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10 Blog Posts To Help You Improve Your Finances

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This ” 10 Blog Posts To Help You Improve Your Finances ” post is a compilation of posts that I read and featured on The Practical Saver over the past couple of moths. Over the past couple of months, I have read posts and shared articles from the personal finance blog world that I believe would be beneficial to the readers. I feel happy when people email and thank me for sharing blog posts that help them with their finances. This post contains affiliate links/ads. See disclosure policy

Just last two days ago, I decided to compile the 10 blog posts I believe that effectively managing your finance. These posts include revolve around solving debt problems, finding a balance between satisfying needs and wants, investing money, teaching kids about money, budgeting when you don’t have enough money, and others.

As you know, Sunday has always been a day when I shared what I believe are the best posts of the week from around the blogosphere. This week is different because I will share you what I consider the best posts of the couple of months.

10 Blog Posts To Help You Improve Your Finances

How To Train Your Mind To Stay Out Of Debt – One Cent At A Time

The problem with debt isn’t always about the debt itself but is also about a person’s overall attitude. This is what One Cent At A Time described in his above mentioned post. He stated the 3 ways to train a mind to stay out of debt (i.e. mentality, habits, and character).

What I like about his post is when he stated that only you have the will and power to stay out of debt. This statement is true. Any changes to your life should always start from you and not from other people around you. The moment you make changes to mentality, habits, and character for the better, the moment you’ll see what it is you need to do with your situation (debt).

Do You Really Need That? – Living Rich Cheaply

There are many products out in the marketplace that truly disguise as needs when they are only wants. Companies market these products so good that people have a hard time distinguishing what needs from wants are.

The author’s blog post indicates that we, the people, sometime spend a lot of money and time on gadgets to solve our own problems when the reality is there are cheap and simple alternatives that serve the same purposes.

The author’s blog post reminds me of the post I made entitled quite some time ago, that is, “Why Is It Difficult to Distinguish Needs From Wants?”

Dealing With Rapid Change – Mrs. Smelling Freedom

Changes do come into our lives whether we prefer them or not. It depends on us how we face these changes.

Mrs. Smelling Freedom, the post’s author, explained what she did when changes came to her life. She indicated in her post that we can’t control the changes that come into our lives, but we can control how we react. These words are powerful and true.

While reading Mrs. Smelling Freedom’s post, I remembered the time when I was indebted, when my wife arrived and eventually got pregnant, when I was offered and accepted a new job, and when we moved from Las Vegas to Maryland. These changes did come together at all once.

Instead of getting pressured with the situations, I learned how to face and deal with them. We survived and succeeded.

For those who feel they cannot face changes, I suggest you read this post. Not only will you learn what you can or should do, you will also learn new perspectives about life.

Four Frugal Life Lessons – The Green Swan

From my experience, I believe that the best way to learn about frugality is not from the books but from the experiences of those frugal people. You can learn by reading books but, for me, it is always better to learn it first-hand from those who epitomize frugality.

The Green Swan, the author’s post, explained his 4 frugal lessons. He started his blog post by giving a historical background of how he turned into a frugal person. I have to say that his lessons on frugality are something that many people tend to overlook.

For those who want to learn how these frugal people like me still get to live comfortably even when we are not spending a lot of money, I suggest that you read The Green Swan’s post.

Money isn’t the problem. Marriage and money fights – Unplanned Finance

Ever made a money mistake? I know I have a ton. I bet you have.  I stated that because I know that nobody is perfect especially we are talking about managing money.

When it comes to money problems, the root cause of those problems is sometimes not about money. There are underlying reasons that people get into money disagreements.

The author explained the reasons that cause couples to fight over money. She explained her points of view using her husband, as an example. She said money fights do reveal character flaws. At the end of her post, she provided suggestions on what needs to be done when couples do fight about money a lot.

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Dear Debt, We’re Breaking Up – Dear Debt

The author hit all the great points as to why she wants to break up with debt. Her views and experiences on debt are truly something that many people are going or have gone through. Many believe debt can help you become free because debt (i.e. credit cards and loans) can buy things you need, take you places you desire to go, buy you luxury and expensive items, and other things.

These are absolutely true about credit cards and loans especially when your loan and credit limits are soaring high. That being said, debt can trap you and can prevent you from doing what you need to do. When you’re indebted, you are bound to pay it off. You may find yourself getting another job to pay it off fast. You may find yourself not taking you much-needed vacation because you have a mountain of debt. I say the author’s post is entertaining but valuable to read.

Personal Finance Is Sexy – Distilled Dollar

The title says everything. The journey to a better personal finance almost always leads to financial independence and security. When people have reached these freedom and security, they feel a sense of liberation from debts and other bad effects of worrying too much about money. They also feel more confident.

This confidence is the heart of the author’s post. According to him, the importance of building wealth is not only about the results but also about the confidence gained during the process of building wealth.

How to Overcome These Common Financial Worries – Single Moms Income

This post remind me of one of my blog posts “ What Worrying Can Do And What To Do About It “.  Worrying is easy to do especially when you are the only one making a living for the family. Worrying about finances is one thing that people who solely take care of their families have in common.

The author presented the common worries of these so-called income earners. She also explained what they can or should do to mitigate or solve their worries.

This post is for everybody. But in my opinion, it’s really geared to those who are solely making a living for the family.


Are You Being Cheap Or Frugal – Getting Rich Young

This is the $1 billion dollar question many people don’t know the answer to. Getting Rich Young author, Mr. Green, differentiates frugality from cheapness.

Some of the things he indicated include (I am paraphrasing here):

  1. Cheap people resist needs but frugal people resist wants.
  2. Being cheap is a vice but being a frugal one is a virtue.
  3. Cheap people will (re)gift or not gift but frugal ones make gifts.

I know myself as a very frugal person. Many people called or have called me cheap a lot of times more than being called frugal. But that is ok because I know who I truly am inside and out. If you cannot tell whether you are cheap or frugal, this post may be what you’re looking for and may or will help you with just that.

3 Tips For Getting Your Investments on the Right Track – Save-Invest-Grow

For those newbies in investing, can you say that investing (e.g. stock market, real estate, or others) is something that you can’t fully understand? If your answer is yes, then, you are like many people who have been investing for a long time.

So what are the best ways to get on the right track when we talk about investing? The author provides great but simple reasons to get your own investments on the correct path. This is one post that even new investors can easily understand and get valuable lessons out of it.

I’ve been investing for years now. I admit that even though I’ve learned a lot from investing, I still have a tendency to be emotional than logical when I see my investments go down the wrong way.



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