Blogging For Money: My Blog Pays For Everything

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why peoThis ” Blogging For Money: My Blog Pays For Everything ” post describes how blogging pays for every single expenses we have and, then, some more. This post contains affiliate links/ads. See disclosure policy.

Yes, you read the title right.  My small blog pays for everything. When I say everything, I mean our electric bills, our grocery, and even our mortgage responsibilities.

If someone told me last year that blogging could pay for everything, I would tell that person he/she was crazy. Seriously, I would tell that person that.

Now, if someone asks me that blogging could pay for everything and, then, some more, I would definitely say “Heck Yeah!!!” with a bunch of exclamation points.

I never thought my blog would grow so fast and reach thousands of people a day.

Heck, I never thought my blog would make me a lot of money. Now, I am making over $7,000 a month even when I only spend less than 15 hours a month working on my blog. Of course, when I first started I invested a ton of time to make my blog where it is now. But that was in the past.

Now, it's almost always in auto-pilot. It's in auto-pilot because everything from layout to ad placements is laying flat and I am happy with how it looks now.

If you are looking for another way to make additional money, I suggest you try blogging. For just $2.95/month instead of the regular $7.99/month, you can have your own blog and start monetizing it. That's 50% off the regular price.

If you have the time, dedication, and patience, you can go a long way in the blogging world. Is blogging hard? It can be but it can also be rewarding. When I say rewarding, I mean rewarding ten times over.

Before I was only blogging for fun. Now, I am blogging for fun and blogging for money (by accident).

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Blogging For Money: My Blog Pays For Everything

How does blogging pay for everything? Well, the answers are detailed below. I know many people will be skeptical when I say the money I earn from blogging pays all our bills and, then, some more. I understand their position. I would feel the same way if someone told me the same thing.

But blogging really pays for every single expense my family has. Here's where my blog money goes or how my blog money affects other financial aspects of my family's life.



Blogging for money: How much goes to housing? – $1,500.00 per month

Two months ago, my wife and I bought a house. We just moved in it this past weekend.

Blogging paid for the down payment to the house. It also pays for the monthly mortgage including the principal, interest, homeowner's association fee, insurance, taxes, etc. Basically, anything you can think of that is included in the mortgage payment, my blog pays for it.

We bought a $241,000 house and the down payment of around $15,000 came straight from my blogging.
meal p
It was a big down payment if you ask me. But my wife and I felt good releasing the money knowing that we didn't have to fork out even a single cent from our checking and savings accounts or any other accounts we have.

By the way, this is our house. In the picture are my brother, daughter, mother-in-law, and mom.

blogging pays mortgage



Blogging for money: How much goes to retirement? – over $60,000 a year

Stop right there! I'm not investing $60,000 using my blog money. Read the rest of this section to find out what I meant by that.

I heavily invest in the stock market. Actually, I'm an investment nerd.

My wife and I max out our 401(k) accounts, max out our Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), and invest additional money through our brokerage accounts.

Sounds scary, right? It is but we are long-term investors. We know that there are going to be bad and good times when it comes to investing. But we do also know that there's money to be made in the stock market.

Since we started investing in the stock market, we have managed to get an average return of 14% each year.

Are we afraid to invest a ton of money? The answer is No. Why?

It's because my blog money covers all our expenses and allows us to save additional money into our money accounts.

Our monthly expenses are around $3,300. Since there's a lot of money left from our blog money, we use that leftover for savings.

In total, my wife and I invest over $60,000 each year. Using the retirement calculator below, we estimate that the value of our retirement accounts by the time we retire is around $3M dollars. That's not including the leftover blog money.

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Peace of mind

Blogging for money: How much does it cost to have peace of mind? – a lot but it's not measured in monetary value

Of course, you can never put a price tag on peace of mind.

There are a lot of families, couples, and individual who go through tough money problems. My wife and I have been there when we were in debt and didn't know how to get out of it at first. It's not the best feeling in the world and definitely not one of the things I want anybody to experience.

Because I make money through blogging, our family has a peace of mind all the time. When I say ‘peace of mind' what I mean by that is we don't worry if we have enough for tomorrow, for when an emergency comes, etc. Our blog money has allowed us to be at peace because our blog pays for everything and, then, some more.

My wife and I don't fight about money because we don't worry about it. There's peace of mind right there knowing we won't have to go home and fight about money problems.

Our marriage has grown stronger over the years also because of what blogging does for us. Yes, blogging improves our marriage. You can read my post about how it magically helps us improve our marriage even better here.

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Blogging for money: How much of the salaries is saved? – almost every single penny

Let me say that my blog money is not my salary. I should say that my blog money is not our salaries. Having said that, my blog money directly affects how our salaries are kept and used.

My wife and I have full-time jobs. We truly love our jobs. Frankly speaking, we don't feel like we are working because our jobs allow us to balance our work and life really well.

So, the big question is, what happens to our salaries from our jobs?

The answer is they go straight to our checking and savings accounts for the most part. I say “for the most part” because we also invest our salaries. Like what I said earlier we don't use our hard-earned money to pay for our expenses because our blogging money pays for everything.

I thank my blog because it allows us to keep all of our salaries and not worry if we have money for tomorrow or if we have enough to live for today. Blogging truly takes away the stress associated with money.

If we do need to use the money we earned from our day jobs, we don't think twice because we know we have more than enough to last us for a couple of  years, if not all the way to the time when we retire.

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College education

Blogging for money: How much goes to college plans? – $500 a month (i.e. $300 from blog money and $200 for our salaries)

Education is important to us and my wife and I want our daughter to go to and finish college. This is why my wife and I invested in 529 plans for her.

While a big portion of our blog money goes to mortgage payments and retirement, we still put a few hundred of dollars to our daughter's college educational plan.

While we use a small portion of my blog money towards her 529 plan, we also contribute money towards her plan using our salaries. Between those two sources, we manage to put in at least $500 a month towards her account.

We estimate that given a $500 per month investment, return rate of 11% and 14 years to invest the money she has there right now, which amounts to $13,000, her college plan would amount to $236,605 according to

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Blogging for money: How much does happiness cost? – true happiness can't be measured in dollars

Happiness comes right after ‘peace of mind' or the other way around. I should say that blogging pays for everything even for happiness.

Because we no longer worry about money, we are happier now more than ever. Why is that? Does that mean money makes us happy? Yes, somehow it does but it's not the money that really makes us happy. Then, what is it, then?

Because we no longer worry about money, we have more time to focus on important things such as spending time with our daughter, playing with her and not worry about our finances, going to vacation without having to look at our accounts and asking ourselves if we have enough to do just that, etc.

We now on doing extracurricular activities as a family, which allow us to bond together and be closer than ever.

That's what I mean when I say because we no longer worry about money that we are happier now more than ever.

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Food (i.e. grocery)

Blogging for money: How much goes to food? – around $300ish a month

One of the most important expenses we have each month is food. Our family likes to eat and we eat a lot. That doesn't mean that we just splurge and buy anything.

We live on a budget even when we save a lot of money. I always believe that budget is necessary regardless of how much or little a person makes.

To make sure we spend as little as we can for food but still get the best foods, we follow the $5 Meal Plan. It's a life saver when it comes to saving money on grocery.

We wouldn't be able to fit our $300 budget every month for a family of 5 without the $5 Meal Plan. 

We also plant our own vegetables and herbs. We recycle materials that can be recycled. We find other ways for things that many people think are trash. For example, instead of wasting food, we use the leftover food as fertilizer for our vegetables.

So, where does blog money come into the picture? The answer to this question is easy. We allot around $300 for our grocery, which directly comes out from our blog money.

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Meal planning done right for a lot LESS.


Other expenses

The ones I stated above are the big ticketed expenses that my family incurs and pays every month. The ‘other expenses' are those small things that can add up and become big expenses.

I'm referring to gas expense, car insurance, home repair and maintenance, dine out expenses, among others.

As I said my blog pays for those expenses. Of course, my blog can't always satisfy those expenses. For example, when somebody gets sick in the family and needs to be rushed to the hospital, my wife and I fork out money from our emergency funds.

But pretty much, my blog money covers for almost all of the other expenses that may come and go month after month.

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This e-book is your guide to getting the page view your blog deserves.



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So, here are the expenses where my blog money goes and where my blog money has direct impacts to those non-monetary things in my life that my family value the money. Sign up for a new blog, monetize it, and be on your way to finding the best of the best that are meant for you.

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