Frugal Project: Easy DIY Centerpiece Box

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This “ DIY Centerpiece Box “ is simple a centerpiece, which will bring an extra oomph to your already beautiful table. This cost me less than 5 dollars to create this project because I used discarded wood for this wonderful box. Post first appeared at The Handy Foodie

One of the things I do not want to do is to throw away things. I always find alternative use of those things before I discard them. I always go online or ask somebody I know what I can and should do with the stuff that could eventually just  go to trash, that is, if I don't get anything useful out of them.

Several weeks ago, my close friend had scrap woods he was going to throw. I was glad that I came to his house and rescued those scraps. I took them home and started searching for good DIY projects that use scrap woods.

After a couple of hours, I found the perfect project, that is, a DIY centerpiece box.

I tell you it is really easy to create this box. It may look difficult just because it looks elegant. But it is not hard at all. I am not a carpenter but I was fortunate to create this box in less than 2 hours.

When I was done with my project, I went ahead and invited my friends (who happened to include my friend who gave me the scrap woods) to my family’s apartment for a simple get-together, which is something we usually do anyways. They saw the centerpiece and they couldn’t believe that it was made from scrap wood.

They were surprised. They said it's beautiful and that they would create one, too.

Without being bias, I say that it really looks beautiful and is perfect on our dining table.

DIY Centerpiece Box

Here are the materials and the steps you need to follow to create this DIY centerpiece box.


  • 3 – 30” (L) x 0.50” (W) x 4” (H) wood boards (in case you don’t have scrap woods)
  • 2 – 5” (L) x 4” (H) wood boards
  • Nail
  • Wood glue


  1. Lay flat the first 30” x 0.50” x 4” wood board. Put glue on both longer sides of the board. Attach the two remaining long boards on the side the base board. Ensure boards you are attaching are in upright position. Secure with nails.
  2. Put glue on all exposed sides. Attach each of the 5” x 4” boards to the sides with the exposed glue. Secure with nails.
  3. (Optional) Stain the finished DIY centerpiece box with stain of your choice.

There you have it.


Frugal Project: Easy DIY Centerpiece BoxFrugal Project: Easy DIY Centerpiece BoxFrugal Project: Easy DIY Centerpiece Box


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