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10+ Cash Back Sites To Earn You Money While You Shop

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I admit that I, sometimes, like to do online shopping than going to the stores to buy the things I need for my family. It’s not that I am just a lazy guy who doesn’t like to move or someone who has something else important to do. It’s just, at times, I find good deals that save me more money than the deals I would find in stores.

Of course, I don’t just go directly to the stores’ websites and purchase the products I need to buy. In this day and age, there are countless ways to even save more money when you shop online. There are coupons or coupon codes you can get from sites like Retail Me Not. There are also sites that give you cash backs.

This year alone, my wife and I have saved at least $300 just by using these various cash back sites. I don’t know the business ins and outs of the cash back websites other than the fact that getting cash backs is real. When I opened a new account with Verizon, I went through Ebates to get to Verizon. What’s the result? I got a cash back of $75… as simple as that… no questions, no catch.

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10+ Cash Back Sites

Here are some of the sites that my wife and I go to each time we buy products online. We use multiple sites because some sites offer higher cash backs than others for the same products.

  • Dollar Dig (Sign up and get $5 instantly)
  • MyPoints (Desktop l Mobile(Get $10 gift card when you spend $20)
  • TopCashback
  • Swagbucks (Get $5 when you sign up)
  • Dynamic Pay
  • Lemoney (A Cash Back Site With A Twist)
  • Extrabux ($5 sign-up bonus)
  • Cash Crate  (One guy earned over $20 on his 1st day of using Cash Crate)
  • Ebates
  • Mr. Rebates
  • BeFrugal ($10 sign-up bonus)
  • Panda Cash Back ($5 sign-up bonus)

Here are also some survey sites you may have not heard of but you should definitely try to possibly make thousands of dollars every year. Some will give you money without even taking surveys. The benefits of each of these surveys can be found on 10+ Best Survey Sites To Make Thousands A Year :

  • Ipsos I-Say ($620/mo. The survey site people are raving about and that keeps on giving)
  • MySurvey (Earn 2,000 points as a sign-up bonus; It has paid $32M+ since 2014)
  • MyPoints (Earn up to $50/survey; $5 Bonus after first 5 surveys)
  • Vindale Research (Earn $2 bonus for signing up; I’ve earned more than $1,100 so far)
  • Swagbucks (Earn $10 sign up bonus instantly)
  • Survey Club  (Potentially earn at least $50 per survey)

Dollar Dig (Sign up and get $5 instantly)

Ever heard of Dollar Dig? It may not be a household name in cash back industry but it sure does provide the same or better deals that big cash back sites out there provide.

You can save money at over 3,250 stores and that's a lot of stores to begin with. Plus, it adds stores every day. Yes, that's right every day. If you don't see your favorite stores there today, come back tomorrow or some other time and you might see it there.

The one thing that sets it apart from the rest is that you can redeem your cash back after you have accumulated $25. You don't have to wait for a quarter to be done before you can get your cash back.

I've seen cash back as high as 25% and that's not only for one store. I've seen a couple of stores that have that cash back rate.

If you sign up through my link, you will receive $5 right away. Try it now for FREE before that free $5 goes away.

MyPoints (Desktop l Mobile) (Get $10 gift card when you spend $20)

MyPoints is like Swagbucks, Ebates, and EarningStation combined. It's a shopping rewards program that allows you to earn not only through shopping but also through reading emails, searching the web, taking surveys, etc.

With MyPoints, you'll not only earn points but you can also find coupons you can use at your favorite stores. This will save you money in the process. Also, when you use these coupons, you will earn extra MyPoints. That is double benefit to you.

I cannot tell you enough how rewarding it is to use MyPoints. It does wonder to my wife and I even though we don't shop a lot.

When you sign up via my link, you will receive $10 back after you spend at least $20. This only means  that on top of getting more MyPoints you're also getting $10 back. Need more reasons to make more and save more money? Here are some ways you can earn MyPoints.

  • Sharing your opinion
  • Searching through the web
  • Referring your friends
  • Playing online games
  • Getting MyPoints Score

There are 3 ways to redeem your points. These include:

  • Redeeming for gift cards
  • Getting cash via PayPal
  • Donating points for charity
  • Booking travel (You can use your points for travel miles to book that nice trip you've wanted for.)

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TopCashback is a portal that helps you earn money through purchases you make via the web. Like the other sites on this list, you have to go to TopCashback first and search for the store you like to go to. Once found, click the site and you’ll be directed to that store.

According to the site, the retailer will pay TopCashback a commission for your purchases and such commission is added to your earnings as cashback. If you ask me how it manages to earn money when all the commission goes to your account, the answer is simple. It earns money by hitting bonus with merchants as well as merchant advertisements in its site.

You can earn as much as 10% from Amazon, 15% from Living Social, $75 from T-Mobile, and more. Those are what I call easy money.

For me, the best feature of TopCashback is that the sign up is FREE. Earn money back when you shop online

Swagbucks (Get $5 when you sign up)

Swagbucks is like Google, TopCashback, Ebates, and Vindale Research group together. Swagbucks is in its own category. Why? Here are some of the reasons that I say it’s in its own category:

  • You get points by using it as a search engine.
  • You earn points by taking surveys.
  • You get points by watching videos and playing games.
  • You earn points by completing offers.
  • You can earn cash back through its extensive cash back shopping section.

Let’s put it this way, I earned at least $25 a month just by watching videos. Receive a FREE $5 when you sign up via this link.

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Dynamic Pay

Dynamic Pay offers up to 10 percent cash back to its customers for purchases at over 200 retailers nationwide. Just like Apple Pay or Android Pay, you use your credit card via Dynamic Pay's Mobile Wallet/App to make your payments from your phone at many retailers spanning across 300K locations across the US.

There is a double benefit by using Dynamic Pay. You are not only getting cash back from your credit card, assuming your credit card has rewards benefit built in it, you are also getting cash back from Dynamic Pay.

Additional benefits of Dynamic Pay include: (1) help a person by allocating a portion of your purchases go towards local charity of your choice, (2) win prizes for referring your family and friends to Dynamic Pay, (3) send digital gift cards to your family and friends right away.

Lemoney (A Cash Back Site With A Twist)

Lemoney is a cash back website like no other cash back sites. Why? Because you can earn commissions with your own community. The bigger your community is, the greater the chance you will earn more. Plus, you can earn unlimited commission, which means there's no limit on the amount of money you can earn.

Once you have joined, you can start inviting friends to become part of your network. Your friends can also invite as many friends as they want. All of them will make up your community. Call it your own network.

Your community will be formed by direct and indirect connections. Direct connections mean your friends that signed up using your link. Indirect connections means your friends’ friends who signed up using your friends’ links. Every time a member of your community shops through Lemoney, you will earn commission whether that person is your direct or indirect connection.

Each level of network has its correspondent percentage of commission. According to Lemoney, you will earn 5% from the 1st level under yours, 2.5% the next level, 1.25% the third level and so one. I can’t say that I’ve seen similar features from other cash back sites.

In a nutshell, you are rewarded when any member of your network shops online. The more people in your community, the greater your earning potential is. Remember, it’s FREE to sign up and all it takes is your email to get started.

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Extrabux ($5 sign-up bonus)

Extrabux is similar to many cash back sites except that it is available worldwide. From what I’ve seen so far, it is available in the US, China, Korea, Taiwan, and Russia.

As of this writing, you can earn up to 10% at GNC, 5.5% at Amazon, 9% at Drugstore.com, and from other stores. What’s so interesting about Extrabux is that you can redeem or receive your cash back via your credit card, check, or PayPal. You can even donate your cash back to charity.

Best of all is you automatically get $5 just for signing up. Sign-up is FREE. Extrabux.com – Get Cash Back & Coupons from Your Favorite Store

Cash Crate

Cash Crate is what I always call Swagbucks without the search engine. While other cash back sites only offers cash backs and coupons, Cash Crate is different. You can earn cash from surveys, referrals, and offers.

The one thing that is unique of Cash Crate is that members can earn in two different ways. There is a section that is dedicated to earning cash and another section dedicated to earning gift cards. If you are type of a person who doesn’t like cash and prefer gift cards or vice-versa, then, Cash Crate is what you may be looking for. Get paid for the things you do online and everything that you complete, you will receive cold hard CASH!! Sign up for FREE!


Ebates is probably one of the most well-known cash back sites out there. I had started with Ebates before I ventured out to other cash back sites. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t like Ebates. I find that some of its cash backs are lower than the other cash back sites that I go to. Make no mistake… Ebates offers some of the highest cash back dollars or rates around.

What I do like about Ebates is that, from time to time, it offers “Double Cash Back”. What this means is that it will double the amount you’ll receive as cash back than what they normally pay out. For example, if it’s cashback for JCPenney is usually 3%, then, when JCPenney is included in its Double Cash Back, Ebates will pay you 6%.

Like TopCashback, sign up for Ebates is FREE.

Mr. Rebates

Mr. Rebates has cash back rebates as high as 30%. Adding to that, it has free money-saving coupons from over 2,000 online stores. If I were to rank my best-performing cash back sites, Mr. Rebates would be in top tier alongside Extrabux, TopCashback, Swagbucks, and Ebates.

I believe that one of the biggest advantages of this site is that it offers 20% cash back referral commission. So, if your friends and family use your link to sign up for Mr. Rebates, you’ll earn 20% of their cash back for life. Yes, you read it correctly…for life. When I say for life, what I mean is that you’ll get 20% of their earned rebates as long as they use Mr. Rebates.

Some stores Mr. Rebates has include Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, Disney, and others.

Sign-up is FREE.

BeFrugal ($10 sign-up bonus)

BeFrugal is what I considered a newbie in the cash back industry. In 2009, it was only a coupon site. But it has been a cash back website since 2011 or 2012. It houses thousands stores, many of which are big retailers like Amazon, Sears, Walmart.

According to its website, you can earn up to 40% cash back. Though I haven’t gotten that 40%, I’m still hoping that I get to receive that 40% cash back one of these days.

BeFrugal offers top deals, top coupons, and bonus cash back. You can redeem your earnings by PayPal, check or Amazon gift card.

Did I tell you that you can get an instant $10 just for signing? Oh the best part is that sign up is FREE.

Panda Cash Back ($5 sign-up bonus)

Want $5 sign-up bonus? Then, Panda Cash Back is just the perfect cash back site for you. Like Ebates, Panda Cash Back offers local daily deals, live coupon codes, and double cash back deals. Panda Cash Back has one of the best cash back rates I’ve seen in the past couple of years.

I haven’t used this site yet just because I just signed up two days ago. I’ve heard both good and bad reviews, some reviews are really great and some are extremely bad. I took the reviews for what they are and still opened an account. I’m not losing anything except a few minutes to sign. Well, I take it back. I didn’t lose a few minutes because I earned $5 right away.

Some other sites you may be interested:

Paribushunts price reduction. It, then, files a claim on your behalf and get you a refund. Vioila! It’s that simple.

Cashback Houserebates for coupons, deals, and purchases.

UPromiseI first heard of UPromise as a way to earn money for college. Well, in the world of cash back, UPromise help you save money for college.


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