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5 Free Fun Family Activities To Do

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This “5 Free Fun Family Activities To Do” post is a guest post from Kara Masterson. Kara is a freelance writer from Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max. Find her on Facebook. This post contains affiliate links/ads. See disclosure policy

Everyone loves spending time with their family. There is definitely nothing better than being able to go out with your family and have a good time. However, going out with your family can be pretty pricy. You want to just spend quality time with your loved ones, but it can cost you more than what you make. There is no price on family, but free activities everyone can enjoy are a win-win.

5 Free Fun Family Activities

Here are free fun family activities that your kids will enjoy.

Backyard Shenanigans

A day in the backyard may not seem like much fun at first, but with your whole family it can be great! Just grab all the balls you have in your garage to kick, throw, and hit and see how it turns out. Try flower pots for bases or field markers; be as creative as you like. If the blistering heat won't let up, be spontaneous and turn on all the sprinklers to cool everyone down. If your yard doesn't appeal to you, swing over to the nearest park.

Fun In The Sun

Gather up the biggest blankets, softest beach towels, and half empty bottles of sunscreen because we're going to the beach! Some areas have local pools that are free, making this an enjoyable alternative. Pack a cooler of thirst-quenching drinks and tasty sandwiches. It wouldn't hurt to load the beach umbrella and speakers for entertainment.

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Use Your Noggin

Being reminded of history as you learn more about modern craft can be surprisingly satisfying. Call your local museums and see when they offer free days for the public. See what your children learn and maybe even find out what other things intrigue them. Try pointing out interesting memories along the way. Maybe Harmon's was your favorite grocery store as a kid, or maybe a Utah Credit Union taught you how to write your first check and be financially responsible; anything to fire up those thinking caps. Keep the zoo in mind for a smooth back-up.

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Give Back

Volunteering can be so underrated and disregarded. To make it more interesting, everyone can choose a place and draw it out of a hat. Some ideas include a 5K race handing out water, throwing paint, or simply cheering; sporting events; and animal shelters. Whichever opportunity you choose, you can expect a rewarding experience. Share your perspectives on the car ride home.

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

Let's rally up for a good old fashioned game night! Choose a room in the house you love to enjoy together, like the den or living room. Or you can choose the one you spend the least amount of time in, like the dining room. Whichever are you decide, stack it with cards, dominoes, and board games. You can get the computer going for an in-home karaoke scene too! Will you teach your kids not to mess with you, or will they be the ones schooling you?

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You can have just as much fun on an expensive vacation as you can right at home for free. The main idea is that you're spending it with your family. That is definitely what really matters in the long run!


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