40+ Best US & Int’l Paid Survey Sites to Make Money (Updated)

This ” 10+ Best US and International Paid Survey Sites to Make Money” post includes surveys for both US and non-US based individuals.  Please note that there may be different survey offerings or opportunities in different countries, which may not be the ones stated below. This post contains affiliate links/ads. See disclosure policy. Updated April 29, 2017.

When I started side hustling, one of the things I looked for was something I could easily do at home and earn good money.

After days of searching, one of those side hustles was taking surveys, surveys that pay cash to be specific.

I can’t count the number of survey sites my wife and I used, tried, and tested to make money out of surveys. Some were legitimate survey sites and some were scammy by nature. Yes, my wife joined my team so we could make more money.

Before I continue with the post, I have to let you know that taking free paid surveys from legitimate survey sites won’t make you rich. Having said that, these could help you make extra money for gas, food, and other necessities.

Personally, my wife and I make around $300 a month using online surveys that pay cash only. We focus on online survey that pay cash because we don’t really need other incentives like FREE products and sweepstakes.

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Best US & International Paid Survey Sites 

So, you are probably asking, what are some survey sites that actually pay you?

Look no further for I have them on this post.

I always recommend that you sign for as many free legitimate survey sites as you can. I’m emphasizing legitimate because you don’t want to waste on sites that won’t deliver what they promise.


Here are a comprehensive list of free paid surveys that pay cash, products, among others.

Springboard America (Chance to win $1,000 for signing up)

Free Paid Surveys’ Money Making Potential Level: Low to Medium

Be one of few people who receive special surveys and get reward for doing them. In addition, you are able to voice your opinion to powerful companies and policymakers.

In December alone, Springboard America awarded 8,124,100 points to the members. That’s a lot in just a month.

Ge a chance to be rewarded Survey Dollars for taking surveys online and entering into contests. When you sign up, you will be entered to win $1,000.

If you don’t like taking surveys, then Springboard America is for you because it has other options you can trying free paid surveys.

Why sign up?

  • Be automatically entered to win $1,000 for signing up
  • Earn Survey Dollars just by completing surveys
  • Take special surveys you won’t find somewhere else

MySurvey (Earn 2,000 points as a sign-up bonus)

Free Paid Surveys’ Money Making Potential Level: Very High

I ‘ve been using MySurvey panel for 2 months now. As of this post, I’ve earned more than $70 even when I only spend a couple of minutes every week on this site.

In short, this is one of the legitimate paid survey sites you can find out there.

MySurvey is the world’s No. 1 paid survey site. MySurvey has paid over $32M to its worldwide members. No wonder why it has over 350,000 Facebook followers.

One may say this is company is a scam. But when you have 350K followers, you know it is the real deal.

MySurvey paid over $15M last alone. Tha i’s a lot of money and that really says a lot about the company.

not only do you get paid to take free paid surveys with MySurvey but you can also influence future products and services by participating in consumer research.

Survey results from MySurvey are used by big companies such as USATODAY and the Ad Council. If you see survey results or statistics in the media outlets, chances are these were conducted by MySurvey.

Why sign up?

  • Join the #1 paid survey site.
  • Earn $1.50 a person you refer to MySurvey. That is easy money.
  • Get paid via PayPal, donations to charity, merchandise, and sweepstakes entries. You can also redeem your points for iTunes, Starbucks, Tango, Amazon, Walmart, and restaurant gift cards.

Here is a snapshot of my earnings from MySurvey.

Vindale Research 

Free Paid Surveys’ Money Making Potential Level: Very High (Full survey review here)

You can earn up to $100 per survey with Vindale Research. Let’s get that out of the way.

While I have not gotten that sweet $100 per survey, I have had the opportunity to earn multiple $10 and $15 payouts for individual surveys.

Vindale Research is one of the best legitimate paid survey sites out there. It pays real cash. If you are looking for surveys for cash only, this is the site for you.

Vindale’s payout remains as one of my favorite survey sites. Personally, it is because my wife and I have made at least $1,100 in just a 3 to 4 months (see proof below).

With Vindale, you get to choose the surveys you want to be a part of. Its platform is user-friendly and you can right away, from the dashboard, see how long the survey is and how much the payout is first before you even begin doing the survey.

Why sign up?

  • Earn $2 for signing up. It’s that easy.
  • You could potentially earn more than $700 per month with Vindale Research.
  • Earn additional money through watching videos, joining cash contests, and more. You can win up to $15 from such contests.

Pinecone Research  (Top survey site 3 years in a row)

Online Survey Sites’ Money Making Potential Level: Very High

Pinecone Research has a great reputation as a great survey website. Pinecone is where I first started before my wife and I focused more of our survey time to ACOP.

With Pinecone Research, ACOP, and Vindale together, you could make at least $500 per month.

According to Survey Police, Pinecone is the top survey site 3 years in a row. That says a lot about Pinecone Research.

Be part of a well known and highly regarded survey site and get paid. Based on my own research, Pinecone Research is one of the top paying legitimate survey sites out there, which is one good reason that it is the top survey site for 3 years in a row.

Pincecone Research is one of the real surveys that will make you money. See the image below for proof.

Pinecone Research surveys last around 15 minutes and rarely disqualify users. These surveys carry a standard payout of $3.00 US, or $5.00 CAD, or £3.

Why sign up?

  • Be a member of a top survey site 3 years in a row.
  • Earn $3 a survey. Earn as high as $12 – $15 a survey and product testing. That sure is a lot of money.
  • Test new products for FREE before they are released out in the market.

pinecone research pay out

Photo from: Guide 2 Free


Here are a comprehensive list of free paid surveys outside that pay cash, products, among others.

Opinion World

Be one of few select people who receive special surveys and get reward for doing it.

While some survey sites only offer one way to earn rewards, that is, through taking surveys, Opinion World is different. In some countries, you have more opportunities to earn rewards by taking quick and easy surveys on QuickThoughts app and taking paid online surveys.

On the other hand, in some other countries, you can join Opinion World for FREE and earn points for completing surveys online through invitation only.

The bottom line with Opinion World is that you are able to redeem points for cash and/or rewards of your own choosing.

For more specific information regarding Opinion World in specific countries, please click the country link below.

Countries available: Argentina, AustriaBelgium (French), Belgium (Dutch), BrazilColombiaDenmark, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, IndonesiaMexicoNorway, PolandPortugalSingapore, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey


Swagbucks is what I consider as one of the best international paid survey sites out there. Swagbucks is like Google, TopCashback, Ebates, and Vindale Research group together. Swagbucks is in its own category. Why? Here are some of the reasons that I say it’s in its own category:

  • You get points by using it as a search engine.
  • You earn points by taking surveys.
  • You get points by watching videos and playing games.
  • You earn points by completing offers.
  • You can earn cash back through its extensive cash back shopping section.

Let’s put it this way, I earned at least $25 a month just by watching videos. When you sign up via my link, you will receive $5 bonus right away.

Countries available: Australia, Canada, Ireland, and UK

Neilsen Mobile

If you don’t like taking surveys but still want to earn rewards, then, Neilsen Mobile is the right application for you.

What separates Neilsen Mobile from other surveys is that all you have to do is download the app or install Neilsen Mobile’s profile and use your phone the way you have been using it. Yes, you do not have to take surveys to earn rewards.

The purpose of Neilsen Mobile is to understand how consumers, in general, use their phones. The app uses the information it obtains from you to help the industry in building, planning, and managing products or offers for consumers just like you.

According to its website, none of your information will be shared with the third parties for marketing purposes.

With Neilsen Mobile, you can earn up to $50 a year that you can use towards shopping vouchers, cinema tickets, household appliances, and so many more.

Countries available: Australia, GermanyHong Kong, and Italy

Best International Survey Sites to Make MoneySurvey Downline

Survey Downline is similar to many of those surveys out there, that is, it allows you to earn extra money when you participate in online surveys.

You can take surveys night or day, which means you can take them when you want to.

Want something different from Survey Downline? Survey Downline pay its members up to 45% of the money it earns from the surveys you complete.

Just this fact alone shows that it views people who are taking the surveys as partners. In my own opinion, this is really something that sets it apart from other survey sites.

Want more? If you want to multiply your earning or earn more, all you need to do is tell other people like your friends and family to sign up and take the surveys.

When they complete surveys, you will earn 10% of what they earn for each survey. That’s on top of the 35-45% earning you get for each survey you complete.

Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

Countries available: AustraliaCanada, and UK

Neilsen Panel

Neilsen Panel is also is what I consider as one of the best international paid survey sites out there.

Do you want to be rewarded for the products that you buy anyways? If your answer is yes, then, Neilsen Panel is perfect for you.

With Neilsen Panel, you have the power to make a difference by letting retailers and other manufacturers know what you buy and what you like.

Like Neilsen Mobile, you don’t need to take surveys to earn rewards through Neilsen Panel. Once you registered for the program, you will receive a hand-held scanner.

What you do next is simple and so easy to do even your children can do it.

Once you have the hand-held device, start scanning the products  you buy for your household every week and send it to Neilsen via the Scanner’s Base Unit. The best part is that registration and submission of data are FREE.

For your contribution, you will receive points that you can use for gifts and store vouchers. So, if you like to be rewarded with what you are purchasing now, then, this is the best panel for you.

Countries available: Australia, Canada (English and French), FinlandHong Kong, New ZealandPortugalSingapore,  South Korea, and Spain

Opinion Outpost

Some claim that Opinion Outpost is one of the best survey sites out there. While I personally haven’t used this survey, some of my friends who use Opinion Outpost do like this survey.

Opinion Outpost is considered as a pioneer in the world of online market research in which members are rewarded for providing their opinions through completing paid surveys.

With Opinion Outpost, you are not only limited to survey opportunities that are sent via email. You can view available surveys by going to your online Opinion Outpost account and looking for those survey opportunities.

Find more information about the Opinion Outpost by clicking the countries noted below.

Countries available: FranceGermanyItalySpain, and UK


MobileXpression is my new found love when it comes to the best international paid survey sites.

Like Neilsen Digital Voice, MobileXpression rewards you in exchange for sharing your mobile internet activity. How do you share your internet activity? The answer is simple. You can share it by downloading and running its application on your hand-held devices.  It does not get simple and easy as that.

As far benefits go, members of MobileXpression are guaranteed rewards for participation. Yes, that’s what it guarantees. Do you want to know what rewards it has given out? Well, according to its website, it has given out some nice products such as iPads, and digital cameras.

Sign up is FREE and you can cancel your account anytime you want.

Countries available: SpainFrance, and UK

Neilsen NetRatings

While many survey companies only focus on surveys as a way to help you earn rewards and/or money, Neilsen NetRatings is different and is on a league of its own, which is why I included it in the best international paid survey list.

Neilsen has ways to help you earn rewards and/or money through the things that you are already doing.

With NetRatings, all you need to do is download its NetRatings Internet Panel Software and go on with what you are doing and get rewarded at the same time. This software allows Neilsen to get understanding on how you use the internet. It also delivers surveys, which it sends periodically. It does not get easier than that.

Countries available: Australia and UK

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research will always be one of my favorite international paid survey sites.

Pinecone Research has had great reputation for being a great survey website. Pinecone is where my wife and I first started before we focused more of our survey time to ACOP and ProOpinion. Surveys from Pinecone Research generally take 15 minutes.

From time to time, Pinecone may or will send out products to their members to try. Rewards can be redeemed via PayPal, gift cards, retail e-vouchers, VISA prepaid cards, and others. Sign up for Pinecone Research is FREE.

Countries available: Canada (English), Canada (French), and Canada (Ages 18 to 34)

Neilsen Digital Voice

This is not your typical survey. When you hear the word ‘ survey’, the first things you think about it is filling out information and answering some questions.

This is not Neilsen Digital Voice.

If you don’t like taking surveys because of the time you need to dedicate, then, this is for you. All you need is sign up, download, and install Neilsen Digital Voice’s app. That’s all you need.

Just keep your app installed and do things you always do such as play games, surf the web, read blogs, watch movies, and others.

Countries available: Germany and  New Zealand


Last but not the least in our list of best international paid survey list is TopCashback.

TopCashback is a portal that helps you earn money through purchases you make via the web. Like the other sites on this list, you have to go to TopCashback first and search for the store you like to go to. Once found, click the site and you’ll be directed to that store.

According to the site, the retailer will pay TopCashback a commission for your purchases and such commission is added to your earnings as cashback. If you ask me how it manages to earn money when all the commission goes to your account, the answer is simple. It earns money by hitting bonus with merchants as well as merchant advertisements in its site.

You can earn as much as 10% from Amazon, 15% from Living Social, $75 from T-Mobile, and more. Those are what I call easy money.

Click for more international paid survey sites here:

Do you know of any other international paid survey sites available outside the US? What is your experience with taking these international paid survey sites?