Free Back To School Signs

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School season is around the corner. Yes!!! (No sarcasm there :-))

I'm going to admit. I'm going to be doing what other moms and dads do every start of the school year. I'll have signs, boards, etc. so my daughter can see them.

She likes those things anyway and I'm going to do all those without spending so much money.

After all, it's just for a day and I can't imagine spending $20 or more for something I can do on my own.

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free back to school signs


Free Back To School Signs

Because I am all for sharing what I make, I created a spectrum of “1st Day” signs from Pre-K to 12th grade. As a member of my email newsletter or an avid fan of my blog, you can get these “1st Day” signs for FREE.

back to school signs

Free back to school signs. Yehey!!!

Yes, they are FREE. The best part of this is they are undated. This means you can re-print them again and again and year after year and not worry about the year.

back to school signs

What You'll Get

As part of the FREE back to school signs, these are what you'll be getting:

  • First Day of Preschool
  • First Day of Pre-K
  • First Day of Kindergarten
  • First Day of 1st Grade
  • First Day of 2nd Grade
  • First Day of 3rd Grade
  • First Day of 4th Grade
  • First Day of 5th Grade
  • First Day of 6th Grade
  • First Day of 7th Grade
  • First Day of 8th Grade
  • First Day of 9th Grade
  • First Day of 10th Grade
  • First Day of 11th Grade
  • First Day of 12th Grade

>>> Download your FREE Back To School Signs Here <<<

back to school signs

If you ever want to go above and beyond, you can also get the following as a pack, which includes the FREE printables above:

  • First Day of Preschool to 12th Grade Fill in the Blank Questionnaire (15 pages)
  • Last Day of Preschool to 12th Grade Fill in the Blank Questionnaire (15 pages)
  • Back to School Goals Fill in the Blank Sheet (1 page)
  • Back to School Goals (Empty Sheet) (1 page)

You'll be getting over 45+ pages of Back to School signs and sheets.

The kit typically costs $10 but is now on sale for just $3. For a ton of beautiful, professionally-designed pages, $3 is a gold mine.

>>> Buy The EXPANDED version here <<<

They are a great a way to write down what you kids want when school starts and what they end up liking when school ends.

Those are great ways to capture their experiences at school.

What's good about it is that you or they get to keep those notes as memories that they can look back when they are older.

Are you ready for the back to school season? What else are you going to do during this season?

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