to bring our coupons to restaurants, grocery stores, etc. Well, don't fret anymore! Dosh will help you get cash back automatically without the need for a coupon. You'll get money back without you lifting a single finger.

Earn cash back for shopping. Earning cash back from your purchases isn't just a great idea. It is a clever, genius idea. Sites like EBates and Swagbucks can help you earn up to 40% on purchases you made from approved merchants. You just go to the sites and find the stores you want to go to, and click.

Let this app run in the background. So you don't want to take surveys, connect your cards, earn cash back for shopping, etc. but there's another way to make money to get your free internet. A great way to earn money is to install Survey Savvy, and let it run in the background.

You'll get $5 per month without you doing anything else. It's not a lot but it's $60 a year, which can help you pay for one month of internet service. It's FREE, so why not, right?


Final thoughts:

Knowing how to get free wireless internet for life isn't always that difficult. Actually, there are a lot of ways to get it.

With a little imagination, experimentation, and a lot of actions, you will be on your way to getting your internet access for free for life.

Who doesn't like that idea of free internet access, right?

Don't be surprised if you follow these tricks and find yourself asking the question of why you didn't try these before.

Which of these tips are you going to try? Do you think these tricks will help you get that free internet access once and for all?

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