13 Easy Ways to Save Money Now And Be Richer By $14,000/Yr

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When it comes to finding those easy ways to save money, I think you'll agree with me when I say:

It's really HARD to find them especially when everything is pricey nowadays. Heck, a bottled water costs $2.50.

Or is it?

Well, it turns out, there are easy ways to save money, which are simply done by tweaking some things you do every day like….

…. doing what you normally do and get paid $2,400 per year

…. cutting your phone bill (as a starter), save $200, and still get the same benefits

You don't need magic to find those ways. You don't need to cheapskate to earn the money above.

You are in the right spot. In this post, I'm going to show you exactly what you need to save money and be richer by $14,000 each year.

13 Easy Ways to Save Money And Be Richer By $14,000/Yr

Anyways, here are the ways you can easily adapt and that can help you become richer by XXX dollars in no time. I'm confident that you'd be able to save more money using these pointers.

1. I do my daily routine and get paid to do that – Someone even made $615.56 in 10 days.

survey junkie payout proof

So, I like watching videos, reading news, glancing at the food aisles, eating out, etc.

You know what the best part is?

I get paid to share my thoughts and experiences through surveys (more like $300/mo – good enough for groceries and some more).

Survey Junkie pays people to complete mindless, super easy surveys based on what we normally do. Pay is around $4/survey – many take a minute to do.

Survey Junkie is easy to use. I tried it a few times and made over $30 each time I binge-watch some Netflix shows.

I wasn't even forced to respond to most questions. So, I skip and skip and still got paid. I can't say the same for some other sites.

The best part?

Survey Junkie adds new surveys daily. So, you can make money faster than you think.

Here's a proof:

Tia, a survey taker,  made it in 10 days when on break from taking care of her little kiddos. That's $615.56 for a few minutes every day (image above).

Click here to start using Survey Junkie for FREE.

Savings: $200 * 12 months  = $2,400.00 per year


2. I use apps and made $2,500/year.

ibotta review

Because I have a smart phone and data plan (and pay it every month), I make sure I use apps that make me money.

Here's the deal:

Believe it or not, there are money-making apps for just about anything you do. Whether it's walking, going to the stores, sleeping, etc., there's an app to make you money.

The best part?

The best part is that there's no catch for using them.

Here are some of my favorites that make me easy money:

  • Ibotta: Makes me $400/year on groceries
  • Swagbucks: Has made me $1,500 this year alone, and I made that money only for a couple of months.
  • Shopkick: Gives me points (convertible to cash) for just stepping in my favorite stores
  • Mypoints: Gives me cash back for everything I buy online.

Savings: $210* 12 months  = $2,520.00 per year


3. I cut expenses the right way and saved an easy $200. 

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When you want to save money, one of the proven ways to do it effectively is to cut your expenses. But it’s easier said than done.

It turns out, it can easily be done. But how?

I recently found a simple, FREE personal finance app called Trim. It’s a great tool when you don’t know where to start or what, how, or when to cut.

Here's how it works:

Trim will analyze your spending, find subscriptions to cancel, negotiate your bills, find cash back offers, among others.

Over 10,000 subscribers saved at least $1,000,000 collectively last month with Trim.

To date, Trim cut our Verizon phone bill by $16.75/mo. That's $201/year. Now, it's searching for a better rate for car insurance for us.

Click here now to start using Trim.

Savings: $16.75 * 12 months  = $201.00 per year


4. I reduced our food budget – Now our food budget is $150/mo for 6 people.

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Saving money fast means cooking at home. The heck?

Based on statistics, food is the third biggest expense for Americans. Regardless of statistics, cooking at home is economical and healthier, too.

Cooking might be scary but there’s a solution to that, a solution to help you save money fast.

My family has been using PlateJoy for meal planning, and it is a game changer and money saver.

It is a service that sends a easy, yummy meal plan and shopping list per week for just $7/mo with coupon code PRACTICAL10. Each meal costs around $2 or less a person.

It’s one reason our grocery bill is just $150/mo for a family of 6. I could only imagine what our bill would look like without it. #couldbehorror

Start your 100% risk-free trial membership here with the PlateJoy Plan.

Savings: $550.00 * 12 months  = $6,600.00 per year


5. I invested my cents – Now it's $2,300.

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A lot of people say that you need a lot of money to invest.

I say “Heck to the no!”

Earlier this year, I opened an account with Acorns – an app that lets you invest as low as $0.01. Now, my account is over $2,000. That's easy money right there.

The best part?

It's easy to use and I didn't have to do anything else once I opened an account, answered a couple of questions, and connected one of my bank accounts (don't worry it's system is secured).

Here's how it works:

Your purchases get rounded to the nearest dollar. The cents then go to your account. Once your account reaches $5, the money will be invested in the stock market.

Just recently, Acorns upped its game by offering cash back for shopping from a wide range of stores/companies – Jet.com, Walmart, Target, and Amazon.

If you want to invest, start with cents investing. Click here to open an Acorns account.

Savings: $2,000.00 per year


6. I use a fee-free bank and it pays me $1,550 a year.

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If you see bank fees on your checking or savings account or get close to zero interest from your savings, then, it's time to switch banks.

It's the 21st century and online banks are in… and for all good reasons.

Like what?

For example, CIT Bank pays 1.55% APY, which is 25 times the national average of 0.06% (see image above).

Here's a back story:

I switched to CIT Bank from Wells Fargo a year ago. Now, I earn $1,800/yr on interest alone. It's money I don't have to work hard for.

Granted, I won’t get rich by saving money in the bank, but it's still free cash that's good enough for a whole year’s worth of grocery and, then, some. Since there are no monthly fees, CIT Bank is a double win for me.

Click here if you want your money to grow with CIT Bank.

Savings: $1,500.00 per year


7. Save your spare change automatically.

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You know you should be making all the effort in the world to save money, but saving isn't always easy.

Make it simple using Qapital.

Qapital is as simple as it gets, and you can use it even without lifting a single finger. (See image above for people's thought on Qapital).

But there's a catch, right?

Nope. It's straightforward. Every time you swipe your card, your purchase is rounded up to the next dollar. Your spare change will then be deposited in a savings account.

There's more:

If you want to take it into the next level, you can create ‘rules' – like a challenge – that helps you save more when you meet the rules.

Click here to learn more about Qapital.


8. I use MyPoints and made $1,200.

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How to make money fast? The answer is to use MyPoints.

MyPoints is an all-around, all-for-one site for quick, easy money.

The bottom line:

It's a cash back site, survey site, video site, coupon site, game site, among others built into a single site. Call it a magic or a site that you've been waiting for to come along.

MyPoints gives out $10 when you spend $20 or more when you use the site as a gateway to get to your final site destination.

It is also generous in that you get $5 for taking the first five surveys and get a chance to earn $50 per survey.

Click now to create your MyPoints account for FREE.

Savings: $100 * 12 months  = $1,200.00 per year


9. I have hawk' eyes on my 401k and save $3,000 each year.

easy ways to save money, save money, easy money, how to make money fast, how to save money on

That's right. I keep an eye on my 401k almost every single day. Why? It's where most of money is tied to.

I did, however, step back a little when I found Blooom,  a 401k-fee analyzer.

My friend introduced me to Blooom a couple of months. When I used it, I was shocked at the fees I was paying.

What's up with Blooom?

Blooom analyzes my 401k for FREE. It showed me which investments were properly balanced and where I was losing money due to fees.

I saved $3,000 in one year and will save money by not paying additional fees I don't need.

How I wish I used Blooom a long time ago.

If you have a 401k, it's best to try Blooom to see where you're  It's a great option to use when you want to see what you are paying on your 401k without paying someone to do it.

Click here to start using Blooom for FREE. 

Savings: $3,000.00 per year


10. Find other investment platforms and save $1,950 per year.

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If you have an investment with XXX company and it charges an X% in fees, you may want to consider finding other companies that will charge even less.

Don't be afraid to scout because with the advent of the internet; there are companies that charge way too low of a fee every year.

I recently opened an account with Betterment.

It's fee starts at 0.15% per year. According to Forbes, the average fee (including mutual fund expenses and adviser fee) is around 2.1% annually.

For example, if you have an investment of $100,000, your annual expenses with Betterment is only $150/year versus $2,100/year with other investment companies.

Savings: $1,950.00 per year 


11. Reduce your insurance coverage.

easy ways to save money, save money, easy money, how to make money fast, how to save money on

How to save money on insurance? The answer is simple, that is, find a cheaper one and there's plenty out there.

There’s a rule of thumb that says that if your annual cost of full coverage insurance is at least 10% of the replacement value that you would receive from the insurance company, then, it is potentially a good idea to convert to a liability coverage.

For example, your car is worth $2,000 and you have $1,000 in deductible. After the deductible, the most you can get from your insurance is $1,000.

If your premium is above $100 a year (10% of $1,000), then, it’s a good idea to get liability insurance.

This 10% thumb rule should be interpreted as a hard rule.

You should always look into your ability to pay for repairs if accidents do happen and you only have liability coverage. In addition, you need to include your driving track record when you consider changing your insurance coverage.

Savings: $650.00 per year (That’s what I saved from switching from full to liability)


12. Save a little and increase it every week – I saved $5,500 with this trick.

easy ways to save money, save money, easy money, how to make money fast, how to save money on

How to make money fast? The answer is to make save a little at a time.

When I saving while paying off my debt, one of the best saving strategies I employed was to incrementally save every week.

What's the real story?

What I did was I saved $4 in week 1, $8 in week 2, $12 in week 3, $16 in week 4, and so on. You see that there’s an incremental increase of $3 every week on top of the dollar amount from last week.

Discipline and dedication are key for this technique to work.

Savings: $4 (week 1) + $8 (week 2) …… + $208 (week 52) = $5,512 per year


13. Cut the cord and put $1,900 in your account.

easy ways to save money, save money, easy money, how to make money fast, how to save money on

How to save money on cable? The answer is to cut it.

This fact may not be new to you but the monthly cost of cable is around $100, which is way too expensive anyway.

If you want to save more money, the best place to start is your cable subscription, that is, completely cutting your cable.

Buy a Roku for around $50 – $70 and subscribe to Hulu or Netflix for as low as $7.99.

Cable: $100 * 12 months = $1,200

Roku: $50 (one-time)

Hulu/Netflix: $7.99 * 12 months = $95.88

Savings: $1,054.12 per year

If you have Bing Rewards you can earn points that you can redeem for Hulu rewards. If you do this, your savings will increase to $1,150.00.

This is basically what my wife and I have been doing for the past 2 years. To earn rewards, just login into your Bing Rewards account and use Bing as your search engine.

Take note that there's more to Bing Rewards than just Hulu rewards. You can redeem your points towards XBox digital, Starbucks, Amazon gift cards and more.

Cable: $100 * 12 months = $1,200

Roku: $50 (one-time)

Hulu/Netflix: $0.00 * 12 months = $0.00 (FREE)

Savings: $1,150.00 per year

What have you done to save more money? Do you have other tips and tricks to save money?