How I Increased 
My Blog's Page Views
From 0 to 170K
in Just 9 Months


And the story sounded like this....

Starting a blog is no joke. It's fun, but it's definitely time-consuming. Getting blog traffic? Well, that's a whole new beast with a whole new set of challenges.

That's what I came face-to-face when I started trying to increase my blog's page views. I know a lot of you  experienced or are experiencing this difficulty.

It was hard. It was excruciating to see my blog's page views not moving to the direction I wanted it to go. If you're feeling this scenario like it's you that I am talking about, well, I should say that this feeling is common especially for new bloggers or even for those who've been blogging for a very long time. 

I tried all those tips and tricks I found from other bloggers like "Content is king" and "find a niche".

To tell you the truth, most of these tips and tricks did not work for me.

It is really frustrating when a lot of bloggers or blog posts state that you should do these or do those but you seem to not know how to do them or where to even start.

I know I kept seeing almost the same tips and tricks but I couldn’t make sense out of them. I felt like I was the dumbest person in the blogging world. Seriously, that's how I felt.

At a certain point, I gave up on searching for tips and tricks. This point was the turning point when I decided to start relying on what I felt were good for my blog and what weren’t. I told myself that if I failed to increase page views of mine, then, it’s my fault and I’d be ok regardless.

A couple of months forward, my page views hover around 150K to 170K. Coming from only 100ish views per month to 170K, I can say that I made some good choices for my blog.

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Learn the different strategies on how to increase your blog page views using effective search engine optimization (SEO), social media platforms, blogging community, and others without spending too much time and effort. 


Use your time more effectively and efficiently so you can improve your blog than figuring out and testing so many things with little to no effect on increasing your blog's page views. 


Take advantage of having increased page views. The more views your blog has, the better chance you'll earn more money through advertisements, affiliate marketing, just to name a few.



Save money by buying this e-book. You've probably seen a lot of e-courses or e-books promising so many things. Of course, they come with hefty prices. I intend to help people without charging them so much. You'll get as much information and new strategies as you can plus more with this e-book.



This straight forward, no fluff eBook, walks you through proven and actionable steps you can take to successfully increase page views. This is perfect for the beginner blogger who is looking to improve traffic as Allan makes it incredibly easy for you to follow along, understand, and implement each strategy

Nataly Llanes Blogger at Love and Paper Flowers

The Practical Saver Page Views...

blog statistics

FROM 0 TO 170,000/MO IN 9 MONTHS

Starting as a new blogger was hard. Not knowing how to get traffic was even harder.  I experimented with different strategies, researched the dos and don'ts of blogging and getting traffic, etc. After 9 months, my blog hovered around 170,000 page views per month using the strategies I have tried and tested.

The Handy Foodie Page Views...

the handy foodie statistics

A couple of months after I created The Practical Saver, I created The Handy Foodie. Well, I forgot about it until it was about to expire. I wanted to keep it as I am very much a foodie and a handy man. So, I applied my strategies. After just a month, my page views shot up to around 29,000.


The Practical Saver


here is also my January 2018 traffic for The Practical Saver. My blog hovers around 200,000 page views per month now. What's more interesting is that for the past couple of months, I have been blogging for 5-10 hours per month as I try cut down my blogging time and spending more time with my family.

My traffic keeps on growing without me using other strategies other than what I have right now in this e-book.


blog strategies

Excerpt from the e-book

This e-book will show you exactly what you need to do to increase your blog page views without spending too much time and experimenting strategies that don't work.



15+ Strategies I Applied to Skyrocket My Blog's Page Views from 0 to 170K in 9 Months" is a tremendous resource! Let's face it - as a blogger, your time is limited, so you can't do it all, day in and day out. Allan's system is proven to help any blogger increase page views by doing the work that matters and cutting out everything else. I've been applying them for nearly a year, and they help me maintain a profitable personal finance blog - even when I only have a few hours per week to devote to my site. 

If you're serious about increasing your traffic and reaching a wider audience, "15+ Strategies" is a must-read!

David Cahill Blogger at FinanceSuperhero

blog earnings
blog earnings
ad network earnings


While this e-book isn't about affiliate marketing, the increased in page views has helped me earn more blogging money now more than ever. I didn't have to blog about blogging to make money like many bloggers do. 

Now, my income from blogging about blogging only accounts for 5-10% of my income. The rest are from marketing other products other than Bluehost. 


What's more interesting is that for the past couple of months, I have been only blogging for 5-10 hours per month as I try cut down my blogging time and spending more time with my family.

My traffic and blog income keep on growing without me using other strategies other than what I have right now in this e-book.



I Need Money: 7 Great Spring Side Hustles To Make Extra Money budgeting for beginners

What You Will Learn From This E-book...

15+ Strategies that will will help you skyrocket your blog's page views.

#1: How long your posts should be

Find out how long your posts need to be and how often you need to publish them. Hint: You'll thank yourself you learn this trick. 

#2: Which key dates are key

Do you just publish posts in the hopes of people finding your content? Learn what and how these key dates will affect your blog traffic. 

#3: How to hit multiple groups with one stone

What if you audience is more than just one or want to cover more? Satisfy your audiences at one time.

#4: Why you need to use this social media platform

It's unknown to most bloggers but is a minefield for topics people like to talk about and engage more often than usual. 

#5: How to expand without even expanding

To grow your blog page views means to expand your blog's reach without going out of your niche. Find out how.

#6: Why you need to use this action as your step 1 

Before you even write your first word for your post, you need to do this. If you don't, you could be in trouble. 

#7: What to ask your ad networks to get the most out of them

Learn how to get more from your ad networks to help you gain more traffic and more revenues as well. 

#8: Why do more internal linking than external

Do you find yourself using external links to support your posts? Learn how to use your links for better use.

#9: What you need to do when your post becomes viral

Learn what you need to do to ensure you get the most benefit when your post becomes viral. 

#10: How to get the most out of social media platforms

Do you know how to get the maximum exposure on social media? Learn what you need to do. 

#11: What you need on your sidebar

Sidebar isn't just for display. Find out how you can maximize your sidebar's value. Hint: The tricks aren't what you think they are.

#12: When you need to try something new

Sometimes, trying new is good and sometimes, it's not. Find out why and when you need to do it. 

#13: Why you need to apply this trick to attract readers so quick

Find out the trick that will surely get your readers to engage with or part of your blog.

#14: What social media can bring you boatloads of readers overnight

To increase your blog's views overnight is this media. Hint: Not your typical social media platform. 

#15: How to beat your competitors without them knowing it

Learn the easy way to beat your competitors without doing so many complicated things. 

#16: How to identify your audience when you don't know where to begin

Find out how you can identify your audience with little to no effort.

#17: What you need to do when you've applied all the tricks here

When you've applied everything, learn what you need to do next. It's easy but people forget about it.

Final thoughts

My final words about this e-book and how it will help you achieve better blog page views. 


This ebook is really amazing! I've been able to learn so many effective ways to improve my traffic that I never thought of before. This ebook has some awesome tips that both newbies and seasoned bloggers will find useful!

Yandra Lassource Blogger at Smartnancials

blog strategies

Excerpt from the e-book


About the Author

I am Allan Liwanag, the guy behind The Practical Saver.

I started blogging in 2016 out of my desire to share my thoughts about my financial failure and success, which all came in 2.5 years. 

I thought blogging was just about writing a post and publishing it. I heard crickets the first two months I was blogging. Seriously, CRICKETS. I felt defeated and wanted to just give up. I felt trapped and didn't know what to do or where to go.

I took a step back and told myself that I should give blogging another push. So, I did. 

I went ahead and tested different strategies, researched studies, and so many things in between. Then, after a couple of months my blog page views started to increase. And after 9 months, my blog's page views hovered around 170,000 per month and never looked back. 

"My blog has never looked back and has continued to grow in page views month after month. Now, I spend 15 hours a month working on my blog. I still get the page views I want and the blog revenue I didn't expect to get."

Needless to say, I found my perfect balance between blogging and spending time with my family.

What You'll Get.....

Your e-book will be sent to your preferred email. No need to take extra steps to get your e-book.

As simple as that.

You can email me anytime and I will be answer your questions or concerns about blogging.

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Is This E-book Right For You?

Wondering if this e-book is right for you?

Who is this for

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    Bloggers who are open to new ideas
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    Bloggers who want to increase their revenues directly or indirectly through increased page views

Who is this not for

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    Bloggers who don't like to take their blogs to a new level in terms of blog traffic
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    Bloggers who want overnight success and don't believe that hard work is key
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    Bloggers who don't want to try new ideas
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    Bloggers who think they've done their best and cannot do anything else to increase their blog views

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"Now, I spend 15 hours a month working on my blog. I get the page views I want and the revenue I didn't expect to get."

I found the perfect balance between blogging and what I love to do (i.e. spending time with my family).

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