Is Blogging For You?: The Truths About Blogging

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This “Is Blogging For You?: The Truths About Blogging “ post describes the realities of blogging. I have done it for almost eight months now and have learned things that I did not realize I would be able to learn in such a short time. This post is based on my personal experiences about blogging. This post contains affiliate links/ads. See disclosure policy

Is blogging for me? This is the question I had asked myself over and over again before I jumped into the world of blogging. I read a ton of articles and blog posts about it and the expectations that come with it. While I learned a lot from these posts and while they helped me a lot, I did not realize that I would learn a lot more.

I made a lot of mistakes in blogging these past couple of months. I call these mistakes as lessons learned. I have always known myself as the adventurous person and like to try things even when the results are something other than what I expect. Of course, I don’t try something that’s harmful to me but I do try things that keep me off my feet, keep me awake at night from time to time, and keep my mind busy.

There have been quite a few people who have come to me and ask me about my blogging experience. Being the transparent person who I have always been, I tell people what it’s really like to blog.

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The Truths About Blogging

In this post, I will detail both the positives and negatives of blogging simply because blogging like anything else has its own benefits and drawbacks. For those who intend to create their own blogs, my post may or will help you make your decision about going into blogging.

Fun (positive)

Blogging can be fun. It can your outlet to voice your opinion, personal experiences, and anything in between. I know I use blogging as a way to share my thoughts, opinions, and personal experiences on topics related to finance.

I once thought that nobody would read my blog. I was wrong.

The truth is there are people who like to know other people’s experiences. For many, they use blogs to help them learn more about the best ways to go forward with whatever they want to do in life. For the past eight months, I have known that people do find value in what I share especially when I share my personal stories about managing finances.

Blogging is fun because I like to write. I may not be a great writer but I do love writing. It warms my heart when people say that they like what I write. It’s fulfilling when even a single person stops by my blog and says that I do good work.

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Is Blogging For You?: The Truths About BloggingMoney-making machine (positive)

My goal in creating my blog is to share my thoughts and personal experiences on personal finance. Did I anticipate that I would earn money from it? Of course I did but not this early. I started earning money by my 3rd month of blogging and I have continued to earn more month after month. I honestly did not think that I would earn money this early and would earn more than a $1,000 per month.

I thank blogging for helping me save more money. Because I earn additional money, I am able to keep my day-job income in my bank and save more so my wife and I can retire early.

With my blogging money, I don’t have to worry about touching my day-job income because blogging pays almost all of my family’s bills now.

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Connection (positive)

While blogging is done online, it has become my gateway to meet and interact with new friends and colleagues in the blogging world. I have made few successes in blogging and these successes have happened because my friends and colleagues helped me and continuously help me.

I did say that I made mistakes in blogging. What I did not say is that my friends and colleagues helped me correct those mistakes. From simple coding to engaging readers, they contributed to my blogging success one way or another. I don’t think that I would survive the first 6 months if they did not extend help to me.

This is why when people (blogger or not) ask for help, I am always there to help them in any way I can. That’s the least I can do to show gratitude to those who are there for me throughout this blogging experience.

Authority (positive)

You can use your blog as a platform to showcase your knowledge and/or expertise in a certain field. Though I am not an authority when it comes to personal finance, I do share my personal thoughts and experiences on how to save and make money in different ways.

If you are an expert in a given field and would like to share your thoughts to the rest of the world, you can do so without shelling out a lot of money. You can do that with blogging. Though readers may not come in a battalion to your website right away, you will eventually find out that when you do provide great content, people will visit your blog for more information on what it is that you focus on writing.

If your blog has become a go-to source of information for many people, you may find yourself getting invited to do a guest post in some of the big agencies or media out there.

Difficulty (negative)

If you are reading this post, you have probably gone through a few blog posts to get an idea of the life of a blogger or what it takes to blog. You have also probably seen bloggers who say that blogging is easy.

Blogging is not easy. If it were, then a lot of people would be doing it.

Blogging takes a lot of time. From understanding WordPress to writing your blog post, blogging takes a big chunk of your time. I know it took a lot of my time especially during the first two months. When I was just starting, I would wake up at 4:45AM to start my blogging day, went to work by 5:30AM, and worked for an hour or two on my blog post when I got home from work at 3:30PM. I would do that almost every day for the first month or two. I didn’t just work on writing posts, of course. I also worked on the design, coding, and other things that involved with blogging.

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Trial and Error (negative)

Coming from a personal experience, there really is no standard way of blogging. Many bloggers would say that you have to do these or do those or not do these or not do those especially when it comes to getting readers or blog traffic. Sure, there are best practices in blogging (e.g. great content and good grammar) but there’s really no standard way of blogging to make your blog successful.

During the first few months, I did a lot of testing to figure which ones worked for my site and which ones did not. Even up to now, I have tested designs, affiliate networks, content formats, etc. to see what really work for me and my blog.

If you want to blog, you may or will find yourself going through some trials and errors with your website, which could take time and a lot of patience. I know that I have lost readers because I kept changing things in my blog. That’s one of the risks of going through the trial-and-error phase of blogging.

Failures (negative)

There are successful bloggers who made it big. Then, there are those who closed their blogs in just a couple of months.

Anybody is free to try blogging but it isn’t for everybody. Before you even start, make sure that you are ready for the possibility of not making it in the first year of your blogging possibly due to time, pressure, or something else. I’m not saying that you go into blogging as pessimistic as possible even before you start. What I am trying to say is that you need to be aware of the pros and cons of blogging.

I always tell myself to expect for the worst and hope for the best. This belief is exactly what I live by all throughout my blogging life.

Overnight success (negative)

Some bloggers become successful in a short time period but most don’t. I have known a lot of bloggers who have been in this industry for over a year now or more who have not found success in what they do. When I mean success, I don’t just mean money success but also traffic success.

Success in blogging just like any other successes, many times, doesn’t happen overnight. Sometimes, you have to go through a lot of failures before you become successful. When you start blogging, please don’t expect that you will become successful overnight but do your best because one day people may or will come in herds to visit your blog and continue to visit it.

What’s your personal experience on blogging? If you are ever in need of any help whatsoever about blogging, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I will help you to the best of my ability…. for FREE. Just in case you want to create your blog, here’s a ‘how to create a blog’ tutorial. With this tutorial, you can create one in 15 minutes or less.


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