This ” How I Made Over $4,010.00 On My 7th Month Of Blogging ” is my 5th income report. I have passed the 7th month-mark and my blog is growing faster in terms of traffic, email subscriptions, income, comments, and so many more. I truly cannot believe that I would earn money through blogging.

My intention in creating this blog was to simply chronicle and share my thoughts, experience, and a pinch of wisdom on personal finance. I didn’t realize that my blog would grow fast in such a short time. As I said in my previous report, I am still testing things (i.e. write-up format, advertisers, and blog layout) to learn what really works best for my blog. Of course, in the process of doing this, I have made several blogging mistakes. This post contains affiliate links/ads. See disclosure policy.

Hi, everyone!

Welcome to my August 2016 income report. This is my monthly post where I show you how I made money, where the earnings came from, what I did and didn’t do, what my triumphs and/or mistakes in blogging, and, of course, my monthly goals.

Starting now, I will include the top traffic sources and how many viewers who came from what source. You’ll see that information in the infographic in this post. As you know, I like to be as transparent as possible. I believe it’s necessary to show these traffic sources. Many thanks to those who suggested that I includem.

Previous Months’ Blog Revenues

Before I go to the meat of my income report, I’d like to show you my income progression month after month. I compiled all my income reports for easy access and just to give an idea how I have been doing (money-wise) with my blog.

I credited my traffic and income upward trends to just several posts I published these past couple of months. I did not know these posts would be seen by so many people. I honestly thought that not a lot of people would even read these posts. I was proven wrong because I not only gained a ton of viewers but I also gained a hundred or so email subscribers. Here are my most read/visited blog posts for the past month:

how-i-made-4014-49-on-my-7th-month-of-bloggingWhy Blog My Income Report?

Before I show you my blog traffic and earnings for August 2016, let me tell you why I wanted to blog my income.

First, I always like to see my income progression from one month to another. When I say income, I mean to say income from anything related to blogging. I do not count my day job income, side hustles, and everything not related to blogging. This way, readers exactly know that this income report is just about blog income. You’ll see survey money in this report. This survey money is affiliate money and not the money I earn from taking surveys.

Second, for many, I’m still pretty much a new blogger by many people’s standards. I’ve only been blogging for 7 months now and have had triumphs and failures (actually a lot) in those 7 months. Everything I did, do, and have done with my blog is all of my doing. If you see something off, then, that’s my doing. If you see something nice, then, that’s my doing. If you consistently visit my blog, you’ll see that it keeps on changing and it has a lot of flaws. I’m still figuring out what works best for me and my site.

If you like to create your own blog, I created a page where I detailed step-by-step guide on how to setup a website in 15 minutes of less with Bluehost. If you use my link, you can start blogging for just $3.95 per month (that price is unbeatable). Never in a million years did I think I would make money from blogging. Seven months into blogging, I have made more than $12,000.

Third, I want to show people that they can earn money through blogging. Before I even started blogging, I had heard a ton of bad comments about blogging, the worst of which was that it was a scam. I tell you that it is not a scam. I have earned more than $12K in 7 months just by sharing my personal experiences and thoughts about personal finance. Don’t get me wrong, blogging is not easy. Don’t expect to earn right off the bat. You need to put in your time, patience, and dedication to make blogging work for you.

Let’s put it this way, if blogging was easy, then, everybody would be doing it. Having said that, you could earn a lot from blogging. Just put your heart, soul, and mind into it and you will see the benefit of blogging monetarily or non-monetarily speaking. I took a risk, paid around $100 to get my blog up and running, and it paid off. Now, I am earning like a full-time employee on a part-time basis. That’s the first time I said those words.

Fourth, I like to be an inspiration to those who just started or are just starting with their blogging life. I never thought that it’s possible to earn (extra) money this early on in my blogging life but it has happened. I know that it will continue to be better from here (hopefully). I want to share to the world that earning this early is possible regardless of how long one has been blogging.

I have to say that willingness, commitment, perseverance, and a lot of luck are what helped me and continuously help me with my blogging success. As my mother always say, it’s not what you always do but what’s inside you that help you become better.

Fifth, I believe in complete transparency. While I blog just about everything under the realm of personal finance and its never ending relationship with family and life, my blog is also monetary vehicle for my family. When you see advertisements on my blog posts, those are income-generating ads.

August 2016 Income Report

August 2016 is the best month for me money and traffic wise. My blog income and traffic increased from July 2016 and it’s only my 7th month of blogging.

For those who have not read my first income report, I stated there that technically, I have been blogging since December of 2015 but did not market or tell anybody about my blog until the 28th of January. I kept it to myself (my very first mistake). So, I consider February as my official blogging start date. Again, it’s just FYI to avoid confusion.

I believe the reasons I earned this money are because of my determination and hard work to make blogging work and because of luck. I always put luck in the mix because I am still figuring out which strategy works.

Income by Network

How I Made Over $4,010.00 On My 7th Month Of Blogging


Here are my income and expenses:


Bluehost: $795.00

Flex Offers: $2,203.60

Google Adsense: $123.92 $169.66

NewsMax: $65.81

Smart Asset: $80.00

Vindale Research$415.00

IGain: $161.50

Income Total: $4,014.49


Expenses: $0.00 (Yes. No expense for this month. Yehey!)

Expense Total: $0.00

Net Income: $4,014.49

Income by Affiliates

A couple of people asked me if I could detail the affiliates that helped me make these fantastic dollars. Of course, I said yes. Here is the breakdown:

American Consumer Opinion: $1,502.00

  • My wife and I earn around $175.00 a month just by taking survey. For many, it’s not a lot of money but it does pay a few of our bills.

Bluehost: $795.00

  • Bluehost is the reason that I have a blog. I didn’t know anything about coding, WordPress, and other things related to blogging. With Bluehost, I was able to create my blog in 10 minutes or less. I took a chance and it paid off. I earned at least $8,500 even though I’ve only been blogging for 6 months. For $3.95/month, you have little or nothing to lose but, potentially, a ton to gain.

IGain: $161.50

  • IGain is one of my newest found treasures. I gain has exclusive survey companies that pay really well. If you are looking for other survey sites to try, you may want to stop by the following survey sites. These sites are handled by IGain.
    • EarningStation ($10 bonus after 5 site signups) – It is similar to Swagbucks in that you can earn by watching videos, taking surveys, using coupons, and shopping online.
    • VIP Voice Panel (Automatically enters you to $1,000 sweepstakes) – This survey is on a tiered reward system. What this means is that the more surveys you do, the more points you earn. You earn VIP points just by completing a survey. For your 1st survey, you can earn 3X the points. Sign up for VIP Voice Panel for FREE.
    • Harris Poll Online (Earn while you surf online) – You don’t earn cash with Harris Poll but you can earn rewards. Unlike many surveys that don’t give you anything when you don’t qualify for surveys, you will earn 15 HIpoints as well as entry into the HIstakes draw with Harris Poll Online. Sign up for Harris Poll Online is FREE.

Sage One: $200.00

  • I’ve been looking for a very user-friendly, cheap, and effective accounting software especially for my growing blogging business. You can sign up for Sage One for a 30-Day FREE TRIAL with NO CREDIT CARD required. I tell that Sage One is easier than using a spreadsheet (and I am an advanced-to-expert MS Excel user).Get started with Sage One. It won’t cost you a penny!

Swagbucks: $207.20

  • Swagbucks is one my new affiliates though I’ve been using it as one of my search engines for some time now. Every month, my wife and I make $70, which is good for gas and some groceries. When you sign up via my link, you will receive $5 bonus right away.


  • TopCashback is a portal that helps you earn money through purchases you make via the web. Like EBates, you have to go to TopCashback first and search for the store you like to go to. Once found, click the site and you’ll be directed to that store. For me, the best feature of TopCashback is that the sign up is FREE. If you always buy things online, then, it’s time for you to take more savings to your bank with TopCashback.

Vindale Research – $415.00

  • My wife I earn roughly $45/month and so, can you. After signing up and answering a short introduction, you’ll automatically get $2.00. Sign up for Vindale Research is FREE.

Google Adsense: $123.92 $169.66

NewsMax: $65.81

Smart Asset: $80.00

Total: $4,014.49

What I Did and Didn’t Do

I decided to permanently include this section because I know a lot of my fellow bloggers and those who want to begin blogging would love to see what I did to earn money and increase my traffic as well as the things I didn’t do or failed to succeed on.

Did do

  • AOL. I was fortunate in that a representative from AOL emailed me a couple of weeks ago. She wanted me to be part of the personal finance community or section that AOL is in the process of establishing. What this means is that I may or will have the opportunity to write for AOL, advertise its products in my blog, get featured on AOL, among others. I’m still in the process of getting all the paperwork and back-end work done. But, I am so excited as I see this one as a big opportunity to reach a bigger platform for me and my family.
  • Pinterest Boards. My Pinterest collaborative boards has been gaining a lot of contributors. In the past week, at least 20 people became contributors. I consider it as an accomplishment because two months ago I started with only 10 or so contributors with 50 something pins for both of my collaborative boards . As of this writing, the statistics for these boards are:
    • Bloggers’ Portal – 12,764 pins and 263 contributors (accepting new contributors)
    • Money Tips – 4,704 pins and 84 contributors (accepting new contributors)
  • Follow-up. The same thing I have done in the past months, that is, I followed up with people who needed help. When people asked me questions, I not only answered their questions but also offered help. I built relationship as a result. Better yet, this assistance converted into sign-ups for products that are promoted throughout my blog.
  • Website re-design. If you look at my blog, you’ll see changes on layout, placement of ads, among others from time to time. Since my blog is new and I’m new at blogging, I like to try what works best and doesn’t work for me. I know there are risks associated with this but I’m willing to try.

Did not do but should have done

  • Last month’s casualty, again, was my Twitter account. I’ve been busy with a lot of things about blogging, Pinterest, new affiliates, and others that I didn’t get to pay attention to my Twitter. I know how critical to a blog Twitter is. However, this is where I failed this past month because I didn’t pay a single attention to it. It’s totally my fault.


Aug 2016

For the month of June, I had 175,189 views, which is a 70.95% increase from last month’s 102,482 views.

I am so thrilled to see my traffic grow month by month. Much of the increase in traffic is due to my Pinterest traffic. I cannot stress enough how Tailwind has helped me achieve this growth is such as short time.

September 2016 Goals

I always believe in setting goals. Going through life, in general, without a goal is like walking on unending road without a foreseeable end in sight. The blogging goals I set for this July are both easy and challenging to achieve. So many reds here but overall, I like what I am seeing.

  • Page views. I want to see 7,000 views a day, at least. Maybe it’s impossible to achieve it but I will try my best to make it possible. (Aug Goal: 5,000/day ; Result: 5,651/day) – Succeed.
  • Income. I want to double my income for September. Yes, double the amount it is. (Aug Goal: Double my May’s income of over $3,430.00 ; Result: $4.,014.49) Didn’t reach it. But, of course, I am more than happy to earn additional money.
  • Email subscribers. I like to have 600 subscribers by the end of September. (Aug Goal: 500 ; Result: 453) – Failed but close to the target.


BLUEHOST –Want to create and monetize your blog? This tutorial will help you. If you sign up using my link, you can have your own blog for just $3.95/month through Bluehost. You’ll get FREE domain for one year, WordPress Hosting, and more. If you’re scared to start a blog, don’t be ‘coz I was like you back then. I took a chance and it paid off. I earned at least $4,850 in 3 months even though I’ve only been blogging for 5 months. For $3.95/month, you have little or nothing to lose but, potentially, a ton to gain.

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PERSONAL CAPITAL – Looking for financial tools to see all your wealth and investments? Try Personal Capital for FREE. It is a free service that allows you to sync all your financial accounts into one location. Does it get better than that? Absolutely, yes. Personal Capital features budgeting, 401(k) analyzer, display of upcoming bills, asset allocation target, and many more.

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  1. I’ve been checking your site for days now waiting to see this post! Thanks for sharing this, Allan! Question for you though: with all of this traffic that you’re getting, do you have any plans to more aggressively promote affiliate products more closely related to the personal finance niche? The other stuff (bluehost, surveys, etc) is probably easier to convert but I would imagine you have the traffic to make more difficult (but higher paying) conversions happen.

    Anyway, congrats on crushing it yet again!!
    Jeff Proctor recently posted…What Mountains Can Teach Us About Personal FinanceMy Profile

    1. Yes. I am going to dip my hands into that. I intend to do that once my traffic has been stable, which it has been for the past two months. Hopefully, by the time I get to my 1st year anniversary, I will have ventured into some of those affiliate products that are more closely related to personal finance niche.


    1. Thanks. Actually, I’m currently using some of the products I want to market. I have only been using them for a month and I just want to make sure that I’ve got at least 3 months worth of experience under my belt on those products before I can market them. I like to market products/services that I am familiar of and that I believe may benefit the readers. I will certainly create posts in a couple of months once I get a full grip of the products I have been using.

  2. This is truly amazing results for a 7 month old blog. I have been following your journey as well as other newer bloggers journeys for the past few months (I recently started my own blog) and I am very inspired and impressed by your success so far. I foresee greatness from you!

  3. Congrats on another great month! I’m super impressed that you’ve kept your expenses at 0 for the past few reports! I always love reading bloggers income reports but pay close attention to the expenses as well.

    1. Yes. Because I always find ways to make things work on my own. I have been able to get a good handle with what I have had to do with my blog that I haven’t found the need to expend some money. I don’t think I’d be able to keep on doing that but for now I’m good.

    1. Hi Amanda,

      The American Consumer Survey I have in my blog income report is the commission I get when people sign up for ACOP. I don’t make that much just by taking surveys. Just a rough estimate, my wife and I make around $150 a month doing surveys. But the amount you are seeing in the report is just commission.

      Right now, I don’t have a post on FlexOffers. Now that you mentioned it, I will surely craft a post in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for the ideas. I have gone through several networks and FlexOffers is the one that works best for me. I will definitely create a post on FlexOffers. Thanks for giving me that idea.

    1. Thanks, Belle. Hang on in there, just be patient, and continue what you do with your blog and you’ll eventually find your voice and people will hear you. Thanks for stopping by.

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