10+ Genius Cash Back Sites To Surprise You With Over $1,000 Back

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Whenever I hear the phrase “free money”, my eyes lit up like Christmas and hear “Ka-ching, ka-ching” at the back of my mind. I mean, who wouldn’t want to get a few extra bucks especially when shopping?

Today, everything, if not, almost anything can be done with just the tip of your finger. One click of the mouse and you’re all set.

I love the convenience that doing shopping online brings. I get to avoid waiting in long lines at the counter. I get to sit at home and drink coffee while shopping.

One particular trend in e-commerce that attracts more online buyers is cashback. Cash back is like a newer version of the rebates program. It is a form of incentive that’s being offered to shoppers of certain products of a certain online store.

In the rebates program, there are only limited items you can earn rebates from. You can only register or send your receipt within a timeframe. Then, you wait for a couple of days to get your rebate.

How does cash back sites actually work?

Cashback sites like eBates facilitate transactions between the buyer and seller. When a cash back site sends buyers into the seller’s shop, cashback sites earn a commission.

To attract you to sign up with particular cashback sites, they offer part of that commission to you.

What do you need to do?

  • Sign up and log in to your favorite cashback site
  • Select a retailer you want to shop from
  • The cashback site’s tracking system will keep a record of your transaction and credit your account with the percentage of cashback earned
  • Withdraw your cashback profit

Boom. Bam. Instant money.

So, what are the best cash back sites in 2018?

Below is the list of cashback sites from which you can choose from. I’ve compiled the 10+ best cashback sites with the comparison so you can choose your favorite cashback site to shop on:

1. Swagbucks ($5 sign-up bonus)

From watching videos, answering surveys, to shopping online, Swagbucks provides you tons of options to earn Swagbucks points.

There are over 1,500 shops including Amazon, Target, and Walmart. You can earn SB for every dollar you spend. Earning 1 SB is equal to 1% cashback earning.

When you spend at least $25 at a featured store, you get 1,000 SB which is equivalent to $10.

Stores like Walmart, JCPenny, Amazon, Expedia, Macy’s, and Groupon offer higher cash back percentages as of the moment:

  • Walmart: Up to 10% cashback and earn up to 10 SB per $1
  • JCPenny: 8% cashback and earn up to 8 SB per $1
  • Amazon: Up to 5% cashback and earn up to 5 SB per $1
  • Expedia: Up to 10% and earn up to 10 SB per $1
  • Macy’s: 5% cashback and earn up to 5 SB per $1
  • Groupon: 8% cashback and earn up to 8 SB per $1

You can get your earning through Paypal or redeem it for gifts cards from Amazon, Target, Walmart, Starbucks, and even Visa.

Click here to start earning from Swagbucks for FREE.


2. Extrabux ($5 sign-up bonus)

Extrabux is similar to many cashback sites except that it is available worldwide.

It has deals, cash back, and coupons for just about anything you see online. From Carter's, GNC to Macy's, you can earn as much as 30% cash back with Extrabux.

With the Christmas season in plain sight, it is all the more important to sign up for Extrabux.

What’s so interesting about Extrabux is that you can redeem or receive your cash back via your credit card, check, or PayPal. You can even donate your cash back to charity.

Best of all is you automatically get $5 just for signing up. Sign-up is FREE.

Click here to sign up with Extrabux for FREE. By far, it's the underdog but one of the best cashback sites out there.


3. MyPoints

MyPoints is one of the oldest, long-running cash back sites. It has since partnered up with Swagbucks and ShopAtHome. I would put MyPoints as one of the top 10 cash back sites out there.

Earn points from shopping, great deals, answering surveys, watching videos, and playing mobile apps & games.

As of the moment, MyPoints offers more points from:

  • JCPenny: 8 points per $1
  • Hilton: 10 points per $1
  • The Home Depot: 8 points per $1
  • Macy’s: 8 points per $1
  • Groupon: 12 points per $1
  • Walmart: 4 points per $1

Redeem $10 gift card from Amazon, eBay and Walmart for 1,580 points each or $25 gift card from Paypal for 3,970 points or $25 gift card from Visa for 3,400 points.

You also have the option to convert your points into cash.

Check out MyPoints for FREE and start earning points.


4. Honey

In order to start shopping at Honey, you need to install it to your Chrome as a web browser add-on. It also offers coupons that will automatically be deducted when you check out.

What’s good with Honey is you can just sit back and relax as Honey does all the searching for the best coupons for you. But, the downside of Honey is that some of the coupons found have already expired or not usable anymore.

The concept of Honey is quite good but the developers should also take into consideration the execution of their app for a better user experience.

If you’re into online shopping most of the time and not into searching for coupons yourself, then you can try Honey.

Click here to try Honey for FREE.


5. Shop at Home

Another popular cashback site is Shop at Home.  I would put it as one of the top 10 cash back sites out there.

You can shop from a thousand of stores or answer surveys and get rewarded with cashback instantly or receive offers through your email to get the best deals and updates with Shop at Home.

When you have earned $20 cashback you can start to receive your money via PayPal, or check or redeem it for a free Amazon gift card.

Cashback from top stores include:

  • Up to 5% cashback in Amazon
  • Up to 8% cashback in The Home Depot
  • Up to 2.5% cashback in Macy’s
  • 5% cashback from JCPenny
  • 1% cashback from Walmart

Sign up today with Shop at Home and get $10 bonus.


6. TopCashback

TopCashback is a portal that helps you earn money through purchases you make via the web.

Like the other sites on this list, you have to go to TopCashback first and search for the store you like to go to. Once found, click the site and you’ll be directed to that store.

You can earn as much as 10% from Amazon, 15% from Living Social, $75 from T-Mobile, and more. Those are what I call easy money.

For me, the best feature of TopCashback is that the sign up is FREE.

Click here to earn money back when you shop online with TopCashback.10+ Genius Cash Back Sites To Surprise You With Over $1,000 Back 1


7. eBates

Need to buy something online? One of my favorite ways to save money is through eBates.

It is a favorite of mine because it gives some of the highest cashback percentages compared to other cashback sites. You can get up to 40% cashback in over 2,500 stores.

Enjoy double cash back from Amazon, Magazines.com, Belk, Coastal, Kohl, Barneys, BCBGMAXAZRIA, and Shoes.com.

eBates records all your cash back from your completed transactions. One downside to this cashback site is you get your cash back every quarter only through PayPal or check.

That said, you'll be happy to know that you'll receive a big chunk every quarter. Who doesn't love that?

Start using eBates and get a Welcome Bonus of $10 gift card from Amazon or $10 eBates cash bonus.


8. Cash Crate

With Cash Crate, you can earn cash rewards for trying new products or signing up for free websites and from answering surveys. You can earn cash back for shopping and referring your friends to use Cash Crate.

Payment for your earnings is set on a schedule either at the beginning of the month or mid-month depending your payment level. Minimum payout is $20 and will be given the following month.

Payment levels are: Bronze, Silver+, Gold, and Elite Member Payment

  • Bronze Payment Member: Less than 25 active referrals with less than $ 100-lifetime earnings. Receive your payment either through Dwolla or check
  • Silver+ Payment Member: 25 or more active referrals with at least $ 100-lifetime earnings. Receive your payment through Dwolla, check or direct deposit or PayPal
  • Gold and Elite Payment Members: 100+ active referrals or $ 250-lifetime earnings. Minimum payout to qualify for weekly payments is $100

One downside with this cashback site is you need to first sign up before you can browse for merchant stores, unlike cashback sites like eBates or other cashback sites listed here.

Check out Cash Crate and get $1 just by signing up with Cash Crate.


9. QuickRewards

QuickRewards live up to its name for over 15 years. It is similar to Swagbucks and MyPoints when earning points and cashback. Aside from cashback, you get free money and gifts cards by watching videos, answering surveys, and a lot more.

From the word itself, QuickRewards allows you get your rewards quickly, whether big or small, via PayPal or convert to it to free gifts cards for as low as $5.

QuickRewards is only available to residents from USA, UK, and Canada, but is one of the most unique cashback sites out there. 

Check out QuickRewards here.


10.  Pennyful

With Pennyful, you earn cashback as you shop online. You can also use thousands of coupons and promo codes, saving you more money. Pennyful has more than 1,500 shops including clothing, jewelry, electronics, and travel.

Pennyful’s FastPay option has no minimum payout required compared to other cashback sites. You can request for payment for any amount available in your account. You can get your payment via PayPal or check.

Top cashback offers include:

  • The Body Shop at 6% cashback and 18 coupons
  • Reebok at 5.5% cashback and 3 coupons
  • Groupon up to 5% cashback and 1 coupon
  • Walmart up to 2% cashback and 31 coupons
  • Sears up to 3.5% cashback and 24 coupons

Sign up for Pennyful and refer your friends to earn $5 for each friend that makes a qualified purchase.


11. Coupon Cactus

Coupon Cactus is a huge coupon and cashback site. It has tons of stores to choose from. With over 4,000 shops, it also offers one of the biggest cashback percentages.

The company takes pride in providing huge savings and discounts to its shoppers because customers can use the coupons on top of the cashback.

The site is very easy to navigate and the categories are properly sorted out.

Here are some of the top coupons and cash back being offered:

  • Walmart: Free shipping on orders above $35 + 3.20% cashback
  • Anker: Free shipping on orders above $28 + 6% cashback
  • Go Daddy: 30% on any order + 12% cashback
  • AT&T TV + Internet Coupon: $75 cash back from Coupon Cactus on U-verse Triple Play + another $37.50% cashback
  • Expedia: Save up to 35% on Hotel + 4.50% cashback

Try Coupon Cactus and get $3 for free.


12. Dollar Dig (Sign up and get $5 instantly)

Ever heard of Dollar Dig? It may not be a household name in cash back industry but it sure does provide the same or better deals that big cash back sites out there provide.

You can save money at over 3,250 stores and that's a lot of stores, to begin with. Plus, it adds stores every day. Yes, that's right every day. If you don't see your favorite stores there today, come back tomorrow or some other time and you might see it there.

The one thing that sets it apart from the rest is that you can redeem your cash back after you have accumulated $25. You don't have to wait for a quarter to be done before you can get your cash back.

I've seen cash back as high as 25% and that's not only for one store. I've seen a couple of stores that have that cash back rate.

If you sign up through my link, you will receive $5 right away. Try it now for FREE before that free $5 goes away.


13. Lemoney (A Cash Back Site With A Twist)

Lemoney is a cash back site like no other cash back sites.  I would put it as one of the top 10 cashback sites out there.

Why? Because you can earn commissions with your own community. The bigger your community is, the greater the chance you will earn more. Plus, you can earn unlimited commission, which means there's no limit on the amount of money you can earn.

Once you have joined, you can start inviting friends to become part of your network. Your friends can also invite as many friends as they want. All of them will make up your community. Call it your own network.

Your community will be formed by direct and indirect connections. Direct connections mean your friends that signed up using your link.

Indirect connections mean your friends’ friends who signed up using your friends’ links. Every time a member of your community shops through Lemoney, you will earn commission whether that person is your direct or indirect connection.

Each level of the network has its correspondent percentage of commission. According to Lemoney, you will earn 5% from the 1st level under yours, 2.5% the next level, 1.25% the third level and so one. I can’t say that I’ve seen similar features on other cash back sites.

In a nutshell, you are rewarded when any member of your network shops online. The more people in your community, the greater your earning potential is.

Remember, it’s FREE to sign up and all it takes is your email to get started.


14. Mr. Rebates

Mr. Rebates has cash back rebates as high as 30%.

Adding to that, it has free money-saving coupons from over 2,000 online stores.

If I were to rank my best-performing cash back sites, Mr. Rebates would be in top tier alongside Extrabux, TopCashback, Swagbucks, and Ebates.

I believe that one of the biggest advantages of this site is that it offers a 20% cash back referral commission.

So, if your friends and family use your link to sign up for Mr. Rebates, you’ll earn 20% of their cash back for life. Yes, you read it correctly…for life.

When I say for life, what I mean is that you’ll get 20% of their earned rebates as long as they use Mr. Rebates.

Click here to sign up for Mr. Rebates for FREE.


15. BeFrugal ($10 sign-up bonus)

BeFrugal is what I considered a newbie in the cash back industry, but it one of those cashback sites like eBates.

In 2009, it was only a coupon site. But it has been a cash back website since 2011 or 2012. It houses thousands of stores, many of which are big retailers like Amazon, Sears, Walmart.

You can earn up to 40% cash back. Though I haven’t gotten that 40%, I’m still hoping that I get to receive that 40% cash back one of these days.

BeFrugal offers top deals, top coupons, and bonus cash back. You can redeem your earnings by PayPal, check or Amazon gift card.

Did I tell you that you can get an instant $10 just for signing?

Oh, the best part is that sign up is FREE.


Final thoughts:

There's no doubt that the ones above are the 2018 best cashback sites.

If you’re not using from any of the lists of cashback sites, you’re just throwing out your money.

There are still tons of other cash back sites to choose from but for me, these are some of the best and highly recommended cash back sites in 2018.

At the end of the day, using a cashback site with your online purchases makes YOU the ultimate winner.

Why? You can sign up in all of these cashback sites and from there you can select which site offers better deals for your choice of a merchant. Not only you get your money’s worth, you also get to earn money when you shop.

Which one of these list of cashback sites have you tried or going to try? Let me know.

Enjoy shopping!


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