8 Investments Before Your 30s

This “8 Investments Before Your 30s “ post describes what you may need to invest on before you reach your 30s. This post contains affiliate links/ads. See disclosure policy

You are in your late 20s and moving on to your 30s. Soon after that, you are going to move to 40s, 50s, etc. Time flies fast. You may think you have all the time in the world but time will sneak up on you by surprise. Next thing you know, you are out of time to do what you need to do.

But let’s focus on your years before you hop in the next decade of your life. Do you know what you need to do or accomplish?

I’m 33. I tell you that I have experienced so many more things in 3 years than what I experienced in my 20s. Good thing is that I did what I could and would love to do before I turned 30s.

8 Investments Before Your 30s

Here are some ways you might want or should do before you enter the 30s phase.


Yes, one of the eight investments you need to consider is investments.

The best time to invest was a long time ago. But since a long time ago is in the past, the next best time to invest is now.

Time is money. The more time your money is invested, the greater chance your money will grow. That’s the whole idea behind compounding interest.

I have reached a point where the annualized return I get is more than what I contribute each year. Did I put a lot of money to start with investing? No. I remember putting $50 to start my investment account. From there, I increased my contribution as I got more money through side hustles, promotions, bonuses, etc.

Don't have money enough money to invest? Don't worry because you there are investment companies or platforms that only require you to invest as little as $1. My favorite is Acorns.

You can invest as little as $0.01 through Acorns. Acorns will roundup your purchase and invest your spare change. For example, you purchased an item for $9.59. Acorns will round it up to $10.00 and invest the difference, $0.41, to various ETFs? It invests your spare change automatically. If you sign up via this link, you will get $5 BONUS. With Acorns, who says investing is difficult and costly? Not me.



Education is the one thing that cannot be taken away from me. This was what my parents told me a long a time. I believe in what they said and I finished my college and, eventually, got my MBA.

I have a great paying job now because of the education I got a couple of years ago. I love my job. I honestly don’t know what my career would be had I not gone to school. I love it so much that even when I am making a lot of money through blogging, I still like to stick with my job for a very long time.

I was able to go to undergraduate school for free and almost paid nothing for graduate school. I believe that education is one of the greatest investments one can ever have.

I don’t say that you have to finished college to get a good paying job. I only say that education, whether college or vocational, is a great investment.

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Family has always come and will always come first on my priority list. For me, family is always an investment.

I love my family. I love building family that is founded on love, trust, and compassion. I love being a father to my daughter and husband to my wife. I love being the provider of the family. I love everything about family.

This is why I invest a lot of time in my family. If you have a family or a family of your own, investing in your family is always a worthy cause.

I choose to not work overtime at work because I like to spend every single second outside work for my family. I allot a maximum of 1-2 hours a day with blogging because I love to spend time with my family.

Kids grow fast. I want time with my daughter as much as I can because I know that she’ll grow one day.

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I have always been a business-minded person. That’s why I took MBA as a graduate degree. I built a business during my late 20s and it failed. Having said that, the lessons I learned from that failed business has helped me in more ways than I can imagine.

This advice may not be for everyone but I say that there are fewer risks when you try to build a business when you’re younger than when you’re older. I say that because as we grow older, we tend to have more responsibilities on our plate.

I was able to build a business, failed at making it successful, come back up, and move on with few scratches because I was single back then and I didn’t have a family of my own back then.

As many people say, many people fail on their first business but succeed on their succeeding businesses. I plan on creating a business later on. Or may be I can focus on my blog and make it as a business. Right now, I consider it as a hobby more than anything else even though I am making a full-time income working only on part-time basis.



There is no better time to plan your retirement than now.

Age can sneak up on you. If you don’t save enough and it’s time for you to retire, you may not have enough to sustain the lifestyle you want or even your basic needs.

We’ll be lucky if Social Security is still there. But I really don’t count on Social Security.

You have to start planning and investing for retirement now. I have seen people and have many friends who want to retire and are in their 60s but can’t retire because they don’t have sufficient money to cover their expenses.

No one’s going to hand you a monthly check when you retire. It is always best to be proactive with your retirement because your future is at stake here.

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Financial Literacy.

Financial literacy should be one of the focus areas in school but I don’t think it is right now.

There are so many positives with being financially literate. When you are financially literate, you know how to use and manage your money. You know what you should and should not spend money on. You know what your priorities should and should not be financially.

It is this literacy that helps you build your savings and wealth. It is this literacy that helps you have money during emergency and when you retire.

I cannot stress enough the benefits of being financially literate.

If you are financially literate, good for you. If you’re not, then, there is always room to learn. Grab a book on finances, watch news, learn the stock market, etc. Take a step toward financial literacy. A step even a small one can make a big difference in how you manage and view your finances.

It is this financial literacy that allowed me to pay off my debt of over $50K in under 2.5 years and saved at least $70K at the same time.

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Like family, I consider friends as investments. I honestly cannot live without friends.

Friends, for me, are an extension of my family. They are their through good and bad times. They are there for each other. I say, pick your own friends. Don’t just make friends because you need friends.

I’d rather have friends who I can count on my fingers than thousands of friends who won’t be there for each other in good and bad times.

It was when I was deep in debt that I got to know who my true friends were. These true friends helped my family in many ways I can remember especially when we were not feeling the luckiest people in the world. They provided emotional support and pieces of advice, which meant a lot to my family.

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Health is wealth. That’s how I see it.

As people say, no matter how much money you have, it means nothing if your health is failing. It is so easy to abuse your health when you are in your 20s. I’m referring to bad vices and habits like smoking and drinking.

Many young people say that their body can tolerate those toxins. I’m no doctor or health professional but I think these toxins can negatively affect your health.

Taking care of your health should be a priority. Eat healthy and exercise can make a positive effect in your health and overall well-being. Try to find time to be active even when you have a ton of things on your plate.

You cannot put a price tag on your health. It’s priceless or it’s worth more than anything in this world.

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What investments do you think you should be working on now? What other important things do you think you need to do before you jump into the 30s phase?