BJ’s Wholesale Club: 3-Month Free Memberships To New Shoppers

If you have always wanted to buy in bulk to save some more money or want to get a membership at BJ's Wholesale Club but don’t want to pay the hefty membership fee, you are in luck.

BJ’s Wholesale Club is offering 3-month free membership to new shoppers.

That’s 3 months of trying to see if you really like the store. The offer is only open to new shoppers and expires 8/31/2017. So, from now all the way to 8/31/2017, you have the opportunity to sign up for 90-day free membership trial.

The offer is only available on and may not be combined with other offers. This means that you won’t get this deal if you just go straight to the store and ask for a 3-month free membership. You have to do everything online between now and 8/31/2017.

There’s a limit of one promotional membership per household. Once you are registered, members can go directly to any BJ’s store to get their membership card by presenting photo ID at the Member Services Desk.

According to BJ’s, grocery prices are 25% lower, based on a basket of 100 national brand household staples, when compared to other select grocery stores.

Membership at BJ’s typically starts at $50 per year. Plus, BJ’s also offers low gas prices, which is really a plus for those who want to cut down on their gas expenses.

Simple hack: Avail the FREE 3-month membership at BJ's Wholesale Club. Let the membership expires and, then, open a new BJ’s membership using my magical link. When you go to this link to get a new membership, you will receive a $25 BJ’s Gift Card for FREE.

The typical membership fee is $50. With the gift card, you are like paying $25 or less, depending on the current fee, for the membership, which can easily be offset by the amount of savings you’ll have when buying groceries at BJ's Wholesale Club.

You may not find another deal like this again. Are you going to avail this opportunity?


    • Allan Liwanag May 13, 2017