25+ Amazon Hacks To Save You Money

This post may contain affiliate links. See disclosure policy.

This ” 25+ Amazon Hacks To Save You Money ” post describes the simple but effective Amazon hacks that will save you money. This post contains affiliate links/ads. See disclosure policy.

I love Amazon. Most likely than not, when I need to buy a reasonably-priced product, chances are it's on Amazon.

I can't remember the first time I used Amazon. But I know I have bought a ton of products from food to kitchen necessities on Amazon because of their competitive prices and selections.

As a matter of fact, I bought more now on Amazon because I get my purchases within 2 days. Thanks to Amazon Prime membership. I tried it for FREE the first time and I seriously loved it. Shop Amazon – Give the Gift of Amazon Prime25+ Amazon Hacks To Save You Money 1

If you are a budgeter and an extreme frugal person like me, you always want to make sure you get the best product for the money you want to spend. Amazon is a good place to make that happen.

Did you know that you there are a lot of Amazon hacks that a lot of people don't know of or not really sure what they are? These Amazon hacks will squeeze more saving and benefits you can expect from Amazon.

From taking advantage of the Prime membership to using a specific website to track Amazon prices, you'll find that these Amazon hacks are not only easy to do but also eye-opening because of the pseudo-secrets you may not know about Amazon and its never-ending list of benefits.

25+ Amazon Hacks To Save You Money

Here are some of the Amazon hacks I know of. I will update this as I come across or try more money-saving tricks on Amazon.

Filter discounted products easily

Now, you can find the best possible discount with just a simple trick.

Let’s say you want to see discount range from 30% to 80% you can simply add this code at the end of the URL.


Simply copy paste the above code (without quotations) at the end of URL. This code will narrow down the result. This is one of the most simple but very effective money-saving hacks for amazon shoppers.


Abandon your purchase (i.e. leave something in your cart)

There is a very nice trick to get discount on amazon you probably do not know. If you want to buy something, add them to your cart but don’t buy them yet. If you can wait, leave your desired products in your cart for some time.

Since Amazon wants you to buy the products already in your cart, they will keep sending you email with reminder that you have those products in your cart. This is known as the “Abandonment of Shopping cart” in shopping industry.

In order to lure you into buying these products, Amazon will offer you amazing discounts and coupons that may not necessarily be always available to other people or to the public.

So wait for the price discounts to appear before purchasing those products.

Shop on Amazon and get reimbursed.

Do you know you can receive reimbursement or get rewarded for shopping on Amazon? There are websites that reimburse you a certain percentage of your purchase automatically.

If you access Amazon’s site through their sites, they will get paid and, sometimes, they will share their profits to you or give you a fixed reimbursement.

I highly recommend you use these sites to go to Amazon to get discounts and reimbursements:

Be smart. Go for the least popular items.

If you are looking to purchase something and it has a range of different size and colors are offered, the best way to save money is to buy the least popular color, if color is not something you care much and if you want to save some bucks.

Be vigilant when shopping on Amazon as this money saving trick might come in.

Let’s say if you want to buy a baby cart. What are the most common colors people choose for their kids? Mostly pink and purple. In this case choose a color that is less popular but fits in your room’s overall design. Less popular colors are sometimes sold cheaper as compared to the popular colors.

Receive compensations with price drop.

Amazon has this unique policy of refunding the price difference when the product price drops.

When you shop on Amazon and the price drops the following week, you can claim for a refund. Claim can be made by, email, online chat or through phone call.

Prices changes with costumers demand and supply pattern, just like those in traditional markets. Amazon is no exception to these price changes.

Prices of products on Amazon do fluctuate with time. So whenever they do, make a claim.

Use Amazon store card and save money.

This money saving tip is applicable for all products on Amazon.

With Amazon store card you can save up to 5% of your total purchases on any product. You don’t need to wait for holidays and certain days to get such discount. It applies to all items.

One recommendation is to make sure you pay the store card on time and in-full so you avoid paying the high interest charge. The card is not free money. It is in your best interest if you use the store card wisely and responsibly.

Get a $20 Amazon gift card for FREE.

If you consistently buy on Amazon, you may consider getting the Amazon store card. Not only will you get 5% every time you buy from Amazon, you will also get a FREE $20 Amazon gift card instantly when you first open your Amazon store card.

Get Amazon gift cards for FREE.

This is not a repeat of the previous tip.

You can get FREE Amazon gift cards from different websites. There are number of websites that give away gift cards to their users and followers.

The requirements of these websites vary. But, in general, these sites will require you to watch videos, read articles, take surveys, etc. so you can get paid. Some of these websites include:

Get the Amazon Prime.

Now you can receive additional benefits by being an Amazon Prime member. Amazon often sends extra special discounts to its members.  Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial25+ Amazon Hacks To Save You Money 1

My friend who is a Prime member told me that he got an offer up to 50% off for those products not available to the general public. These products included the Amazon Echo and Fire TV Stick.

You don’t have to buy new prime membership for your loved one or friend. Now, one membership can be used by more than person.

Get free Prime Membership if you are a college student.

If you are a student, then, here is a really amazing Amazon trick for you.

By using your email account (.edu), you can receive up to 6 month Prime membership for free.  Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial25+ Amazon Hacks To Save You Money 1

While it is not a full membership and doesn’t have the all benefits a full membership offers, it still offers you a free two-day shipping.

If you ever decide to get the full membership, you can get it for a 50% discount. That’s a sweet deal if you ask me. That’s not all. You can get a referral credit of $10 for every friend you refer to the Prime membership.

Turn old unused prepaid Visa gift card to become Amazon gift card.

You can buy Amazon gift card any time you want. But do you know if you have an old, unused prepaid visa gift card that you can convert this Visa card to Amazon gift card? You sure can but note that the minimum limit for conversion is $0.15.

Here are the details on how you can convert you old Visa gift card to Amazon gift card.

  1. Login to your Amazon account.
  2. Under Payments tab, click Purchase a gift card.
  3. Choose to send via email. This way you will get a code instantly.
  4. Enter your Visa gift card details and secret number on the back of your card. Make sure your Visa gift card is worth more than $0.15.
  5. You will receive your code via email in few seconds.

Once you have it, you can simply click “Apply a gift card” to your Account.

Get a FREE book every month.

If you are a Prime member, you can get one free book every month. These books are offered by Kindle Lending Library.

Access to Kindle Lending Library costs $10 per month. Only unlimited members are allowed access to Kindle Lending Library. But with your Prime membership, you can get 1 free book a month.

There is a program known as Kindle First25+ Amazon Hacks To Save You Money 1, where it features up to six books a month and you are allowed to download one book at a time.

Enjoy the benefits of being an Amazon Mom.

Amazon offers a service known as Amazon Mom.

This is for those Prime members who are expecting within 2 months before their due date. What this benefit offers you is a discount of up to 15% for all baby items.

Subscribe and save program is another program for such members, where they can get 20% discount on baby products, like diapers.

There are multiple perks available just being an Amazon Mom. You gain access to exclusive offers and coupons/discount for baby-related items.

That’s not all. If an Amazon Mom enrolls another mom, that Amazon Mom will get $10 as referral fee.

Get free Amazon cloud storage.

Here is another useful of those Amazon hacks for you.

Now you don’t have to worry about low storage on your PC, laptop or mobile phone. Amazon prime membership allows you to access the Amazon cloud so you can save a number of photos and videos on Amazon cloud storage for free.

Storage limit for Amazon cloud is 5GB. That’s still a lot of FREE storage where you can upload/download any file you want and share them with your friends.

Stream unlimited videos.

Amazon allows instant access to videos for prime members, just like Netflix does.

You can choose any video or series you want to watch on Amazon Instant Video service. Amazon Instant Video has exclusive shows and it also provides access to other online videos and older shows.

You can watch these videos on your iPhone, iPhone Smart TV etc.

Join Amazon Prime – Watch Thousands of Movies & TV Shows Anytime – Start Free Trial Now25+ Amazon Hacks To Save You Money 1

Try the Subscribe and Save.

You can save money by simply committing to buying products consistently (or regular intervals). Amazon will take 5% off of these products’ prices.

This is the gist behind the Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program. You can save money by using this amazing Amazon trick.

You will typically find this program available on grocery items, which is really what you really buy on a regular basis. All you need to do is quickly use the product and set schedule. Once you have more than 5 items on your subscription list, Amazon discount can go as high as 15% every time you do your shopping.

Save money using coupons.

Every time you shop on Amazon for groceries, you may find clickable coupons on different product pages. Click on them. These coupons can help you to save money on the products you have in your cart.

These coupons can save you $0.25 to $5. You can also visit Amazon Coupons to see a list of available coupons.

Buy randomly to save money.

You don’t have to stick to one country to buy items.

For example, when you buy a book, it is possible that same book in another country cost less.

A number of websites will make a search for you and will compare prices of the same books from different countries. There might be slight difference in content but the main content will be the same. One of the most prominent websites is Cheap River.

Cheap River searches on Amazon’s International sites and finds out the prices for the same book.

Contact Amazon for overdue shipment.

Last month, I ordered a particular product on Amazon. Normally, as a Prime member, I get 2-day FREE shipping, which was what I supposed to have when I bought that specific product.

Unfortunately, it took a week to get such product. I contacted Amazon support center. They sent me another product and paid me compensation for my distresses.

Become an Amazon associate.

You can become an Amazon associate by sending links to your friends and family. When your friends and family or whoever ever uses your link to purchase products on Amazon, you will get up to 8% commission every month.

Write a review and get discount.

This is one of the most interesting Amazon hacks I’ve seen so far.

There are number of websites that offer heavy discounts if you write a review of their products. As you may know, buyers tend to read reviews before buying products.

So whenever companies want to launch a product, they want people to write product reviews. In exchange, those reviewers may get free products and other discounts.

Take advantage of Amazon’s benefit if your birthday is coming up.

If you have birthday coming, you can send present wish list to all your friends and relatives. This is called Amazon Birthday.

Amazon also recommends you to add gifts in the list before you send list to friends and others.

Get a FREE shipping without Prime Membership.

In general, free shipping is only for prime members. According to Amazon policy, if you make purchases worth more than $35, you can get FREE shipping.

It is possible that you find what you need but you may not have the $35 minimum for FREE shipping.

Here is one of those Amazon hacks you need to be aware of. Use Amazon’s service called the Amazon Filler. What this does is it recommends you some other products you may want to buy to reach that $35 minimum for FREE shipping.

Use CamelCamelCamel.

We all have this reasoning of wanting to buy something but don’t want to pay the price. Here’s a trick. Visit CamelCamelCamel.com and set an alert.

It will notify you when the prices of the products you want fall.

Buy used products.

Just because products are used doesn’t mean that they are worn out and can no longer function the way new products can.

Some of the used products on Amazon are in perfect condition but cost less than the new ones. If you want to save money, then, buying used on Amazon is one of the ways you can save money.

These are some of my Amazon hacks. Have your or are you doing these Amazon hacks? Do you have any other Amazon hacks you'd like to share?

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