Budget Binder Printables

These Budget Binder Printables are the ones that my wife and I have been using for a very long time. Now, you can have this binder kit for just $14.99. That's 50% off the regular price of $29.99. Plus, you get both the family budget calculator and loans calculator for FREE. This post contains affiliate links/ads. See disclosure policy

For the past couple of months, my blog readers have emailed tweeted, commented on various posts, etc. and they have been asking me how my wife and I manage our finances. The simple answer is budgeting.

When you download these budget templates, you will be able to use the templates that my wife I use to record our financial transactions. These templates will help your life in a great way because you can keep track of your income and expenses in writing.

I can't remember the first time I used budget templates to record my income and expenses. But what I do know is that my wife and I used budget printables using MS Excel to help us navigate our way to paying off our debt while meeting our daily needs.

Budget is a must for those want to save money and control their finances.

Regardless of how much or little you have, you need to have a budget in place. You can use the good, old paper and pen or the more advanced ones like MS Excel spreadsheets or PDF version of those budget printables.

These printables are undated, which means that you can print them again and again and again without having to worry if the templates are up-to-date or not. That will save you a ton of money.

I managed to spread out these templates to my friends and co-workers to see if they will work for them. I didn't just want to put them on my blog when they're only applicable to me. After two weeks, I talked to my friends and co-workers to see their reactions and get their recommendations. I'm not kidding; they said that they are among the easiest spreadsheets they've used for budgeting.

They said that these budget printables are straightforward and easy to use. I'll say no more….

If you want to create a binder, I highly recommend that you consider buying these binders:

The color format displayed in this post is the multicolored one. But the printables come in different color formats and you can see all printable color formats here. The color formats are:

  • Multicolor
  • Black and Gray
  • Light Mint Green

Budget Printable Binder Kit

The binder kit includes the following templates,which are good for 12 months:

  • Binder Cover Page
  • Monthly Expense Tracker
  • Paycheck Budgeting Worksheet
  • Savings Goal Tracker
  • Meal Planning and Grocery List Worksheet
  • Monthly Family Budget Worksheet
  • Investments and Savings Tracker
  • Debt Payment Plan
  • Bill Tracker List
  • Monthly Calendar with Financial Goal List

Extra Bonus

When you buy this kit, you will also receive the following MS Excel-based calculators. These freebies include the following:

  • Family Budget Calculator (valued at $5.99 included for FREE)
  • Loan Calculator (valued at $10.00 included for FREE)

This means that you will receive more than 100 printables including the cover page and the calculators. When you buy this kit, you would be receiving an electronic downloadable kit. No physical product will be delivered via mail.

The kit is valued at over $40 but you can get it for just $14.99.

Budget Binder Printables

Monthly Calendar

The budget printable binder kit comes with a 12-month calendar organized by month. One of the important things in managing your finances or budgeting is to know when bills are due and when income is coming in. Calendar, in this case, is a must. When you have a calendar, you can note when the bills are due, when your income is coming, etc.

The monthly calendar included in the kit is undated. This means that you can re-print the monthly calendar every year and the year after and so on. This also means you don't need to buy another kit for another year. In other words, you will be saving money. Who doesn't like that?

Because a lot of us tend to be busy, we tend to forget things unintentionally. Bills won't wait for you. They will, but you will get charged with interest and penalties. When you're trying to organize your budget or finances, you don't need these headaches.

budget printable binder kit

Monthly Expense Tracker

As part of the kit, you will also receive a copy of the monthly expense tracker.

When my wife and I were paying off our debt, we had to track all our expenses. We wanted to make sure that all our expenses were accounted for. The truth is, it is much easier to write down your expenses because you can see what your expenses are, how much they are, etc.

Remember knowledge is power. The more you know about your expenses, the better you will be in managing your budget and finances.

budget printable binder kit

Paycheck Budgeting Worksheet

Some of us live paycheck to paycheck. But many of us, if not all, like to get out of this situation and be able to save money. If you are just starting your budgeting journey, it may be easier for you to do a paycheck-to-paycheck budget.

When you are in paycheck-to-paycheck kind of living, you are better off if you know which paycheck pays what expenses. It may sound easy to do that, but it's not. For those who are just starting their budgeting journey, I highly suggest that you try this budgeting worksheet because this will serve as your foundation for better budgeting.

My wife and I started using the paycheck-to-paycheck budgeting method when we first started paying off our debt. When we got a handle on our finances, we, then, moved on to another type of budgeting. I don't think that we would be able to successfully get a handle on our budget without using this kind of worksheet.

Savings Goal Tracker

One of the purposes of budgeting, for me, is to save money in the long run. My family saves because we need to for our future. We also want to save because we want to buy things in the foreseeable future.

For example, my wife and I want to purchase a minivan this year. To do this, we use our savings goal tracker to help us figure out where we are with our goal. It's a simple tracker that has helped us in the past, and we know that it will also help us in whatever it is we are saving for in the future.

We use this savings goal tracker to inform us how far we need to go to get to our savings goal. When you buy the binder kit, you will receive several goal trackers that you can re-print over and over again.

Regardless of your reason for saving, this savings goal tracker will help you track your progress in achieving your savings goal.

budget printable binder kit

Meal Planning and Grocery List

No kidding. Grocery takes a big chunk of one's budget. It is so easy to stray away from saving money when your grocery bill is out of control. It can and will happen if you don't try to get a grip on it early on.

When you buy this kit, you will receive several meal planning and grocery list worksheets. I love these sheets because I can note down what my family will eat in the morning, afternoon, and evening. These sheets take away the guessing game of what meals on the table. I'll tell you that we've been in situations where we didn't know what we want to eat. It may be simple scenarios, but they were still a headache.

When you have listed all the meals you want to eat for the week, you can easily jot down the grocery items you need to buy on the sheet itself. How convenient is it, right?

This worksheet is a solution for those who want to take control of their grocery bills. It's simple but works well.

budget printable binder kit

Monthly Family Budgets (2 Variations)

For those who want different budget worksheets than the paycheck-to-paycheck budget worksheet indicated above, don't fret because this kit has two other budget worksheets.

One of the kits separates expenses into different sections (i.e. income, house, investments, everyday living, debts, insurances, transportation, and miscellaneous). This budget template is ideal for those who have consistent bills coming in every month. My wife and I use this up to now because it works for us perfectly. With this budget template, we exactly see how much we plan for specific expenses, how much our actual expenses are, etc. This also allows us to identify where we exceed regarding expenses and where we have a surplus.

The other variation of the monthly budget template is generic in nature. It only has sections for income and expenses. This template is ideal for those who don't have consistent bills coming in every month or who have different bills than what are notated on the budget above.

budget printable binder kit

budget printable binder kit

Investment and Savings Tracker

For those who are into investing, this kit has the templates for you. I created this investment and savings tracker a couple years ago when I first started investing. Up to now, I am still using it because it allows me to see how much I have contributed to my investment accounts. When my wife and I sit down and re-work our budget and finances, we exactly know how much we have and where they all are.

My wife and I love to retire early. We use this budget to identify how much we already have, where we are short, and how much we still need to save and/or invest.

For those who want to grow their money and know where their money is, then, this is one of the best printables for you. It is self-explanatory and easy to use. You won't need to use any other printables for tracking your investments if you are using this template.

budget printable binder kit

Debt Payment Plan

When my wife and I were paying off our debt, we noted down our debts, our credit cards, etc. It was much easier for us to know how much we owed, who we owed the money to, how much the interest was, etc.

While we no longer have debts, we still use this form from time to time if there is a credit card promotion that we avail. We really loved this template because we didn't need to look at our bank, credit card, and loan statements to see how much we owed, how much the interest was, etc. We have all those information on a single sheet.

This payment plan worksheet is best for those who want to pay off their obligations.

budget printable binder kit

Bill Tracker List

There comes a time when we forget to pay our expenses. It happens even when we are good with paying our bills on time. With this bill tracker list, you won't need to second guess if you have paid off your bills or not.

You can use this tracker list to note all your expenses and mark the bills when you have paid them. As simple as that. This bill tracker list helped us avoid paying late fees, interest, and other charges because we were able to identify which bills we had not paid in a current month.

If you are a frugal person like my wife and me, not paying extra fees is an accomplishment and is a requirement for managing one's finances.

When you buy this kit, you will also receive copies of the bill tracker list. You can reprint this list again and again as it is undated. This means that you are saving money by not buying another set of tracker list.

budget printable binder kit

Be sure to head to the Budget Printable Binder Kit page. It is on sale for $14.99. Furthermore, when you buy this kit, you will also receive two calculators for FREE. These are budget and loans calculators that my family use. Start your budgeting journey with this kit. It is simple, and you don't need the experience to make these printables work for you.

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